Drunk wine vintages tipsy profusion enjoy Christmas warmth

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Drunk wine vintages tipsy profusion enjoy Christmas warmth

    Drunk wine vintages tipsy profusion enjoy Christmas


    Time flies, the twinkling of an eye to the end of the year.The smell of Christmas has quietly approaching to us, in this special day, not necessarily by the wine.The wine has a natural connection with Christmas, in religion, he recorded the Jesus in the Gospel of John's wedding in Canaan sign turned water into wine.At the last supper, Jesus also use wine to entertain his disciples, and said: "the bread is my flesh, wine is my blood."So red wine has a "holy blood," said.Now, at Christmas, wine represents the happiness and joy, is an essential part of Christmas dinner and the Christmas party important elements.

    Red wine: choose love drunk romantic Christmas

    First of all, have to "the holy blood" red wine is in the midst of a big Christmas dinner, drink a cup of red wine, aftertaste making a person is it is a great joy!Red color red as rubies, added a few minutes of romantic and happy for the table, still contain rich vitamin, not only can warm the stomach and can promote the blood circulation.When a cup of sweet full-bodied red wine, with Christmas dinner of Turkey, barbecue, etc., its tannins with meat protein collision to balance, thus both to reach perfection fleshy delicate and tender.

    Jia long 2010 vintage wine

    Jia long wine as a holy Amy special thick grade a zhuang, for more than two centuries, has been to produce elegant and full of personality is famous for its wine, more chanel group acquired in 1996.Jia long 2010 vintage wine is undoubtedly one of the representative, is considered to be the year of one hundred wine.Wonderful aroma with strawberry, cherry and vanilla fragrance, along with blueberry, milk, chocolate and licorice flavor of sweet.Taste fragrant, juicy, presenting the pure black fruit characteristics and silky tannins.Beautiful, long aftertaste with red fruit and chalk in the atmosphere, simple sense is superior.

    St by Hugo domain series of kunar China 2010 cabernet sauvignon dry red wine

    St by Hugo domain series 2010 cabernet sauvignon dry red wine, kunar China distant grapes chosen for its pure, present a unique style, elegant is the charm of kunar hua la cabernet sauvignon products work.It chose from the Australian cabernet sauvignon famous region - kunar China northern region flint garden grape, brew a wine has a deep purple color, moderate full bodied, fragrant flavor.Rich aromas of black currants, berries and olives, cedar

    and oak spice in this wine is very good fuses in together, are intertwined and is permeated with rich fragrance, reflecting the strong and the wonderful taste of harmony and balance.

    The elegant white wine: Christmas ornament of the election

    Said to the red wine, then also have to mention of the pure and fresh quietly elegant white wine.Experience shows that serve red wine with red meat, white wine, match with white meat and fish.People used to put white wine in soaking float filled with ice ice bucket, in fact this is a big damage for wine, because the temperature of the ice bucket is close to 0 ?, the temperature difference of instant contact often have unique dry wine of delicate aroma fragrance closed the dumb wine.White wine best temperature at 7 ? ~ 12 ? in

    general.White wine is especially suitable for low temperature 8 ?, otherwise tastes often let

    a person feel death.White wine with lemon, orange, grapefruit, green apple fruit and fresh taste and unique mixed with fruit acid, entry in an instant, brings a kind of comfortable feeling of the lips.

    Jie kass winemaker chardonnay "selected

    Jie kass has been made from the suffering of craftsmanship and superior quality favored by many wine lovers.Jie kass winemaker chardonnay "choose colour and lustre is a bright pale yellow, with green, with fragrant citrus, lemon floral and fresh white peach aromas, with oak after roasting charming fragrance.Fresh nectarine and citrus fruit, harmonious collocation, entrance is buttery soft feeling, combined with the butter flavor after malolactic fermentation, beautiful compact tannins, its beauty to sublimation.

    Sparkling wine, enjoy the sweetness of Christmas

    The sparkling wine fruit aroma is relatively strong, soft, the tannins is less, taste is not as hard as dry red wine.It is these characteristics, to make a sparkling wine more approachable, then become the undisputed women, many sommelier called "elegant lady's second appearance", suitable for girlfriends at the Christmas dinner.In addition, on the market, many sparkling wine with soft color and packaging, coupled with its inherent exquisite, sweet taste, will bring a sweet can bring this Christmas.

    Jie kass moss cato rose sparkling wine

    Jie kass pour out pink moss cato sparkling attractive color, the bottle design of fashion, delicate, with a fresh fragrance of raspberry and strawberry aromas, slightly pear fragrance at the same time, full of elegant and delicate bubbles, taste fresh, mouth.As ms rich romantic, style extraordinary fashion gifts and meals of sweet drinks, jie kass peach moss cato sparkling wine is the obvious choice.

    Spirits: ignite the passion of Christmas

    Usually, after the Christmas dinner, it's a romantic French gentlemen had served the brandy glass started laughing.Brandy this is distilled from grape fermentation liquor, wine is passionate, frequently favor by men from all over the world.In addition to the brandy, such as gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila and other spirits and uninhibited, rugged men are good choice.Just think, "boom" of musical bells on Christmas Eve and the children happy song, what could be more than spirits brings passion?

    Martell heyday

    Martell height is a draw grape essence, the style of the originality harmonic and elegant high quality cognac.Its rich taste level, fragrant fragrance and the characteristics of fruity and spicy suitable match with all kinds of food.Wen xiang, attractive extremely attractive plum sauce and honey lemon peel.Flick of spirit, saffron and ginger fragrant, and the tone of the honey chestnut perfect harmony.Early, full-bodied and rich, with a fruity taste, and contains the citrus fragrant spicy finish perfect balance.

    Champagne: choose to play the Christmas orgiastic

    Christmas represents the endless joy, means and enjoyment, then the champagne is Christmas party deserved "carnival".When open champagne in the moment, all eyes and hearing will be attracted by it instantly;When a slender champagne cup exult teng rises to the many little bubble, this festival all the passion and warmth will rise accordingly.Champagne has and refreshing, moderate acidity, can quickly open people's taste buds;Similarly,

    champagne is to drink wine, as people's sound "Cheers", "Cheers", holiday party atmosphere can instantly become active.So, have a champagne is enjoy holiday!

    Flower beautiful Paris time limited edition 2007 vintage champagne

    Paris in the flower beautiful time of the 2007 vintage champagne and pure and fresh and moving, limited edition clear pale gold color, bubbles and detailed and lively.Under the perfect mature western pear and peach aromas, sending out the fragrance of magnolia, honeysuckle, and combines the tangerine orange kind the fruit such as bergamot, orange and lemon peel of the fruit and mineral and pure and fresh;Entrance to the long-lasting and pure and fresh taste wine with deep structure, showing white fruit flavor and fruity aroma of almond milk, is a rich and pure and fresh style for the integration of champagne.

    Dr Rose champagne

    Become the first French champagne brand, champagne, also sold all over the world third highest, more than half of the champagne was sold to overseas markets, covering 150 countries.This appears the pink salmon rose champagne colour and lustre, colour quietly elegant and slightly radiant with orange.Bubble rich, exquisite and lively.The nose is red and pink grapefruit aromas of fruit, transition to strawberry, cherry and currant fruit, is a blend of

vanilla caramel pleasant fragrance.Entrance to red berries, fresh and vibrant taste fresh and

elegant, delicate and subtle.

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