Acute lumbar sprain

By Curtis Cooper,2015-06-05 09:47
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Acute lumbar sprain

    Acute lumbar sprain

    As the saying goes: ten nine waist injury.This is not fake, seemingly strong waist actually fragile, fiercely, hit the can let you flash waist.Acute lumbar sprain is a common disease, much by posture, too hard and overrun activity and the collision force and so on, cause soft tissue damage.The acute lumbar sprain do?

The specific methods:

    1, rest: reposes hard bed, on both sides of the waist with a pillow block (or sand), make it less still quiet.His hands from the knees, can alleviate the pain.

    2, guide: guide or acupuncture classics outside singular point waist pain points.In the back side, when the second and third and fifth metacarpal bone between, when the wrist joint from horizontal stripes and midpoint.On one side of the caves.Guidance or retaining needle for 20 minutes, three times a day, and to make the patient from the flex 10 times above, analgesia has powerfully.

    3, hot compress, a layer of thin cloth cover in the waist, on the sore will twist dry hot towel, then covered a layer of water on the hot towel to keep the heat.Once every 3 minutes, hot compress 20 to 30 minutes at a time.Also can be Fried hot sand bag in bag in salt or hot compress, but pay attention to the temperature within the limit of the tolerated.

    4, massage: the "rubbing" make lumbar muscle relaxation, 2 times a day, every time 20-30 points.

    5, prevention: the real pain, lumbar muscle exercise soon, prevent muscle, tendon adhesion and from acute to chronic.To strengthen the waist exercises on weekdays, enhance the muscle strength, prevent recurrence.When fetching heavy, legs open first bending straightening up again, after being stable posture to lift heavy objects.

    6, wipe waist method: the waist forward bends, with both hands palm friction around the waist, it is advisable to generate heat, about 2 minutes.

    Stand back to back, bad luck: 7 patients with family, the elbow bend in each other, and then the family bend the bow, the patient back up, and gently swung, let his feet kicked up at the same time, a moment later put down, rest for a few minutes to do.General back a few times, low back pain will gradually improve.

    8, squat method: let the patient squat down, two tactics arm straight up, palm relative.Another man squat down with the right hand thumb and middle finger thumb around waist pain most patients with two points, make patients feel pain and comfortable.Then slowly stood up, two people at the same time a bit positions, then slowly moved down.If in this process out of a sweat, the effect is much better.

    The prevention of lumbar sprain

    1, the right of labor posture, such as carry, lift will try to let the chest, the waist straight, hip knee flexion, and should give priority to with lower limbs strength, move again after stand firm, moving, lifting, should take half hole, make the object as far as possible close to the body.

    2, strengthen labor protection, and in doing carry, lift, move, such as heavy manual labor, the belt should be used, to assist in the lumbar spine, stable increase abdominal pressure, enhance the muscle work efficiency.If you work in the cold and wet environment, should be a hot bath to remove dampness, eliminate fatigue.Try to avoid bending force posture work time is too long.

    After lumbar sprain 3, it is worth mentioning that sometimes there will be a leg or foot pain, numbness, this may be the symptoms of acute lumbar disc.Appear this kind of situation or accompanied by other symptoms such as pain is very severe, should go to a hospital checking in time, lest their own processing error.Move patients, the movement wants gentleness, try to keep the hypothesis that patients with prevent injury aggravated.

    Whether you shoulder wide waist round, if yoo, or waist branches in the movement and handling the weight, if improper posture, careless, perhaps inadvertently, acute lumbar sprain will hit you once!Therefore, in order to pain from lumbar sprain, when handling heavy attention to correct posture, hope it can help to you.

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