Why the star through is a theological movie - star through film

By Keith Reed,2015-05-19 04:35
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Why the star through is a theological movie - star through film

    Why the star through "is a theological movie - star through" film

    Science is at the end of philosophy, philosophy is at the end of religion.In the era of Pope acknowledge the existence of the big bang, the forefront of physicists still believe in the existence of god, the newly discovered particles are still named after "god particle".For the most part in the field of philosophy, philosophers have stood on the

    transcendental position, the whole history of philosophy is the core of the argument "god exists" this proposition, in addition to the traditional metaphysics, in the 17th century Descartes and spinoza separately in mathematics and geometry launched the existence of god, the philosophy of the 20th century household linguistic and logical notation introduced the existence of god.In the 21st century, philosophy and genres have already collapsed, the task of the ontological proof for the existence of god, has also fallen to science fiction.

    In Europe and the United States, science literature has been out of the ranks of the popular literature of the early, in the true sense of science fiction, language all has its own rich system, as well as the highly speculative spirit.This kind of thinking to the sociology and cosmology, as a new era of metaphysics, asimov's "base" series is derrida's thoughts: "(sichuan) can be the starting point, also can be the finish, can be started, can also be an end" (which is derrida "unearthed from the edges of the center of the meaning of" the typical argument), "base" as a proposition is reducing unceasingly, the universe has been reduced to living in the center of the robot, Daniel oliva.But it's also the starting point of the universe, oliva create it is the people, known to man and can know, just an empirical loop closed loop.

    Nolan's star through "is about such a closed loop, a farmer, a former astronaut accidentally one day found" miracles "in her daughter's bedroom, and find hidden along the signs of NASA (NASA), has set foot on the fate of reincarnation through" worm hole "in search of the unknown planet, after a series of events, he by the" five dimensions "in the" black hole "for themselves and their young daughter staged" miracles ", and he was deciphered his daughter to save the password.In such a cycle structure, I'm a little don't understand why someone discovered is the meaning of the father-daughter relationship, some people see is the problem of wormhole and science?Nolan so low?You

    this is in praise or discredit Nolan?Star through "isn't about two universe god stick in the unknowable accidentally save the story of the world but don't know the reason?Don't the mysteries behind the problem, is proof of the existence of god?

    Also some people excitedly said "three body", then we will liu, liu had a novella named the devourer, said the degree of biological evolution and they entered into the world of dimension, can enter the higher dimensions is "god".Low dimension unable to grasp the high dimension, also is unable to grasp the infinite limited, is limited, infinite is god, and god, truth, eternity never know these problems, the same is true.Kant from the start to distinguish between "self" and "object", think that the former unknowable to wittgenstein, "do not say do not say" also is give a person the understanding of the category to draw a line.This is unable to grasp the science, is also a human unknowable, leave it to the "practical

    reason", Kant is Socrates's attitude toward "truth" and "wisdom", we can only use one of god's love to get close to god, and only close, but never arrived.