A new way of flying out of earth slingshot without rockets

By Ralph Barnes,2015-05-26 14:20
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A new way of flying out of earth slingshot without rockets

    A new way of flying out of earth: slingshot without rockets

    Abstract a Usa Inc [] to build a giant slingshot, objects could be directly ejected into space, the program was named the Slingatron project.

    According to the researchers: create a new space transportation system aims to reduce the cost of entering orbit, some small goods and supplies such as you can use super slingshot ejection directly into orbit, does not require expensive rocket system, due to the emission of high risk of fire arrows, if failure will lead to the loss of the goods. It not only failed to send goods to track, also need to pay the high cost of the

    launch failure. If the plan is successful, it will open a new era of space exploration.

    Slingatron works mainly by centrifugal and electromagnetic principle on objects acceleration, rotation increased payload can be reached from the speed of the earth, and the shape of the object needs to be designed to lift body structure of air dynamics module, such as darts appearance, can be directly into the orbit of the earth to cut air. The technology company responsible for the study design of the HyperV is called "space railway", and invested $250 thousand for research, the research team has built a prototype of one meter in diameter, physical simulation, the next step for the research team will be developed for the inspection machine is five meters in diameter, can be a a payload of 0.5 kilograms into orbit.

    Use super slingshot objects into orbit launch crazy researchers believe that almost impossible, the image that this is a direct object will be "thrown" out of the earth, if the plan is successful, will herald a new era of space. In addition to the super slingshot plan, future aerospaceplane technology will change our life, with the development of science and technology more and more mature in earth orbit, future space exploration will become more attractive.

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