Reveal white hat the highest paid more than one million

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Reveal white hat the highest paid more than one million

    Reveal white hat: the highest paid more than

    one million

    12306 user information leak hole, ctrip users information leakage holes...Frequency of system vulnerabilities to network security problem more and more attention.Found these security holes, not one person or a company, but a group known as "white hat".White hat belongs to the hackers, but doing the guardian light things, they are the online world of white and black.What kind of person they are?Live a life of what?Whether as said has a large income move finger...Journalists try to walk into their world and tell you the white caps are true side.

    Who is the white hat

    The parlance of "a tall, white hat is the network security of the warden."

    The world of martial arts have a "spectrum" weapons, hackers river's lake has its own list, Zhao Wu is on the list of Chinese hackers list of characters.Zhao Wu done "absurd" when he was young, and now he looks quite composed.Zhao Wu has passed, is responsible for the largest response platform for days, the platform brings together nearly all white hat, Zhao Wu is their "big brother".

    "There is no white hat this concept initially, when a hacker or a commendatory term, then outside of hackers had misunderstanding, in order to and 'black is produced (by hacker means to obtain illegal income), to have a white hat."

    Zhao Wu is introduced, the white hat do, is to find vulnerabilities in computer system and website, and will be released, make it be repaired before use.The parlance of "a tall, white hat is the network security of the warden."

    In people's imagination, hackers are fingers dancing over the keyboard, such as fly, in the countdown seconds against various real master of firewall, in reality, however, in the white hat is a lot of masters, but still more entry-level beginners.

    Zhao Wu introduction, when he entered the field of network security, to the domestic research up to only a few hundred people, now with the tooldownloadConvenience, become the threshold of the white hat is quite low, a conservative estimate, domestic looking for simple network vulnerability ability, at least in more than 100000."As long as learn to use the vulnerability scanner, you can also when the white hat."Zhao Wushui.

    Another white hat expressed more directly, he thought that a "college computer level 2 failed" to learn how to find simple hole just a few days, and want to have a level of ordinary white hat, "if someone teach only need three months".

    Zhao Wu think, now of the white hat can be roughly divided into four levels: at the bottom of the known as "script kiddies", these people didn't have the tools research and development ability, is able to take advantage of others write scripts to attack, which accounted for 90% of the overall white hat.The second level is having its own security concept, code auditing and security attack and defense ability.Third level of the people not only have their own ideas, also have the ability to engineering, can develop their own tools and dig holes, have reached this level of domestic several hundred people."Technically, the third level is already over, then, is from the" art "to" tao ", to be able to think about the nature

    of the security, put forward a complete security solution. Can I get to this level is the industry elite, domestic can have on fifty."

    How to become a white hat

    "White hat is to say of talent, but compared with talent, interest is more important."

    Reporters interviewed more than a dozen white caps, most of these people is to learn the computer professional, there are several learning is the most appropriate information security professional, but without exception, they talked about the experience of himself as a white hat, with the notion of "self-study".

    Deng Huan was born in 1990, another technology and make up for the bench, even Deng Huan Zhao Wu acknowledges that in some way better than yourselves.Deng Huan experience, an illustration of how well can become an excellent white caps.

    Deng Huan initial contact hacking techniques, began in junior high school of time.When his deskmate bought a hacker technology magazine, Deng Huan with flipped through, unexpectedly was attracted by the content inside.Soon after, bought the first computer in the home, Deng Huan start according to the content of the book to teach oneself

    fumble ingredient.Of the white hat, in fact, the reporter interviewed several said their interest in hacking is due to the magazine.

    In high school, Deng Huan hacker kung fu has quite unfinished, he soon invaded into the high school school website.Was he often "evil" and external Internet cafes, each time to the Internet cafes, he will take over the whole Internet cafe management authority, not only let yourself free Internet access, every person can see the Internet bar to browse content, he may even in the whole Internet cafe when wanting to restart the computer, and then in a screaming and roared off.

    Almost every white hat out of the computer professional dry about invasion of their school system, Deng Huan also is such.He found that the extra cost for Internet in the university, so break the school network billing system, let oneself can free get to the Internet, after a don, simply invasion of every system of the school.Deng Huan he found school system vulnerabilities to summarize into a report to the dean.Soon, Deng Huan in class by the dean and counselors "please".Eventually Deng Huan not under any sanction, instead, he got to the school network center office to get to the Internet, also do for the school network maintenance, by the way, also on behalf of the school participated in the information security in hunan after competition.

    Deng Huan represent a large number of white caps, although they learn computer major, but hacking techniques are self-taught.Deng Huan tells a reporter, this is because the professor in the school of lay particular stress on theory of knowledge, rarely involve the hacker technology.In fact, he's still in the freshman year, there is a school teacher asked him questions, to the sophomore, schools have the green light for him, he doesn't have to have a class, went to Beijing to work, until graduation back to reply.

