The United States to show rebalancing

By Martha Rodriguez,2015-05-21 21:57
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The United States to show rebalancing

    The United States to show rebalancing

    On April3 at noon local time, two and a half days of "the United States and asean defence BBS" in Hawaii.This is the first time to host host the informal ministerial meeting between the United States and the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), America's defence secretary, after the meeting hagel will visit Asia Pacific.

    Analysts believe that the BBS aim is not to achieve results, and show on American strategy of "Asia Pacific rebalancing" don't mind.However, this idea has different times and beauty: outside situation in Ukraine, the Iranian nuclear issue and the Syrian crisis problem solution, there is the "hanging sword" of the defense budget cuts will come, before the United States "asia-pacific rebalancing" can keep the strength of the doubt.

    Show there

    It is worth mentioning that the President of the United StatesPresident barack ObamaIn November 2011 in his home state of Hawaii to seize the opportunity of hosting APEC (APEC) summit high-profile flashed "to Asia" strategy (the strategy of "Asia Pacific rebalancing").When the government began to withdrawn from Afghanistan and Iraq wars, foreign policy and seek new luminescent spot.

    Nowadays, hagel will trip to Japan, China, Mongolia, Obama will visit Asia in late April, U.S. leaders "arm" lived at home before setting out the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) "show" attitude, to reiterate its strategic center of gravity is constant.

    Hagel repeatedly in the BBS, hope to the asean defense and representative reaffirmed America's "commitment" to the asia-pacific region, the us will look forward to the "generalized" BBS activities.In a nutshell, is the release of the "Asia Pacific rebalancing" signal will continue.

    Hagel says the asia-pacific region is one of the most key areas to global security and economy, the global top three economies are concentrated in the asia-pacific region, it's rich in opportunity.From a national perspective, "asia-pacific rebalancing" does not mean the rest of the world is not important, doesn't mean that the United States from the Middle East and other regions "retreat", is the United States need to continually assess how to layout resource, in the defense budget "tight" big background, the United States need to highlight the key, optimize configuration.

    Analysts believe that the American national interest, "investment ratio is higher in the Asia Pacific region, with the war in Afghanistan and Iraq war, the U.S. also need to" transformation ", so the Obama administration won't easily put on hold "asia-pacific rebalancing" strategy.

    Fire enough?

    This time in the United States "the United States and asean defence BBS" session is short, less creative.And long, and represent only attending the meeting

    discussed how to promote humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and exchanged views on regional security and other issues.

    , however, for the United States, the United States and the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) and long, and on behalf of the 3rd morning in two arms crossed, hand in hand with each other outside of a big picture may have been enough to express the "show" the United States and "together" for the purpose of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) countries.As to whether to solve a series of real issues, is unknown.

    In fact, the strategy of "Asia Pacific rebalancing" faces many challenges, how to keep much firepower has also pay attention to and suspicion.

    On the one hand, according to fiscal year 2015 U.S. defense budget announced the end of February, defense spending cuts in the next 10 years pressure;Although beauty insists that, on the other hand, in the Middle East and Europe continue to perform it security obligations, and in other parts of the military presence, but the recent sudden Ukraine's crisis, the outlook is unclear in the Iranian nuclear issue and other related Washington's attention and resource allocation, and even have expert analysis of the United States the next stage or will face"Russia"And strengthen the European defence problem.

    Thus, the strategy of "Asia Pacific rebalancing" in the future can also few into fire, currently only and line and watching.

    Stealth keywords

    aThe Pacific Ocean, the two giants, China in the United States the role of the strategy of "Asia Pacific rebalancing" is always the subject.China-us relations have become during the period of "the United States and asean defence BBS" potential "keywords" - especially hagel is the first time in case of long identity's visit to China.

    BBS in 3, the closing press conference, when faced with his trip to Asia Pacific and the question of whether the asia-pacific strategy against China, hagel said, as he took office three times before the trip to Asia Pacific, the visit of Asia is not "to contain China," the strategy of "Asia Pacific rebalancing" nor "strategy to contain China".

    Hagel says he is looking forward to meeting with Chinese leaders during his visit, the two sides can discuss how to continue to push forward cooperation in the field of existing cooperation, the us is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation with China;He will also exchange views on issues with China in the south China sea issue, he is willing to listen to the views of the Chinese side.

    "We can say that we are friends, we are competitors, we also have differences, but we are not enemies, certainly we also cooperate in many areas, also can find common interests," says hagel.

    This is not a hagel's visit to China for the first time.Pentagon spokesman kirby said earlier briefing at the pentagon, hagel and China "goes very far back in time", he

    early in the early 1980 s it had visited China in identity, then as a senator during also established the "strong relationship" with China.Hagel hope to visit the emphasis on building mutual trust each other, increase the importance of openness and transparency.

    But analysts believe note, and it remains to be did.Hagel don't forget, build mutual trust needs to "bilateral action".

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