Don't move the World Cup cake!

By Esther Graham,2015-06-06 16:26
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Don't move the World Cup cake!

    Don't move the World Cup cake!

    South Africa has an airline Kulula, founded in 2001, belongs to ba investment budget airlines, a bit like easy jet -- Kulula is easily in the Zulu

    The World Cup is coming, first came to Africa, kulula may not don't want to ride.They also can ride, because they did not become partners to FIFA, sponsors or service provider's budget.So the creative, sometimes very some spoof company, started some along with the gender of the advertising campaign, for example, we are "the unofficial national carrier of you - know - what".This words very difficult translation, "we are the 'do you know the things' unofficial national transportation business".The advertising slogan is quite interesting.Must from marketing definition to analyze, then kulula, is "around the 2010 World Cup created under a state of unauthorized promotion benefit", the rhetoric may be written, in the eyes of FIFA, the advertising is "sniper marketing".

    Because use the South African flag kulu, using a ball, using the plastic vuvuzela loudspeakers.In the market that FIFA, it will be a few items and things to use, is the empirical "sniper


    Kulula potential did not have money, want to have to carry the FIFA, door all have no, the South African government also spare no effort to cooperate with FIFA, afraid of the World Cup for the first time came to Africa, let beautiful new South Africa becomes as Atlanta in 1996.Kulula populace, but they are creative, so a new kind of advertisement design.They withdrew the first advertisement, first said "we feel surprise about allegations of FIFA, but we follow the guidance of FIFA because we know that the World Cup business" control is very strict.Them in March, the Sunday times published a full page ads, a bucket big word attract attention: "not next year, not last year, but in the middle of this year."Image center is a bridge, bridge model is very much like the World Cup stadium in Cape Town.Picture above base did a lot of golf, but actually very like vuvuzela loudspeakers, was labeled a way: "absolute absolutely golf tees.Picture to hang around the ring cloth, also have marked: "colorful beach towel or banner?"The picture below, and in a form like playing football, but barefoot, with more funny: "this is a running shoe.

    Watching this advertising, is enough to make people laugh, some bitter.A person be all dressed up like earth festival one of

    the biggest human rallies, to a great extent, are wrapped into a commodity fair.The World Cup cake, no pay, no take out enough money, who don't also want to move.

    So French business review columnist walcott, will say: "sniper the modern concept of marketing, from the sports marketing, especially in big events management, the sensitivity is higher than the Olympic Games. The World Cup of FIFA's most important task, and not in the global popularization of football, but to protect their sponsors, like to protect their lives to protect... sponsor is the lifeblood of FIFA."

    It was happened because the building of venues and lead to malignant demolition events, completely nothing for FIFA.The 2006 World Cup event in one of the most famous sniper "sniper marketing", is "FIFA fans took off pants!"

    Against ivory coast of the Netherlands, when a group of Dutch fans dressed in traditional orange shorts into the stadium, keen observers found that FIFA shorts with a Bavarian beer on logo, immediately aware of this and the official FIFA sponsor budweiser "direct conflict, then ordered the fans take off the" sniper "shorts.Sure enough, a lot of Dutch fans wearing only underwear for - fortunately they also wear underwear. Various partners, while World Cup sponsorship contract with

    the service provider, as early as a few years ago, at least, like silver, Chinese solar companies, as early as a few months ago, FIFA have signed, but 32 strong team sponsors also in changes, especially the mystery of the World Cup trip to north Korea.According to domestic media widely publicized and reported that fujian manufacturer hongxing, early close partners, is the country's sports but on March 18, the north and Mexico in a friendly, north Korea is in Mexico a sports brand Pirma provide red shirt., of course, this does not mean that Pirma replaced hongxing, position, even if the game picture will make hongxing, very uncomfortable, just days before the race, and Mexico, however, the team to visit venezuela in Caracas, allegedly jerseys are not ready to before the game, but also to borrow jersey can come from your competitors.

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