European and American college campus of persons with disabilities

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European and American college campus of persons with disabilities

    European and American college campus of

    persons with disabilities

    On September 19, 2013, London, Cambridge film festival and "hawking" premiere, the hero hawking on the ground

    Yale university library is a channel for the disabled

    A, hawking's academic life reflects the westerners cherish the values of wisdom

    Observe a country's education idea, one of the ideal window is to see how to treat the disabled school.The teachers and students is disabled, disabled people can survive in a campus independent, disabled people can own independent engaged in studying or teaching, scientific research, it is shows that education ideas of "evolved".

    Here "disabled", does not mean the ability to walk is not convenient but can walk, and is mainly refers to those who can only actors tools such

    as a wheelchair, or completely lose sight of blind people, etc.

    Most americans know mathematical physics at Cambridge university professor Stephen Hawking, because he had been to China, have been meet with Chinese leaders, and gave lectures to a number of famous university, also swim, including hangzhou west lake scenic spot.I read hawking's popular science work "a brief history of time", although understand, but also felt his deep thought and great.Professor hawking is Cambridge "Newton lecture", Einstein is regarded as alive, his thinking about the universe and the physical influenced people's view of the world.

    Hawking's academic life at the university of Cambridge, from one side reflects the education ideas.

    Hawking, in his early 20 s, have a motor neuropathy limb muscle atrophy, unable to write.At the age of 30 due to pneumonia after surgery, and lose the ability to speak.He walked by the wheelchair, writing by high-tech voice synthesis, with their own brain controlled writing instrument.

    We don't ask Chinese university have hawking that scientists first, and must think about Chinese universities offer hawking such working conditions?Moreover, even if we have a smart as hawking, we can let he occupies an important position in the school?

    Western attitudes towards people with disabilities, reflect their

    cherish the values of wisdom.Wisdom is to promote the development of science and technology, and this wisdom is not always exists in the body of the sound.A nation can provide disabled persons with wisdom, it's not bad science and technology, because it's their attitude towards the wisdom.

    Second, through the guide dogs to guide PhD students

    In the United States, the blind can also complete a college degree.In 1992, when I just came to the United States, visit a friend at the university of California to Santa Barbara, doctoral students met a blind man, he is still with us to Los Angeles to attend the annual meeting of the American linguistics.In order to complete doctoral studies, the blind man to listen to the teacher, not only with special electronic equipment to do my homework, and finally to write the dissertation.At that time I was shocked, how a blind man will also be able to read doctor's degree?Later to listen to my friend said, the blind not only well received his PhD in the classmate, also found work at rice university in Houston.Rice university is a very good university in the United States.This is the great American education.

    Similarly.I at Stanford in 2010 during the visiting, often will see a blind college students on campus, he guide dogs guidance, from the classroom to the classroom.As you can imagine, he will encounter many difficulties in life!Dog is not speak, one thousand road conditions

    changed, room one thousand changed, the blind students what should I do?And a lot of courses, it is need to students for study, he how to deal with these things?Every thought of these, I will worry about him, at the same time, it really admire his perseverance, think what those of us who are healthy people should cherish the time, I'm sorry to make some achievement not his own good health!A blind students can study at Stanford, this is not a miracle?

    On the campus of university in the United States, a wheelchair students everywhere.World class architectural design can be done at the university of all normal people to place, a man in a wheelchair can also.Imagine, how much did you want to increase the building cost!There are two types of locks every door of the building, one of which is specially designed for the disabled, and low position, big volume, is advantageous for the wheelchair to open the door.The toilet also is such, each building has a special special toilet for the disabled.

    There are two kinds of people need to be in a wheelchair, is a lifelong handicapped, because an accident and broke his leg, the latter more, because life who without stuttering.As the saying goes "bone" one hundred days, one hundred days a semester is university.If the construction of the school without considering the demand of this kind of person, once a student broke his leg, the delay is more than just one semester, may have to delay to graduate in a year.A great of thinking for

    the disabled to provide learning conditions, reflects the concept of a kind of education: love wisdom, saving the youth.

    Third, the old lady in a wheelchair to the university academic report

    The happiness of a country, can be reflected from the state of the lives of people with disabilities.A lot of people with disabilities in the United States can be like normal work and life.In 2007, we organized an international conference on cognitive semantics in hunan, invited professor tal meters, the founder of the field he is bull professor of linguistics at the state university of New York City, has published two books, is a staple of this domain.

