Christmas has come to you, please check

By Megan Mason,2015-06-05 07:01
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Christmas has come to you, please check

Christmas has come to you, please check

    Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle bells...Christmas is coming, and sent to girlfriends, and good friends what gift?Ordinary gift couldn't reflect the exclusive Christmas atmosphere, not mind.Since Christmas is, of course, want to choose some elements contain a Christmas gift, together with quotations on your feelings.

    1, Evergreen hand-painted fawn ceramic plates

    Full of thick Christmas elements of ceramic cup and the plate, selection of jingdezhen fine dolomite, clay figurine process collocation, carefully from fire.Hand draw three-dimensional relief fawn cute cute, lively and energetic, bright red reveal festive atmosphere.In a leisurely afternoon, about your good girlfriends, enjoy comfortable afternoon tea together.

    2, Evergreen Santa Claus ceramic plates

    Evergreen another Christmas limited plates, still USES the jingdezhen made of high quality dolomite.Santa Claus, the size of the plate is 23 * 21 cm, for marca dragons, scones and cup cake and other snacks just right;The glass has a capacity of 350 ml, can be used to drink coffee or tea with milk.Drawn by the technologist's Santa Claus, lovely and kindly, three-dimensional relief effect makes the design more vivid, lifelike.

    3, WSA Christmas crystal ball music box

    Taiwan WSA crystal ball music box, adopting Japanese Sankyo movement, can play the "sky city", the world of the "winter" and so on.Look carefully, you can see some children playing in the tree, not far away, Santa Claus is a deer sled to send Christmas gifts for the children...Every detail is portrayed image and delicate.A total of two Santa and a snowman.

    4, EunYeon following from Christmas

    Christmas, phone to also want to put on Christmas dress up.South Korean EunYeon silica gel, following from the inner layer is a soft silicone, outer hard, double protection design for the phone fully.Snowman, elk, Santa Claus pattern is optional, applicable models: the iPhone 6 s/s plus.

    5, cloth of original wool cloth with soft nap is following

    Original design of cloth of elk following, excellent toughness of plastic shell, edge processing very smooth level off, not abrasion of mobile phone.Outer paste with a layer of flannel, comfortable and warm, very suitable for use in winter.The deer antlers, ears, nose and eyes are double fixed, every detail shows the perfect quality.S applicable models: the iphone 4/4 s, 5/5, 6/6 plus, plus 6 s/s.

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