    "What kind of person can become an excellent white hat?"In the face of such questions, some white hat is thought to talent, Deng Huan argues that compared with talent, interest is more important."Research and technology is my game, get a sense of accomplishment is any other things."Deng Huan believes that he can become one of the white hat, because he is willing to spend a lot of time and energy on it.

    Now have not graduated from the university of white hat BaoYu view that interest is crucial.He told reporters he university learn programming, among his classmates, only he interested in hacking, others even occasionally has the interest, but is three minutes heat, will soon be not willing to learn, so a class only out his such a white hat.

    Outstanding female white hat than the giant panda is rare

    "In the white hat circles, the level of a girl is not important, will be for up to others."

    Hackers of the world, has always been considered a man's world, the white hat of Hispanic girls.According to Deng Huan, filling balance on nearly all registered in the white hat, he knew the girl only a couple of dozen, said only one don't exaggerate."In this circle, a girl's level is not important, will be for others. If it is technical and cattle, and beautiful girl, it is rare than the giant panda, basically circles no one will don't know."Deng Huan said with a smile.

    "Little keiko" is a white hat just 20 - year - old woman, still reading sophomore year she do white hat is only half a year, in her words, "literally run into a white hat is my master".When asked why do white hat, the little girl gave this answer: "before the college love playing games very much, later admitted to the university also don't know what to learn, think of the information (security) professional is fun, so he called the."

    While learning the girl of information security is not much, but in the "small keiko" 54 individuals in the class there are 14 girls, can do only she a white hat."They both like chat QQ game of what, only I think are nice to dig a hole to play."Let her more satisfied, as a "white hat", she met other white caps are very enthusiastic about her."A boy in the class also want

    to learn, but people do not like to teach them."Speaking of which, the little girl laughed happily.

    "Small keiko" and other reporter contact with white hat and a bit different, it is other white hat while professional very cow, study result common general, and this girl is worthy of "outstanding students"."I think a white hat or helpful to the study."

    In domestic security circles of the famous "carbon matrix" is a "technical cattle, beautiful" Deng Huan mouth "panda" female white hat, although she network ID is very difficult to make and associated a beauty.And "small keiko" beginner's female white hat is "love", to the level of carbon matrix, in addition to her husband once in a while to boast in front of "my wife is a hacker", other times, female identity doesn't bring convenience for her.

    "Carbon matrix" is an enterprise safety technical staff, she told reporters, in her work environment, people value only the ability and technology."I was asked in the interview, technical problems, left to answer, can't answer."Like other girls, "carbon matrix" also love to go shopping, but once in working state, "the roar roar, regardless of what image."

    "Carbon matrix" tells a reporter, less number of women in the security industry, though, are rare but not outside imagination, and as the employment environment is getting better and better, engaged in this industry is also more and more by the girl.But she also acknowledged that many girls are doing technical work in a few years later, will turn to management positions, "but I was have been working in technical line, because I really like the research techniques."

    The highest income in one million

    "Network security incidents in the concept of information security began to deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, companies are beginning to set up a special network security post, the talents has become a scarce resource."

    White hat really fire up the industry, that is, the last two or three years, and the most direct factor is income situation better.

    Three years ago, the white hat to earn only a few way: set up a security company or team, product development, provide enterprises with services in this respect, but it is limited to a few real technology Daniel;Take some website or manufacturer's products all the test work, but this kind of work are temporary;Ordinary programmer, don't have to do to earn four yuan a month, the white caps on network security

    expertise is useless.In recent years, this situation happened a great deal of improvement.On the one hand, due to network security incidents in the concept of information security began, some enterprises began to set up a special network security post, the talents suddenly became a scarce resource, enterprise's price is rising, many white hat into the "giants".Loopholes such as patch day, on the other hand, submit the establishment of the platform, also created a platform for the white hat, bug is no longer compulsory labor.

    We have learned, now the domestic top security level earn up to one million yuan;A high level of white hat, to join the Internet company, make a year tens of hundreds of thousands of also is usual;Even those who are still stragglers white hat, through submit bug on the platform, some can also be an income of tens of thousands of yuan.

    Li Yin complement the balance on the top white caps.According to his introduction, he average a month in the fill the sky get bonuses in 20000 yuan, but most of the time, he just got a month more than $60000 in prize money.Want to know, for days to submit a bug winnings are hundreds of yuan, but few thousand yuan, the most visible he submitted a month how much the number of holes.

    "Initially I find loopholes is purely a personal hobby, then to fill the sky to find that both can find loopholes and can improve the level of

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