Sunshine filling calcium The benefits of the sun

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Sunshine filling calcium The benefits of the sun

    Sunshine filling calcium The benefits of the sun

    We all know sunshine filling calcium, have profit to the body, but you will be in the sun?The sunshine also want to pay attention to time, different people and different seasons in the sun's time is different, let's learn about the sun what benefits can be the cause of the calcium and the sunshine.

    Why is the sunshine can filling calcium?

    The sun can be preventedosteoporosis

    (1) the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can promote skin cholesterol before 7 - dehydrogenation of vitamin D3, to rely on skin temperature into vitamin D3, absorbed by the lymphatic and transport into the blood, and then through the liver and kidney hydroxylase role in generating active vitamin D.Active vitamin D can promote the intestinal uptake of calcium, phosphorus, promote the formation of bone, have the effect of the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

    (2) the sun's infrared light can be through the skin into the subcutaneous tissue, have the effect of heating, expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation and metabolism of the body.

    What are the benefits of the sun?

    1, the sun can help people get vitamin D

    According to the per square centimeter of skin exposed to the sun 3 hours, can produce about 20 international units of vitamin D.Even wrapped the baby body tight clothes, as long as the exposed face, 1 hour in the sun every day, also can produce 400 iu of vitamin D.Close to the baby all need vitamin D every day.

    Vitamin D is also called the "sunshine vitamin", the human body skin contains vitamin D3 source by getting the ultraviolet ray in sunshine to manufacture, converted to vitamin D, it can help the body absorb and absorption of calcium, phosphorus, make the kid's bones grow sturdy.Have a prevention effect on infant rickets, rickets.Is to prevent osteoporosis, class for adultsrheumatismsexarthritisEtc.

    2, the sunshine also can enhance the body's immune function, increase cell vitality

    The ultraviolet ray in sunshine has strong sterilization ability, general bacteria and some viruses in the sun and a half hours or a few hours, will be killed.

    3, the sun can prevent skin diseases

    Appropriate exposure to ultraviolet rays, skin can effectively kill bacteria on the skin, in addition to increase the skin's resistance.

    4, the sunshine can happy can enhance metabolism

    The sunshine can promote the body's blood circulation, enhance the ability of human metabolism, regulating central nervous system, which makes the body feel stretch and comfortable.

    5, the sunshine can prevent anemia

    The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can also stimulate the bone marrow to make red blood cells, improve the hematopoietic function, so as to prevent anemia.

    6, the sunshine can enhance sexual desire

    The sunshine can improve male testosterone levels, enhance sexual desire, improve the quality of sperm.Because blood levels of testosterone in human body, rises with the increase of vitamin D levels in the body.The study also confirmed that, every day 1 hour in the sun, testosterone in the human body can be increased by 69%.

    The best time in the sun

    Morning 6 PM to 10 PM this paragraph of time is most suited to the sun:

    The sun's infrared light is strong, weak uv light, can have the effect of invigorate the circulation of blood;In 4 PM to 5 PM, it's also the best time of the sun, can promote the intestinal absorption of calcium, phosphorus, enhanced physique, promote normal bone calcification.But the summer sunshine time is longer, 4 to 5 PM and the time when the heat wave, the sunshine time can be a little later.

    These are only for the average person, do not include as pregnant women, children and the elderly, these special populations of calcium demand is more, the sunshine also need more exquisite.

    Children in the sun:

    The needs of the development so that they need a lot of calcium, and the easiest way to calcium deficiency.So since two months, it should be outside in the sunshine every day.At 9 ~ 10, 4 ~ 5 PM is the time suitable to go out.Time can be made of the first ten minutes to sunlight gradually extended to an hour.When the weather is not too hot, can be in the sun for a while, the shade for a little while.Summer don't directly in the sunlight, because the shade below can also answer the scattering of uv radiation.

    Pregnant women in the sun:

    Need to burden two personal need for calcium.The summer in the sun for half an hour each day, winter not less than one hour every day.Not because the body action inconvenience to stay indoors all day long.

    The old man in the sun.

    Also is the key of the calcium.Can be in at 9 am and after 4 PM in the sunshine, but had better not go out alone in the sunshine, if sleep in the comfortable sunshine, may catch cold catch cold.Find a few date, chatting while activity, can easily accept ultraviolet irradiation.

    Spring and autumn season is in commonly 10 am - 11 PM;

    Summer is in commonly 9-10 o 'clock.

    Every time in the sun the length of time with the baby's age, to step by step, gradually increased by more than ten minutes to half an hour or an hour is advisable.After sun note filling water.Special stress is, the time of exposure to extend gradually, gradually increased by more than ten minutes to 1 hour, the best drying to the shade have a rest for a while.In the sunshine, if appear have a headache, giddy, palpitate, skin reactions such as hot flashes or burning pain, should be immediately to the shady and cool place to rest.And cool and refreshing drinks or brackish water, or to give children brush with warm water.

