Christmas in August reviews

By Tyler Nelson,2015-06-06 16:42
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Christmas in August reviews

    "Christmas in August" reviews

    The movie is my favorite movie, when we look at the first time the feeling is very dull, not too much.One day soon, idle to dig out the film, when watching the second time my heart was deeply moved, in one of the tiny fragments of the great, let me feel the ordinary although love as the theme in the movie, but the family, more profound description of friendship, let me guide you to review it one by one moving details.

    Details a

    Father always put tape will not use video camera, son started very carefully taught him to use, how also learn can't, but father son finally impatient, angry away.

    The plot of this happen very often at our side, my father would not use a computer, a simple closed operation how to teach also not line, at this moment I am impatient temper, think when father taught me to ride a bicycle hard running around, the in the mind very guilty.

    Details of the second

    Know your time is not long, the evening was awakened by thunder scared after come to the side of his father looked at his father, the son of sleep.

    Now grown up, the family economic condition good, not like a child and his parents went to sleep, I had lost the most close to his family.Only death is not terrible, terrible is dead we left our favorite people.

    Details of the three

    Siblings vomit watermelon seeds, as if returned to the childhood, showed the fierceness of the sister and the brother.

    The brotherhood is we are difficult to realize in the eighty s.

    Details of the four

    To best friend's name is to drink, friends know there will be on his mind, accompanied him to drink.

    Boy meets sorrow usually call friends accompanied him out and got drunk, with a gentleman lay down his life for his friends tend to be, this is the brotherhood (friendship).

    Details of the five

    Finally couldn't help sad heart, in a friend's arms crying.

    Encountered setbacks, unfortunately, meet with difficulties, we tend to be first to friend pour out, this

    is the meaning of friends, when you are the most difficult to accompany you, comfort you, help you.

    Details of the six

    Most the right side is his best friend, drink up, face the most dignified.

    By posing the details to see which is best friend relationship, director of the work force is really fantastic.

    Details of the seven

    When grandma know that this is their centerpiece, again came to the photo studio, request to shoot.

    The hero shot centerpiece for yourself.

    If a person knows what is going to shoot the last photo is also a centerpiece of his life, he will make an effort looks the best, the best impression on the living.

    In such details still has a lot of, when are you free a person calm down and read to revisit it again, did not see to see, you will learn.

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