Who is the top ones with the most different one

By Alan Gonzalez,2015-06-02 23:11
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Who is the top ones with the most different one

    Who is the top ones with the most different


    Still remember four years ago, a President of the university of Hong Kong said to me: "you have to read many of the top university in Britain and America, with one that is different.""Do you want to say, a Princeton university?""Exactly."

    Is located in the United States, New Jersey, a quiet and elegant aristocratic town of Princeton university and the institute, was Einstein's relativity of meditation, Edward d teng founded superstring theory, also is the place of Yang, li zhen-dao study parity violation.Three hundred and fifty unanswered fermat's theorem in this certification;Change the stored procedure in this type of computer was born of The Times.A "for the Nobel Prize," said the prize of successive 54 winners, there are 39 has served in the...

    But Princeton truly otherworldly and appeal to me, is not that its status as a center for science in the world after the second world war, but in its humanistic spirit and educational philosophy.

    Respect knowledge With the person this

    An institution of higher learning to people the value of respect, to be able to be reflected in its attention to each student.Princeton's per capita capital is the world's first, is also the first "loans" tuition funding university, let students from any background can enjoy the abundance of learning opportunities and resources.It especially pays attention to undergraduate education, even the first year students can come into contact with the top professor;I was lucky enough to get the mathematical mogul John today.The guidance of professor Conway (John Conway).At the same time keep the strict style of study, in Princeton, more focus on training students' independent thinking quality, is the only required for undergraduates are required to complete two research papers of university.All this, not only make the Princeton in U.S. news and world report for the past 15 years of university rankings, ranked first for 13 years, more make the alumni deeply love his Alma mater, became the highest alumni donation rates at the university.

    Princeton has is not only care for students, but also respect for knowledge, love of talent.Watching the film "A Beautiful Mind" (A Beautiful Mind) friend, John must have worked for the wizards.Take special (John Nash) schizophrenia was impressed by the scene.If you don't have all rivers run into sea mind and big love, Princeton patients may not take the initiative to foster a spirit of decades, let him daily mad on campus, in mathematics every night writing on the blackboard claims

    to be the "information" from the alien, year after year, and it is impossible to recommend he get a Nobel Prize.Take the professor was informed that I will sign up for the illustration of the Princeton, silent for a moment, then slowly spits out a ordinary but again: "Princeton is really a good place."At that moment, I seem to see in the eyes of his mysterious throb, I seem to suddenly understood why.A beautiful mind awakening, really is just a miracle?

    It is no wonder that mark.Twain also has issued such a feeling: "Princeton like heaven ? ? in fact better than heaven, because there is no worry about heaven things."

    The xanadu live in Princeton university, it's hard to imagine where only 20 minutes drive away, there is a totally different world.

    When the gate closed behind my moment, I seem to experience these people lost their freedom.I know they have a plenty of the murderer, have a plenty of a rapist, have a plenty of robbery to reoffend.But I tell them coexist one room, but didn't feel scared.Because in their eyes, I see not hungry eyes, but the thirst for knowledge, and reformed in hope.Most of them are juvenile dropout, even the basic language and arithmetic common sense all have no, the results came out to find work, and soon the crime in prison again, like the circle of hell.Education is probably the only way to make them regain true

    freedom and the new method.So, sometimes referred to "I don't understand folk sufferings" resolutely attended Princeton the volunteer program.

    What impressed me the most profound E jun is a student.First noticed him, because he made a few lines, crowded then use "number of checkered" method to calculate 16 - (9), to my great shock.But in our joint efforts, he gradually progress.Received the first public test result table, he sent one qualified.He told me he wouldn't do the choice of topic will be blank, do not guess the answer (guess wrong tthere).I asked the reason, he incredibly Lin biao replied: "I hope my score on behalf of my strength, rather than on behalf of my luck."I can't help.The next day, he is more great progress, I started to teach him more mathematical olympiad.As a result, he in the second exam achievement by leaps and bounds, finally he had covered in blood, also once covered in sweat of hands to get your high school diploma, released at the same time.At that moment, my eyes moist.

    On good if water Aloofness.

    Princeton spirit of love, not only show in the ivory tower to heaven, more show the hell in the world.This kind of defending the values of human dignity, seepage in every corner of the campus, not only is carrying on generation after generation from here out of the man:

    Madison, President of the U.S. constitution, President Wilson's fourteen principles of peace, President Kennedy, "I am a Berliner" cries, all the western model of idealism.

    Finally I still want to say, Princeton university, like my Alma mater, Sao Paulo, male and female high school, is a low-key institution: not make public, not artificial, not great, not grandstanding, as Lao tzu said on "good if water", zhuangzi's "great love non-trace, du fu," the political "spring rain moistens everything silently".At the same time, Princeton adheres to the pure and true, the principle of aloofness, resolute don't open the medical school, law school and business school[microblogging], which is completely different from with Hong Kong's social

    pursuit.Perhaps is because of this, the famous universities across the nation, in Hong Kong's fame seems to be not as good as harvard, Yale, Stanford, university of Massachusetts institute of technology, etc. I also respect a loud and clear.Many people heard I don't go after a few people and Princeton, are big.What is more, some students had announced that he would happily enrolled at Princeton, for some words of comfort.Crow smile, nothing is better than it."

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