The horse boat lost in shadow to dismount the situation is in the plane of the ruling party criticized

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The horse boat lost in shadow to dismount the situation is in the plane of the ruling party criticized

    The horse boat lost in shadow to dismount the situation is:

    in the plane of the ruling party criticized

     Ma hua guild members and volunteers help in preparing the "blessing of peace home MH370 conference"

     The array (national front) prime minister najib umno guild, the Indian national congress party, ma hua

     The dup (Pakatan Rakyat) people's alliance leader anwar people's justice party, democratic action party (pan), generic horse islamic party

    "Flight captain hijacking for political retaliation" say investigation has been in the horse boat lost al events for the past tense.Political tendency to deny this fierce opposition, the ruling party has repeatedly expressed, for the horse boat event processing should be "above politics".

    Malaysia is divided by once reached its zenith in the general election last may.And now, as the opposition leader anwar suspected by discretion in prison again, add a shadow area states seats facing a by-election, "the matrix" and "the dup" collisions tempers become strong again.But on March 8th, lost in the event the unprecedented flights, is to let the situation in two opposing a new change.

    To some extent, "MH370" has for both sides to use respectively, became a new weapon in the struggle of politics.

    Volunteer association with ma hua

    In Kuala Lumpur international airport near the sama sama hotel, Malaysia's officially designated the horse boat event media center.When reporters from countries all over the world into the hotel, a prominent place in the hall can see "Ma Huazhi workers group" of the working area.There, as many as dozens of uniformed "volunteers" has to wait there."Heard, is going to the families of the passengers was sent to come over and see what we can do to help."Volunteer executive secretary YanWeiXiang said.

    But unlike from Beijing began to families with care "" tzu chi volunteers, Ma Huazhi trade never go out to go to the horse family live in a hotel.They received the "command" is kept in the sama sama.In addition, Ma Huazhi working group for the reporters' how to evaluate the Malay government's handling of the incident "would not comment on the problem.March 19, some families to the horse broke into the press hall of spiritual demand, is a lot of families "Ma Huazhi workers" for the first time I saw that they had with the police to keep order, some volunteers were told the reporters posed as a gesture of "no" : "what I will not say to you."

    Ma Huazhi unionism is the founder of chew mei fun, but zhou is one of the three parties in Malaysia's ruling President ma hua association's vice President.As the investigation into an impasse, "Ma Huazhi workers group" stationed in sama sama hotel groups began to gradually withdraw - to 24 kilometers southeast of Kuala Lumpur and shadow (Kajang).Here, it is ma hua association (the ruling "the matrix") is one of the three parties will and opposition legislators by-election, ma hua is preparing by-election the war here in power.

    By-election, is in the horse boat MH370 lost before the incident, chew mei fun and her ma hua association is committed to a career.On January 27, the original add shadow jing-jie li's resignation, the state legislature for justice party leader anwar way, through the latter was elected minister of state and consolidate the opposition in selangor state regime.Results on the eve of the vote in March by-election, preparing to run for the senate seat, anwar was sentenced to "sodomy" and was forced to withdraw from, now on behalf of Mr Anwar involved in by-elections, with ma hua guild chew mei fun a rival candidate, is his wife flourishing az, locals say "prosperous elder sister".

    In the horse boat lost during the incident under investigation, ma hua guild and justice party aboard and shadow this site, in organizing various activities.And some of them is held in the name of the "praying for MH370".

    In the district to pray

    19, ma hua association deputy President of chew mei fun has said that comfort passengers families and pray for MH370, these activities "is not a political bargaining chip";The same day, ma hua guild will "blessing of peace home MH370 conference", in the shadow.

    The day before 7 PM, ma hua guild members and volunteers will be two days of versatile cranes, lotus and prepare candles to are in the shadow of fairy water port of saemaul undong (Bukit Angkat).After they had on the flyer, loudspeaker van will broadcast the activity, ma hua total wee ka siong to encourage the public to attend President, "the night will put down the differences in political, religious, everybody together, only one goal, is praying for those lost, hope they will return."He said.

    Prayer meeting began in the solemn atmosphere.According to ma hua YouZhuoTao, head of the introduction, in the evening, ma hua will guild "Muslim" -- "there are

    representatives of Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity... please go to the scene, in the form of their religious praying for MH370 respectively."She said.At the press of a spin state legislators to chew mei fun campaign brochure and reads "to defend democracy is not compromise, adhere to the multivariate and human rights".

    That night heavy atmosphere, YouZhuoTao said: god also heavy rain began to fall, as to touched on the matter.

    The horse boat lost events, let the Malaysian authorities and the ruling "the matrix" three parties all criticism.But the coming vote in a by-election 23, ma hua guild denied in activities with the help of a "blessing" to voters.Ma Huazhi trade administrative secretary YanWeiXiang said that only the horse boat event race do have influence upon both parties."But I see the dup or 99 (%) will win."He laughed and said.

    The opposition of "fire" out,

    Ma hua guild support lost badly.Even their own journals published by the Malaysian Chinese also not afraid the fact that at present, 84% of the Chinese American voters away from the largest Chinese parties, to support "the dup" three party, become the power of the opposition.

    By the people's justice party, the democratic action party and the opposition of the horses of islamic party alliance, the horse boat incident since half a month to become the focus of the outside world and international society.Opposition leader anwar sodomy case in such release during the pending trial accepted the media interview, clarify the captain said MH370 impossible for political tendency to hijack.At 18, the Beijing youth daily after an interview with reporters, Mr Anwar told, will be held on the evening of 21 opposition rallies, location is based in shadow stadium.From March 7th evening val appeals court convicted by Malaysia, the opposition is mulling the rally, just because of events in a few hours after the horse boat, which had been shelved.

    This is called the reformasi (Malay "reform") gathering there is quite a poetic flavour ground by local Chinese translated into "fire extinguish".In the opposition in the original design, the evening meeting participants are required to dressed in black, in order to show "the death of democracy and justice".

    21, and the shadow of the stadium traffic all night in the congestion state, take turns to got on the podium, the opposition leader led sitting in the stadium lawn thousands of supporters chanting.11 a.m., the breakthrough to 10000 people have already announced that the court, on behalf of Mr Anwar state by-election "prosperous elder sister" at first, then her husband anwar dressed in black, led the supporters shouted "fire mo out" and "fight".He spoke first umno (Barisan National) "' s" the ruling party how to don't let him participate in shadow by-election, so will he sent into prison, and then said: "they can slander me, they think people stupid. But I want to tell them, people may reject, the people shall have the right to refuse."

    According to local media reports, in the same night, ma hua guild fairy water port 3 km outside of the saemaul undong consideration "dinner" one thousand people, open seats, a total of 150 table, as a "fight".

    A sprawling messy add a shadow area at the moment, no one looked up to see the stadium is shown on the big screen in "thoughts and prayers with everyone on MH370" slogan.

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