Qualcomm 820 why give up the male version of the ARM back into independent CPU

By Sandra Watkins,2015-05-24 03:55
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Qualcomm 820 why give up the male version of the ARM back into independent CPU

    Qualcomm 820 why give up the male version of the ARM back into independent CPU?

    Over the past year, anecdotal Fried to turn over, the problem of qualcomm 810 fever aside hair referred to in popular problem is real or fake, various media reported negative news, repeatedly clarified the rumor again dozen face, qualcomm's PR department busy enough.Qualcomm 820 SoC chip recently news to attract media attention again.Everyone is surprised to find that goes back to the 820 to 810 before the independent design route, no longer like qualcomm 810 use the male version of the ARM core.

    What are the advantages of heavy CPU core,?This problem is not let press table, let's look at the evolution of A classic line: apple's series A SoC CPU core inside.

    In 2006, apple released the first generation of SoC is used in the iPhone samsung S5L8900, the built-in CPU core is ARM11 in SoC.To the release of the iPhone 4, 2010, A series of staple of SoC Apple A4 also appeared at the same time, it built the CPU core is the use of the ARM architecture (A8, pick up the Apple A5 SoC when the iPhone 4 s with the ARM architecture A9 CPU core.All the way the ARM for the male version.

    But the funny thing is, I still remember the release of the iPhone 4 s, with a 800 MHZ CPU, completely crush on browser performance evaluation as dual-core architecture A9 but when pulse 1.2 G of the samsung Galaxy S2, the public opinion to such a dramatic lead, due to excellent software and hardware combination optimization on iOS and Android software optimization on the weak.

    But obviously the Android camp so many companies is not A vegetarian, the ARM architecture series A processor core A authorization is not A monopoly, but to afford money can buy, buy back their processor core surrounding the outside of the modification and the back-end design, so there is hope that the difference is less.

    Count on iOS strong upper optimization can always keep advantage obviously is not wise, since Apple A6 SoC, Apple began to grind CPU core, so in each big media review this wonderful phenomenon still continued:

    When apple's CPU core pulse usually significantly behind other Android flagship at the same time, but instead to biting even leading performance and life.Independent of CPU core value is self-evident.

    For powerful manufacturer qualcomm, avoid the ARM version, USES the independent design is a wise decision, particularly in 810 in hot vortex negative reports, the need to show on the technical indicators are the next generation of products performance, choose the independent design CPU core can better achieve their goals.

    Why qualcomm once give up own core adopts the male version?Any business decisions, there are very complex weigh the consideration of many factors, I'm afraid

    this problem only qualcomm internal policy makers who can give the most authoritative answer.The author in this can only provide an interesting personal perspective.

    Within the author with qualcomm is responsible for the communication of related business mid-ranking figures, Apple A7 released at the end of 2013, released a 64 - bit CPU core, played qualcomm off-guard, samsung planned by qualcomm is the development of SoC era, but see the Apple has been released after a 64 - bit CPU core, lost patience in waiting, begin based on 64 - bit version of the ARM architecture veloped A57, that you later see samsung Exynos Octa July. de

    Please note that in the commercial war TTM (Time - to - Market) is a very important factor, even more important than technical problems, every year, sales of the smartphone Market is right here, is everyone is of a piece of pie, if samsung and qualcomm don't biting, timely launch of new products put the pie will be other competitors away, into the food into the mouth.

    So both samsung and qualcomm are willing to sacrifice the selling point of technology, to launch new products as soon as possible, though probably not so perfect but available, at least not business best kill door without soldiers without will.The final result, samsung and qualcomm apple for about a year behind to point, are introduced based on ARM and 64 core of the new product.Therefore, qualcomm 810 the launch of the expedient to some extent is helpless, just to stall for time, part of the temporary defensive measures against the attack of the apple was born.Qualcomm main chips, really want to still is based on the architecture of qualcomm 820 independently.

    The value of the male version in where?First, independent design for ARM version of the design does not ensure that advantage, just because now dare to go independent design route of the manufacturer is very strong, so the existing independent design core to build ARM male version of the design.

    For those as qualcomm, top companies such as apple, but wish to enter the smartphone market share or other embedded equipment manufacturers, obviously is not wise, was designed with ARM and design has become the only option for these companies, the status of these enterprises in the market may be less able to independently design of a line, but is dominant in quantity, able to independently design manufacturers, after all, one hand can count out, and all the other can only rely on the ARM of the manufacturer.

    In addition, the ARM male version of the design is also a strength enough to independently design the giant can consider the backup plan.

    Such as apple and huawei has independent development potential of the company, thus can temporarily use ARM before switch to the independent design and core, adhere to the independent design route before qualcomm, for example, when need to launch new product under pressure, also can use ARM and core, which is the ARM of the value of the male version of the design.

    Based on the above consideration, qualcomm will Xiao dragon 820 cut back in autonomous mode is the right thing to do, especially after hair hot events in 810, at least 820 on the technical indexes of excellent performance, for qualcomm revenge added a powerful bargaining chip.

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