    Winter in the sun:

    During the winter months due to a seasonal ozone layer is weak, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, easy to bring different damage the body.So in the winter sun also should pay attention to scientific choice.According to scientists, in winter, there are three periods is suitable for the sunshine,

    The first stage for 6 ~ 9 in the morning, this time the sun to warm gentle infrared prevailing, ultraviolet ray is relatively weak.Infrared temperature is higher, mainly warm

    effect to human body, can make the body heat, promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance the vitality of the human body.

    The second and third stages respectively are at 9 ~ 10, and 4 ~ 5 PM, and radiation characteristics of the two periods is A beam of ultraviolet component is more, at this moment is the reserve of the "sunshine vitamin" -- vitamin D in the body A good time.At the same time also can promote the intestinal absorption of calcium, phosphorus, enhanced physique, promote normal bone calcification.

    In the sun to bask in the four parts of the body to body health care

    If combined with traditional Chinese medicine meridian in the sunshine, often can have a better health care effect.In general, to focus on the following four parts:

    1, sun overhead sun be the spirit

    TCM holds that "the head for first ZhuYang," is that all the sun be the spirit of place, all the blood of five viscera essence, fu QingYang qi, hui at the head.The acupuncture point on the center of the head (two ears straight connection point), is the focus of the sun.Bask in the top of the head not stand when arrested, may at any time, when the weather is good at ordinary times, outside for a walk, let sunshine asperses full head, can fill unobstructed lotaustralin, sun be the spirit.

    2, bask in hand to help sleep

    Person's palm is rarely the sun to the place, so want a "special care" palm, there will be a very good health.Palm laogong point is the most important points (natural hand clenched, his fingertips pointing), with the meridians are the tranquilize the role.Sun palm method is very simple, spread out his hands toward the sun in the sun, or raise hands, palms facing toward the sun.Often bask in the palm of your hand can relieve fatigue, promote sleep.

    3, sun back adjust qi and blood

    Human abdominal to Yin, back to shenyang.A lot of meridians and acupoints on the back, can have the effect of regulate viscera of sun here.Tan time attention to direct sunlight back, the old man in the park to exercise can be designed back toward the sun.The length of his master, with comfortable advisable.In addition, people have lower back part of the two points, respectively, is of vital and kidney pivot (respectively) in the center of the back part.If it's convenient, clothes can be pulled up, let the sun this two points, can supplement the kidney.Or in the sunshine, can cooperate after hands rub hot friction parts.

    4, bask in ability in addition to the cold

    "Cold" from the foot, hands often easy to cold, how is Yang deficiency constitution, the might as well get some foot, to drive away the body cold.Patients with the old product, can put the leg in the summer air dry in the sun, can well remove the leg cold, also can accelerate the calcium absorption, to help prevent osteoporosis.Sun legs must choose the weather is good, when will your legs bare in the sun, sun at least half an hour at a time.Sun, may coordinate the calf massage foot three mile point (anterior lateral crus, below the knee four horizontal parts), rightanti-agingProlong life of great benefit.

    In the sunshine to choose good time, be sure to avoid strong ultraviolet ray.Attention should be paid to their hats and gloves when basking, as far as possible to exposed skin.

    Matters needing attention in the sun

    1, on an empty stomach and should not be within 1 hour after breakfast in the sun.

    2, in the sunshine, don't through the glass.Research shows that through the glass test, uv through less than 50%, if to away from the window of 4 meters, uv less, less than 2% of the outdoor.

    3, symptoms of rickets, or never suit baby cod liver oil, calcium tablet, not appropriate in the sun.Should be in after a period of time of taking vitamin D supplements, and exposure to sunlight.

    3, the baby in the sunshine, can wear small glasses to protect his eyes or lay cover your head with a small umbrella when the sun, protect your eyes.Don't long time exposure, easy to burn the baby's skin, adverse consequences.

    5, the sunshine will sometimes cause solar sex, dermatitis.The baby dueThe skin is dry, the floweracneShock, in the sunshine will appear after the erythema,pimples, local peeling and other symptoms.Eat some food such as mustard, purslane, malan head, after the FIG in the sunshine, can also cause photosensitivity,Drug eruptionOr solar sex dermatitis.

    6, try to exposed skin, don't direct eyes, back, buttocks, hands and feet are available.

The content of the above is the sunshine filling calcium, the benefits of the sunshine,

and also in the house to hide the sun, cheer hurriedly come out in the sun for the body.

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