Smart watches can replace smart phones

By Roberta Simpson,2015-05-16 08:58
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Smart watches can replace smart phones

    Smart watches can replace smart phones?

    According to physicists organization network reported recently, in the United States, most people did not wear a watch or the habit of wrist watch, but recently some electrical appliances manufacturer, said immediately you will be willing to every day wearing a "watch", because it will be more than just a timer, and more like a smartphone.

    In the past year, SONY and Pebble has released some new equipment, called "smart" watches, that because they can tell the time not only, also has the function of some of the smartphone.Like the Pebble smart watch, it can synchronize with such as the iPhone cell phone, according to the

    information such as calls, text messaging and social networking to remind.

    In the near future, more and more electrical appliance manufacturing company will participate in the research and production of smart watch, if the message is reliable, so the company will be developed into "iWatch" smart watches.But what are smart watches?Why these manufacturers so sure people will love it?

    But as things stand, smart watches are just as a smart phone accessories.They tend to have a touch screen, you can run some software, but they design goal is only to provide users with a more convenient equipment, browse the information in the mobile phone through bluetooth, rather than make them can be directly connected to the Internet.

    Smart watches can push notifications, prompt the user received a new message or email, show the caller information, or social network updates.Not only that, but users can also through the application of the smart watch to control their mobile phone software, such as answering the phone, playing music or fast forward to the next track.Also provides some smart watch movement function, through the common role of mobile phone in the software and sensor, smart watches can record the

    user's trajectory, display information such as travel and time.Oh, by the way, don't ever forget, they also can accurately tell you the time!

    See here, you will doubt, all of these functions can be done with my smartphone ah, why do I need a new device?

    Advocates of smart watches and analysts replied, on many occasions or scenario, take a look at the watch than from pocket took out his mobile phone operation more easy and decent.

    For example, is now running while you use your mobile phone music.By this time you want to switch directly to the next track, you have two choices, one is to slow down or simply stop, from his pocket inside out his phone, unlocked, open the player, choose switch;2 it is to click on your wrist, even gently shaking it.Believe that most people will choose the latter.

    There are some more serious occasion.Such as you are to attend a very important meeting, to a telephone or information at this moment, who are you want to know each other, because may be another partner, you choose is not polite to directly out his phone and check, or a quick glance at the watch and then make a decision?

    Gartner group from the United States, the main research on science and technology consultant Angela megan too said: "the modern most of

    the people are very dependent on smart phone, especially young people, in their wrist to their mobile phones to provide the next screen, is of special significance for these phones fan, can make people's life more convenient, and avoid some unnecessary embarrassment."

    Smart watches have great potential space.SONY and Pebble support encourage software developers to develop for their equipment software.It is worth noting that the user can have on the SONY smart watch some simple little game to play, or to control cell phone camera through it.

    In the future, smart watches may get rid of the intelligent mobile terminal, independent with cellular wireless networks and wireless radio technology, etc.At the appointed time, the user can directly through it to make calls, send and receive information, browse the Internet.

    Market research firm NPD group watch business analysis chief officer John Marshall families, said the smart watches outlook is optimistic: "you now use a mobile phone or tablet, you can be done through your watch in the future, it will make you more convenient, easier."

    That is the case, some early experience users did say smart watches can play some role.Dana Max said the 67 - year - old voice actors, he booked a Pebble smart watch very early, because he thinks a day to

    spend too much energy to deal with phone calls and information, and remind the bell is too noisy, and the watch is much convenient and quiet.Perhaps the old, the desire for a quiet life.

    Users from San Francisco Julia is a long distance coach, she said she is interested in Pebble watch, watch is found that it can serve as a fitness.Now, Julia all wore her Pebble watch, caller id information is a function of her most satisfied.

    Of course, not everyone is keen on smart watches., John Marshall, an analyst pointed out that precisely because the emergence of mobile phones, most of the people gave up wearing a watch, but by phone to understand time.Whether it is to choose the mobile phone or watch, or in the near future we will know the answer.

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