WeChat wealth management products Buying and selling at any time by phone

By Troy Olson,2015-06-07 05:15
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WeChat wealth management products Buying and selling at any time by phone

    WeChat wealth management products

    Buying and selling at any time by phone

    Sina weibo yesterday confirmed that will sell "wealth" WeChat recently will also introduced financial product users can buy and sell at any time on the phone

    After pay treasure, baidu, sina weibo and two social tools WeChat recently will enter the Internet financial, monetary fund and other financial products, users can buy and sell at any time on your phone.Yesterday, reporters from sina micro command to confirm, micropayments team will launch a financial supermarket products "wealth", is expected to formally launched at the end of this year.The reporter understands from tencent choi tenpay, WeChat wealth management products in research and development, also the biggest

    fund companies have joined the cooperation, but time has not yet been determined.

    WeChat: early push to mobile phone users in monetary fund

    As a social tool WeChat has more than 600 million users, the company is also in the layout of the Internet financial.Yesterday, tencent's wealth tenpay stakeholders told reporters, according to a recent plan on WeChat introduced wealth management products."The biggest fund companies to join cooperation, cooperate with our WeChat financial products.", he says, will give priority to with monetary fund, the conservative financial product which is the goal of each big Internet companies first target is important, the yields to attract users to the advantage of all kinds of threshold is relatively low, operation is convenient.

    He said, tencent would have deep cooperation with fund company, has already played for two years, sina, baidu but are latecomers, will now for depth WeChat combined products, rather than play fool concepts and popularity.He also stressed that WeChat the advantage of mobile terminal, mobile phone users to buy and redemptive more

    convenient.Previously, goods tenpay Lai Zhiming, general manager, said bank financial products can be sold on WeChat, but mainly by money, bond and other risk control in the early years of the fixed income

    products.Its yield is higher than demand deposits a lot, and has the characteristics of flexible redemption.Up to now, talked a lot and fund companies and Banks.

    Weibo: micro wealth will be on sale before the end of the year

    Confirmed to reporters yesterday, sina, "wealth" is under preparation, are with many fund companies to discuss cooperation, will soon in the microblogging platform online sales.Industry, according to the product will be operating in Shanghai, similar to a kind of financial product sales platform, mainly selling fund, insurance and other financial products, and will consider the P2P network access credit business.Is the first line of products is expected conservative monetary fund.

    On July 6, sina's pay Beijing sina science and technology co., LTD., licensed, scope of business includes Internet, mobile phone payment.Sina began to busy with the fund companies institutions such as the cooperation talks.

    Recently launched the new sina microblogging door end with individual user's wallet, card bag, it marks the sina comprehensively through weibo electricity and O2O business.Previously, sina, chairman and CEO Charles chao repeatedly stressed that the payment is part of the microblogging infrastructure, in terms of commercial, mobile payment is

    an integral part of the movement of the ecological environment, weibo will try to control the mobile payment of autonomy.

    Analysis: the bank must scale deposits or be transmuted

    Industry point of view, weibo and WeChat social tools to get their hands on the financial sector, on the one hand is the need of industry competition, two big social tools in many fields such as electricity head-to-head competition.

    From the point of competition style, rich tenpay as second to the alipay online payment platform, its style is more low-key inside collect, tencent on Internet financial although alibaba than active and aggressive, but tencent's Internet advantage and ma into the financial sector's desire to be reckoned with.

    , on the other hand, due to the huge demand users online financial management, such as weibo and WeChat forces of Internet, also hope to take advantage of channel technology, impact to the traditional financial institutions.Goods, general manager of tenpay Lai Zhiming think, a lot of impact is more subversive, such as the "balance", the bank has a certain scale deposit be transmuted, based on margin for the business of bank, half will be affected.

    "However, this shock more or a spoiler."A third-party payment insiders believe that the traditional banking sector has been slow to act, in terms of Internet payment but they still cannot be underestimated, the advantages of companies such as alipay master just the user local credit information and transaction information, and master of traditional banking is more solid information.

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