Film red, white, blue trilogy review unable to get rid of the lonely destiny of sadness

By Sean Richardson,2015-05-18 16:29
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Film red, white, blue trilogy review unable to get rid of the lonely destiny of sadness

    Film "red", "white", "blue" trilogy

    review: unable to get rid of the

    lonely destiny of sadness

    If the general film as a novel, interesting so chiellini a rove of movie is rich, full of poetic prose, diffuse, during is an indelible grief and perceptual humanities concern.A symbol of freedom, equality, fraternity "blue", "white", "red" three color, let me see a old and declining European flavor, the so-called freedom, equality, fraternity, how impressive-looking, and weakness.The individual in society, how panic?How lonely?Prius beautiful string orchestra, such as female like sounds of nature, more like a beautiful piece of heart laments that hint of loneliness, shallow blue and there is no source of confusion...

    The blue mood pick: deep sigh on the edge of death

    A sudden accident, went away with her husband and daughter, just leave a woman alone sad pain.In the face of uncertainty, and fragile life, such as flowers is shattered and dream wake

    up, all belong to silence, just face the white sheet, sitting there...

    Buddha says: life and bitter.Or life is doomed to suffering, by a happy ending, can have several?So, die!When Julie with a sip of medicine, but she hesitated, worm have cravenly cling to life, how much more?Desire to survive in close to death of that a moment, oil, however, maybe life itself is a kind of responsibility, again painstakingly also need to go out, so even if alone, alone;Even to smile, to be slaves in sexual abuse, or is very old, fell helpless, still alive, witnessing the passage of the world.

    On the edge of life and death, one shallow sigh.In the blue, blue mixed with debt-laden scar, fell from the tall clouds of pain, thorough heart.The shape of the past, but now can't let go of the pain, time and time again nostalgia, injured again and again.Family love, friendship, love, all good in the past, suddenly become unbearable heavy burden.Although life continues, but can't get rid of grief, and ultimately Julie choose to leave, alone, came to a strange place.Strange apartments, stranger, everything can start again?Everyone likes self-deception, but who can deceive your heart?Although jolie destroyed many things from the past, music, pictures, furniture and so on, but ultimately took the lamp hung over the blue gem droplight, cut off contact with the past, talk easy!

    Alone a person's freedom, also called free?Around, is a lingering loneliness, when Julie and jump into the swimming pool, blue deeply buried his head into the water, tears blend

    with water, then look up, breathing deeply, is still persistent?We don't know.

    Chiellini, rove, a symbol of freedom of the blue mood to pick, but full of lament for free destruction, for the sake of his lofty, white people want to be signed out as a prostitute in the apartment, Lucy finally Julie refuse to sign, saved Lucy's place, this is how ironic thing, however, for freedom, but to limit people's freedom, that freedom is?Prostitutes how again?Each person's grief, outsiders can understand again?Lucy like their career, however, when one day to see his father in the first row of the stage, she was helpless, at that moment, she still felt free?

    Then ignore everything!The corner that man beaten in what have I to do?The trash before the short stature, not threw the bottle into the barrel and the old man of the pass I what matter?Even the cat litter is eat rats, more insignificant, free at the moment?I very much doubt, Julie with traces of tears on its face, fill with love and condemnation.

    Maybe we can make the film as a free elegy, and sichuan, is she the walk on the brink of death, she is the only thing that can convey the destruction of sadness freely, Julie finally chose to return to the original life, and accept her husband's love, assistant Anton and completed the music hasn't been filled out, is this to return to the past?It isn't.Lamented after the life still need to continue, not too much reason, everything is still at a loss, the music sounded, ashis Julie, still a face of fan mang, that is a hope, there is no cause, however, people still want to live.

    The white vanity: for the self-esteem of self-inflicted fate

    That alone in a foreign land is stranger than the poles, in court because of the language statement was interrupted by the judge, he helplessly protested, "equal?"It says the equality in name only, before the law, everyone is equal.What irony slogan, money, status, ethnicity, and even have no equality between men and women.

    Carlo lost everything in France, property, his wife, housing, and even a symbol of the male dignity of sexual ability also lost, come down in the street, is wanted more around.Is tiresome, but in the end he still survived, perhaps because it's a surrender of self-esteem, let him down, returned to his native Poland, dramatically became a millionaire, and restore the sexual ability, Poland, is the only thing he didn't like a duck to water.

    But how?France's humiliation, become indelible stain in this lifetime, for his ex-wife thoughts and resentment, is still a long difficult flat.Ears echoed with the phone constantly more Minneapolis in bed dying groans."Tossing and turning the pain is still there, and the words of his sleep, unexpectedly put her name evokes again and again.

