When no longer brush out of the supermarket

By Anna Sanders,2015-05-16 21:20
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When no longer brush out of the supermarket

    When no longer brush out of the supermarket?

    Recently, there are media reports, the POS credit card market: a mess it is in the hotel to eat a meal, but sign order for POS out show is "so-and-so supermarket";It is singing in the KTV, sign the purchase list into a gas station.

    With the popularity of bank card, now, brush calorie of consumption has become a commonly used method of

    payment.To attract more customers into the store, there are more and more businesses to apply for bank card installed POS machine specially engaged.Public know the POS from the market, to now frequently used in everyday life, but just a few short years time, the application of the POS have entered the market business activities all details.

    A statistics show that by the third quarter of 2014, jumped to 14.666 million networking POS machines, every ten thousand people with POS 135 units;The cumulative issue bank CARDS 4.746 billion pieces, rose 4.55%.Among them, the debit card 4.31 billion, rose 4.68%;Cumulative hairpin 436 million credit CARDS, rose 3.34%.The national per capita hold card 3.50, each POS machines and the corresponding bank card number has grown to 324.

    But because of the lack of regulation and rules of the existence

    of loopholes, followed by the POS market chaos.At the end of 2013 from 2014 at the beginning of the "cash credit card pre authorization", then the mass transfer transactions, sales channel and "cutter" new frequent violations, heralding the third-party payment market "their" phenomenon intensified. Among them, especially in the set of code phenomenon is serious.The so-called "code" is payment institutions to MCC (merchant category code), MCC codes to represent different industries, different rate card formalities.Catering entertainment, generally, the people's livelihood and social class, corresponding fees were 1.25%, 0.78%, 0.38%, 0%.At the same time, because of industry support policy, agriculture, rural areas and farmers and merchants can enjoy cheaper fee discount.Part of the third-party payment mechanism in order to seize market, let the merchants to use the MCC codes of lower fees, such as restaurant POS machine in accordance with the standards of the department store, such fees can fell from 1.25% to 0.78%.

    Statistics found that 2014 of non-standard business names up to 1.6 million units, including a set of codes or special pricing and other irregularities.Only in the first half of 2014, China has confirmed that there is violation of code of merchants of more

than 180000 units, 4 of all illegal merchants.

    Let merchants "set of code behavior" and the third party obtained an "wealth", but directly harm the interests of consumers.First, violations of the POS, due to the influence bank judgment on the reality of the cardholder's consumer behavior, once the dispute with the merchant, the cardholder's money not guaranteed.In addition, according to the current Banks credit card integral rules, in the food industry consumption tends to get more points, and merchants "set of code" behavior, make consumers cannot get due credit card points.At the same time, the illegal distribution of POS machine, if it is after criminals, consumer information may have been leaked.And for the issuing bank, it is lost part due fees. For the current widespread irregularities, regulatory and legislative mechanism must be perfect.On the one hand, the unreasonable pricing mechanism, competitive factors such as third-party payment institutions violations fierce;On the other hand, due to the absence of host law and regulation of payment industry lags behind, the whole environment to make payment on the chain all parties to the horns of a dilemma, regulators, unionpay, third-party payment institutions each have each difficulty.

    In fact, the central bank and unionpay has jolted into standard market.In April of this year is the most severe punishment means suspended yeepay, accompanying pay etc. Eight gold payment institutions new businesses, has yet to recover a new business.Of bank CARDS to receive single market pricing system will be reset, is expected to be reference to the international payment market pricing model, a bank card transaction fees "borrowing separation, unified merchant category", take the same rate, eliminate the set of code system.

    Notable is, in August of this year, the central bank to Banks, unionpay and third-party payment institutions issued "China's payment and settlement association < about perfecting the bank card fees pricing mechanism about opinion > to solicit opinion letter".Put forward the opinion letter, according to market development situation and the existing problems, adjust the way of government regulation, cancel the merchants industry classification and reduce the level of fees.Although the new rules do not have specific execution time, but because of different industries flat fee, "set of code" phenomenon of or will be a thing of the past.At the same time, the central bank will have the bank card market access rules of liquidation plan submitted to the state council, the plan will definitely include

    online and offline transaction settlement rules, hairpin, account management, etc, and apply for card organizations such as barriers to entry, likely the second and third unionpay. The POS market today, and the third party pay enterprise scale expansion.Although third-party payment companies have been trying to find a factoring, small micro financial and other new profit growth point, the reality is that all kinds of new business profit model is unknown, or have to rely on a single, major, between Banks and merchants have some difference to make money.At home, a single industry is a labor-intensive industry, operation cost is too big, industry average profit margin is only five over ten thousand to eight, a path to survive almost only do mass.The brutal price is chaotic market growth.

    And with the tighter regulation, and the competition in the future who can capture user requirements, to provide more value-added services, who will seize market opportunities, especially to give full play to the advantages of the Internet.Actually in the Internet age, the third party payment companies and assets is the biggest advantage of the data, using big data and cloud computing will user credit digital and data capitalization, payment mechanism completely closed loop of cash flow and information flow can be formed.Paid by

master these data, the agencies will be able to transformation

and upgrading, development of value-added services, including

the precise balance of marketing, finance, etc.

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