Be Flynn reviews

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Be Flynn reviews

    "Be Flynn" reviews

    I feel to see a good film, as long as simple a

    "good-looking!", has been able to fully express the give me the look and feel of the movie.

    However, only with a good-looking! ""To describe the film, and seems a little bit sorry behind the scenes of the film workers, so I'll, how to say this is a guide, write, movies are good.

    The film's screenwriter and director Paul Weitz, story based on the true story of American contemporary writer Nick Flynn, also refer to his novels, and Nick Flynn is cast in the role of the film.

    Story of the hero, Nick's parents in his youth has divorced, he and his mother lived alone, impression of biological father, only stay in writing to his father in prison more than hundred

    letter.18 years apart, however, two father and son re-united under chance, hence an increasingly bad relationship.

    Don't think this is an old story, feel is not at all.Because when two people get along with the environment is in the home of outlier, son is a clerk, father is SuYou, father and son of the old story, but increase the dramatic elements of great ornamental value.

    Especially the father often boast how much power and prestige eight sides, what also see not pleasing to the eye, each minute mania with noisy, you can imagine how much the embarrassing scene, to the father to son how bad the relationship between the two.

    Son itself has a existing bad impression to his father, get more to our relationship under acceleration


    The film is very good.

    In order to cooperate with the father and son are determined to become a writer wishes, with two

    autobiographical opening remarks at the beginning, out of their own experience.Continuous intersection after Nick and his mother (Julianne Moore) memories, from light to heavy, gradually drawing out his background map to the audience, the audience to know that his father's hatred is the result of why.

    From the beginning, the expression of the respectively tells the story of a vitriolic old man's house, and a young

    man still did not find the life goal how to find the ideal story.Two people living on the two line of balance are unrelated, but when the two parallel lines meet the tipping point.Because the audience know the background of Nick, so will feel all the more reasonable.

    In addition, in one scene let me deep impression, is about Nick as the wheels turn to father image from his mother's boyfriend.The scene of the display technique with a very unique and loved me.I here not fat, for you are interested in to enter the stadium to watch out for.

    There is no denying the fact that Nick's father's character, it is a god of plague.But he is not a normal one, not a man can be ignored, but his biological father.

    I think this father and son feeling very original.

    One said to Nick wanted to stop his step father's footsteps.His efforts to get rid of the shadow of his father, the more hope you don't like his father, but more and more like a father like mud.

    Nick's father therefore plausibly said: because I made with you, of course, you like me, because I made you, you certainly succeeded in my writing talent!

    In the face of such father, the son of can be how to face?Think of can understand Nick's helpless.

    Viewed from this period of parent-child relationships, Being Flynn the English names do pretty well.

    Being Flynn, as a fee for even the son of his father's feelings clip set of hate and sympathy.His bad attitude is hateful, but he was homeless, but rather cold outside, still see him she street mouth shut, the in the mind instead of hate to pity him, is really a bitter know it.

    Director doctrine in this period of parent-child relationships, plus the actor's performance, which role is quite solid.

    Paul Dano lived the, of course, Nick, but performance is completely Robert DE Niro mans over the wind.

    By Robert DE Niro to translate the fathers of mania is really perfect.His performance as a continuation of the "Taxi Driver" (Taxi Driver) character, as cynical, hate everyone in society.Although old fire, but one is old man, can have what again as?So only put all the dissatisfaction out on all the people around, will himself disliked, abandon still feel taken for granted.

    See such a role, I don't has it ran about exactly what reason makes a person become so?

    I really believe that because this man caused by too high but was frustrated for a long time.However, an accomplice is people who don't appreciate yourself.

    Scene, Nick's mother never have opposite with his father, but every time she played, almost all reference to Nick's father, and his eyes are looked down on him, his mouth didn't say what a nice.

    Her small part, but it is enough to make me think of, is the love between she and Nick's father into resentment, hate, and hate.

    If she is, in turn, for he never shake the confidence and appreciation, may everything will change.And at the time of the end director from Nick on his father's attitude change, also confirm to me the idea.# # p# page title e#

    Have said to joy write sorrow, grief is more sad.Although this is not funny play types, but the mood of the film begins with a sense of humor, has experienced the middle in the outlier, sadness is a family of social phenomenon, which in turn leads the audience to the back of the tragedy.Nick's father even annoying, but looked at him always sink, is still sad.

    Overall, it can make the person with feelings with what father does not love, is more thought of his father has not, but he will always be their father.

    We often require a proud father, however, ask yourself, and whether he can be proud of their children?The film didn't give us the answer, the answer is in our hearts.

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