Drunk wine vintages tipsy profusion enjoy Christmas warmth

By Clyde Thompson,2015-05-22 15:29
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Drunk wine vintages tipsy profusion enjoy Christmas warmth

    Drunk wine vintages tipsy profusion enjoy Christmas


    Time flies, the twinkling of an eye to the end of the year.The smell of Christmas has quietly approaching to us, in this special day, not necessarily by the wine.The wine has a natural connection with Christmas, in religion, he recorded the Jesus in the Gospel of John's wedding in Canaan sign turned water into wine.At the last supper, Jesus also use wine to entertain his disciples, and said: "the bread is my flesh, wine is my blood."So red wine has a "holy blood," said.Now, at Christmas, wine represents the happiness and joy, is an essential part of Christmas dinner and the Christmas party important elements.

    Red wine: choose love drunk romantic Christmas

    First of all, have to "the holy blood" red wine is in the midst of a big Christmas dinner, drink a cup of red wine, aftertaste making a person is it is a great joy!Red color red as rubies, added a few minutes of romantic and happy for the table, still contain rich vitamin, not only can warm the stomach and can promote the blood circulation.When a cup of sweet full-bodied red wine, with Christmas dinner of Turkey, barbecue, etc., its tannins with meat protein collision to balance, thus both to reach perfection fleshy delicate and tender.