    Or, love well, whip well.If men and women both parties each represent half life, then carlo to Minneapolis love-hate relationship, and so is not on his love-hate

    relationship?There is no other love, lingering;Broken self-esteem hate, also can't let go.He eventually cheat death,

    cheat much Minneapolis to Poland, let more clear between vaguely and he enjoyed one's sex, expressed his pride, and make more clear by the prison.

    But carol why not happy?When divorce inequality to oneself, many Minneapolis jail today, is it equal to her?After his revenge, all equal?There seems to be no.Carlo tearful face, and is full of guilt, lost you tie me a knife, I will back to you a knife, hurt just by one person to two people, the wound is still in the blood streaming, and the heart pain is continues to deepen, love, hate, still another object.

    Perhaps love precious, must be in the deep of pain, just like m rai after carlo falsely making out a gun, suddenly don't want to die, the beauty of life unexpectedly to corroborate the fear of death.Carlo in revenge, love for more clear, the even deepen day by day, but he is still the action, the perfection of self-esteem, deducing the like from the nue damage, knowing that the pain, but why to go?

    Chiellini, rove, with a pure realistic way to describe the story, not the blue mood to pick, that kind of sad lithe and graceful expressionism, it conveys a kind of having a unique style of loneliness.The plight of the streets in France, day by day in Poland on the poor, beset with carol's mood, life was so small, all of these people around, even if again close to, also only in the life journey with his passing pedestrians, inside of the heart of the empty, only depend on the unrealistic love to fill the piece.Therefore, no matter how cruel you girlfriend.may Domingo, cannot let carol acacia forget.Not recognized by loved ones, that a malformed

    self-esteem, can only be to retaliate and self-destruction, inside this, equality can only be reduced to talk.

    "Deep red" : alone in the lonely looking for comfort

    How humble he, the poor creature.Naturally gregarious, and separated from each other, walking alone in the bustling street, feeling a do not belong to his lively and noisy, drift, busy, suspicion and even injured again and again, the bottom of my heart, forever is a lonely.

    In this the neon of the city, everyone seems to be no relationship, which judge trainee is out of the window and a blonde "madly in love, but valentina and moving between school and work, smiling face stiff fashion show, a full face of melancholy chewing gum advertising, alone at night, only hug boyfriend send red jacket fell asleep.Lonely city, but can't find your one heart.

    Phone calls, the most convenient communication tool in modern society, familiar voice began to become strange, even close as lovers, also guessing each other's minds, phone,

    between the ends of the diaphragm is a never tear down walls.Masking the everyone's betrayal and suspicion.Even if valentina and her boyfriend, said again and again the words of the old, I love you, still cannot fill the emptiness inside, the world, who can really understand yourself?

    Ended abruptly lithe and graceful music, the car has stopped, a poor shepherd dog fell to the ground, an accident, this is closer to the distance of two empty creature, a retired judge appearance, cold and lonely, equanimity hacking the neighbor number.Valentina said her disdain and disgust, but how can?For the poor, adultery and drug trafficking, we are powerless, as the old judge said, to help the poor old woman, from a side street also does nothing more than to get mental peace, the world, what can we change?Human nature is good is bad, but also important?I can't deny valentina innocence and goodness, break up with her boyfriend, brother drugs, mother was a prostitute, but can still full of hope, for the plight of others, she lend a helping hand, in front of the two films, stooping that, the old man can't put the bottle into the trash can, finally under the help of valentina, threw the bottle inside.But what does it represent?Love?I doubt it.

    Old judge cold and rude, because he was disappointed in the world, beautiful young age, but can't bear the betrayal of his girlfriend, the trainee judge auguste and phone meteorological waiter how similar relationship between karin?Or old auguste is just the portrayal of the judge when he was young, for he has missed and valentina this period of decades of predestination, install a rare comfort.Whether

    valentina love for the world, in the judge or the old world hate not disappear, all come from the loneliness that couldn't comfort.Perhaps we really need, is the mutual understanding and identity, or even the mercy of others.Old judge finally changed, no longer eavesdropping, and put himself on the court, when the long was dusty car restarts, beautiful music flow out, rather than the old judges conscience than he got a stranger's identity in valentina, a lonely heart get comfort.

    Love, is how weak words here.At the end of the day, everyone is your love.Panic helpless runs inside the lonely feelings, eager to identity and comfort, even if only out of compassion, can feel at ease.

    A nameless disaster happened, the boat across the English channel to turn over, only seven people are saved, five of which is the protagonist in the "blue", "white", but valentina and auguste is the set of characters.Some people say that this is the beginning of a hope, in my opinion, this is simply a continuation of a pain, it gives hope, as the last light of the setting sun in the film, though beautiful, is doomed to fall.The deep red of the ending, leave me, is more sad and lost and lonely people continue to loneliness, poor people to the poor.Reincarnation?May be!

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