Yahoo's four major acquisitions after stripping worth about $1 billio

By Yvonne Stevens,2015-05-22 23:47
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Yahoo's four major acquisitions after stripping worth about $1 billio

    Yahoo's four major acquisitions after stripping worth

    about $1 billion

    Yahoo!Chief executive Marissa Mayer often due to spend $3 billion on continuous acquisition, because the purchase did not produce any significant improvement on company business.Investment Banks FBR Capital new analysis thinks, yahoo acquisition of the value of those assets are now far below its takeover bid.

    FBR Capital says, meyer led four largest acquisitions at present value is far lower than the purchase price.Among them, the $1.1 billion acquisition of yahoo's 2013 light blogging bursts of situation slightly better, at present the highest valued at $770 million.Video advertising start-up Brigthroll, Flurry, a mobile service companies and fashion exploration site Polyvore value has shrunk dramatically.

    Even so, with yahoo acquisitions in the past three years compared to the rest of the 40 start-ups, it is still a good news.FBR Capital estimate, the acquisition value is

    worthless.FBR Capital says, if yahoo is getting rid of the four largest m&a, and sold, the income should be able to help meet the requirements of the shareholders.

    FBR Capital analyst William Byrd Monday on Yahoo Display business value analysis, said if separate to sell the business, their value might exceed $3.2 billion.Yahoo Display business including Yahoo news, finance, sports, and most mergers and acquisitions in the past three years of start-ups.

    Of the $3.2 billion, bird thinks the yahoo acquisition of four start-ups value of up to 1.4 billion dollars.Byrd, points out that bursts of operating and financial performance may be lagged behind rivals, but its users continues to increase, loyal user base on the site every day stay still for more than 10 minutes.Byrd also said that yahoo paid $640 million acquisition of the BrightRoll revenues of more than $100 million.While the Flurry and Polyvore rapid development is still in their respective fields.

    Byrd said: "we believe that in the right buyers, bursts of still has a very high value, can provide first-class product innovation, to attract enough of the audience. But in the era of mayer yahoo acquisitions of other businesses, we don't think there is any value, they add up to the valuation may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars."

    Byrd stresses, sell the business could attract more number of bidders, because not many companies can one-time paid billions of dollars to buy all of yahoo.At the same time, it also can make more precise bidders at yahoo, because its some service just calculate yahoo web site visits, regardless of whether you access yahoo's other web sites.

    Hedge fund manager Eric Jackson recently send yahoo's 99 - page report, demeaning to yahoo's $3 billion merger and acquisition activity.He requires a meaningless to buy yahoo to stop spending money, because they do not bring any direct value to yahoo.Jackson said: "the big brands and purchase to save yahoo, yahoo must save his life."

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