    At that time is I contact professor tal meters, invite him to do conference speech, he readily agreed.Meetings are held by the hunan normal university, arrange tal meters, a professor at all costs.In order to respect the guests coming from afar, we've booked a five-star hotel is far from the school.When I asked his opinion, he said that because of poor eyesight, wants to live closer.At that time, I also want to tal meters may be high myopia, didn't expect to see him at the airport, is a blind man.He flew from San Francisco to Beijing, to transfer among two aircraft, finally came to changsha, hunan.

    He made three keynote speech during the meeting.Professor in changsha, tal meters two wishes, one is to eat less than in the United States to sample local flavor, we let him taste the hunan stinky tofu;2 it is

    to want to listen to music, we arranged for him to go to hunan opera.Tal m professor mentality is a completely normal, academic pursuit, to enjoy life.Imagine, China which the blind can so, this will know how much we gap with somebody else.

    China, by contrast, a lot of disabled people is lost an early education opportunity.Take our partners village, for instance, age difference between up and down with me two or three years old boys have about 20, including two because of polio and lower limb paralysis.Their primary school, junior high school grades are good, but in high school, will not be able to continue their studies, because want to read three mile outside of town.Don't give their ability to solve the traffic in the home, schools must also does not provide living conditions.A lot of disabled people cannot accept the normal education, this is a huge waste of social resources.The wisdom of disabled persons with normal person is same, among them there are genius, but society without giving them the opportunity to put to good use.

    Chinese college admission go through a physical examination, a lot of people because of the physical examination unqualified lost the opportunity to go to college.In view of the enrollment system, most of the disabled, also have self-knowledge, gave up day university early this road, dead heart to read this article, the junior middle school didn't read to drop out of school at home.As a result, teachers and students in the

    university campus are strong legs, see someone need a wheelchair to walk, more can't see to guide dogs to find the classroom.University of China, I have been to nearly a century, have never seen a blind students in reading, also didn't meet a wheelchair to the class.

    So far, China's construction of the university of considering the special needs of disabled persons.I've been to 50 of China's universities, almost never seen a university for the disabled wheelchairs walk specialized channels and elevators, toilet.

    At Stanford in 2010 to visit school, I met such a scene moving situation, harvard Chinese mathematician qiu to give lectures, location is a big step in school in the classroom.In a few minutes before the lecture, a 90 - year - old woman was in a wheelchair came in, the wheelchair parked in front of the first row.The old lady is very weak, in the process of the lecture in a wheelchair all the time, head can't even straight up.Not to mention the spirit of the old lady how precious, how touching, why she can rely on a wheelchair to hall it is worth thinking about.Want to know when everyone has a old, but society cannot deprive the elderly of knowledge so right!This phenomenon seems to be very small, reflecting education concept is significant.

    Fourth, whether the university provide learning conditions for disabled persons, reflect a kind of civilization, a kind of tolerance

    University whether considering the disabled people, whether to

    provide learning conditions for disabled persons, reflect is a kind of civilization, a kind of mind, a kind of respect, a kind of tolerance.In a word, it embodies is a world-class university's idea and the quality of the following aspects --

    First, the human nature concern.Even if a university, it's very considerate of the needs of people with disabilities are other aspects of nature is human nature.This university, teachers and students are to less complain, more warm, to create the creativity of a harmonious atmosphere.

    Second, the respect of wisdom.Usually say "handicap will not", in fact physical condition has a defect, often ambition greater, higher wisdom, because their survival relying more on wisdom.If we could make the wisdom of the disabled has a place, have sprung up in all walks of life will be more wise.

    Third, talent.Imagine, every college students have a batch of a wheelchair or blind, what effect?First of all, to the body and improve the students is a kind of motivation.These disabled students to make sense of a kind of knowledge, to master a skill, how much to pay more than the average price!Normal people see this picture, will encourage more vigorous efforts, this may is better than that of establishing learning pacesetter.

    Fourth, the equal rights.Equality is not only reflected in different sex,

different RACES, different age, but also the performance on different

physical condition.If let the disabled have normal with the same chance

to cast their ingenuity, reflect is a kind of equality, fairness.

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