Why Europe and the United States people like to meddle in other people's house children

By Robert Martinez,2015-05-24 09:17
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Why Europe and the United States people like to meddle in other people's house children

    Why Europe and the United States people

    like to meddle in other people's house


    Both in the United States and in Canada, or in other European countries, often can be heard, Chinese immigrants Family played a child and was neighbor alarm, the child was taken away by the child welfare agencies.

    Especially in the United States, seems to be the first to be afraid of child abuse is not the police, but the ubiquitous love tube "catty", these people have a neighbor child, teachers, doctors, students of the

    parents ]And so on.Like someone staring at you everywhere, to the child a bit cannot careless, always have a "if you can't education good boy, I come for you education" feeling, make often have Chinese complain: these foreigners, why so love to pry into the affairs of my other children?

    Can say, children in the supervision of rights are violated, "American neighbors" is "very hard".If the neighbors heard the child crying continuously, might call the police.Because, the United States can be any a citizen to local law enforcement agencies, or social service agencies report and a survey of child abuse and neglect.

    A Chinese mother, because 2 year old son, fracture four times a year, domestic violence is suspected, the Connecticut department of children

    and family took son.The now the 7 months pregnant mother, grief, to seek the aid of fellow bloggers.

    Some people would say, americans really love tube XianShiEr.In fact the American children's regulatory mechanism just holding the "would rather the wrong about one thousand, also don't pass a" principle, after all, if there even is a real thing, also will save the child's happiness.

    Online to see a Chinese German immigrants, said such a story:

    Chinese go out with a German friend, pass by on the outskirts of a small river, I saw a baby in the fishing, but there are two next to the rods, the German friends not happy to walk over and asked: "how have two fishing rod?"(Germany) fishing a person can only use a fishing rod

    Child replied: "come with classmates, he is going to the bathroom."(as expected soon, going to the bathroom children back.)

    German friend asked: "have a license?"(German regulations fishing license.)

    The two children hurriedly took out a license: "there, you see."

    "Take a ruler?"German friends asked.(German regulations fishing should have a ruler, caught fish less than the size of the regulation to put it back.)

    "Take the belt."Two children hurriedly took out a ruler to again.

    "Oh, good. I hope you have a good time!"The German friends then walked away.

    One side of the Chinese is very strange, don't know why friend want tube so much, "the two children are your relatives?


    "Your friend's child?"

    "No. I don't know them."

    "What? Don't know? And why you want to discipline others?"

"Because education is the responsibility of the whole society, children

are the future of the country and every one of us has the responsibility to

be anywhere at any time for education."

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