Why do some people scramble to America's last school

By Pauline Ferguson,2015-05-14 16:31
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Why do some people scramble to America's last school

    Why do some people scramble to America's

    last school?

    Shimmy liberal arts college last school university rankings in the United States, 3 minutes after the entire campus, the school only 74 students, with some unable to graduate.It is a "it's a race a single lower family income and students of school."These data and describe is true, but does not seem to affect any shimmy students and students love it, this looks almost like a monastery mini school only provides a core curriculum, and a method of teaching reading classics.This is a "book" on university, each went out of the shimmy of students believe that such a reading through "wealth" all over the world can't change.

    In the south side of Chicago in a classroom, eight students are kohlberg (American children's developmental psychologist) stages of moral development theory are discussed.

    I listen to come out, they found to kohlberg fell to pieces, but I'm not good at talk about Socrates' dialogue, complex philosophy is not my strong suit.I in the shimmy institute (Shimer College) is only one reason, because of an unfortunate thing happened.

    Director of communications department, Isabella Winkler took me to visit the campus, only 3 minutes.

    A small shimmy college.The whole campus is built on two layers of slightly scruffy building, the two floors or to the next one school, Illinois Institute of Technology (the Illinois Institute of Technology) on loan.University of shimmy has no sports teams, no brothers.This place will never on "the party schools in the United States" (America 's No1Party School, won the title of the Pennsylvania state university is now).

    University of shimmy now govinda's list is a list of tragedy.I was here, because it has just earned for university of America's first difference.

    So, so-called the worst school like?What is the standard to arrange it in this position?List editor Ben Miller, former senior policy adviser to the ministry of education, in the Washington monthly bulletin explains the selection of the "standard".They are looking for, "let the students to spend money to the poor quality of most of the students drop out of school before graduation."

    In fact, the university won the shimmy according to student's race and income list do the adjustment.So, a more accurate description of the

    worst school should be, it's a race a single lower family income and students of school.

    The problem is that when the rankings in October last year after being published, unexpected thing happened.When none of the other mentioned school defence, shimmy of fans started lashed out at the university of shimmy.

    A graduate wrote: "the shimmy is a unique being, compare it to other schools to do is almost impossible."He also added that he would not swap his reading time there, and even "with the world's wealth and I exchange. Now, I also prefer to borrow more money to ensure their went to shimmy."

    Another student said: "this is attracted only a small number of people of a small scale and strange strange school; but for the part of people, it absolutely provides a meaningful and exciting experience."

    Shimmy is what?I feel puzzled.

    A have school, data record schools so bad, bad to the fullest - was so loved?Have a alumni comment I got curious:

    "I can't find work, possible, and in debt, but it is definitely worth it."

    I fly to Chicago.

    Shimmy institute was founded in 1853, address a small town in Illinois.Within a few decades they experienced all kinds of hardships.In the 1970 s, the local railway transportation interruption, leading them to the original campus forced isolation.

    In addition, according to the New York times reported that here is a "paradise" drug addicts.That almost destroyed the school, but they raised enough money moved to Waukegan, now the Bronzeville.

    They only provide a core curriculum, and a kind of teaching method.This is a "on the books for college.Western traditional books is the student's teacher, professor is not: leonardo Da Vinci notes, Aristotle's poetry, Homer and Shakespeare, the bible, and so on.

    Any course textbooks of classic books are banned.This way is too simple.Students are free to choose a major, from humanitarian program, to the natural sciences, but all of them are thick book, besides that we have nothing left.There will be no lecture.Every classroom according to the pattern of Socrates' dialogue to discuss, if necessary, professor will come to guidance.

    In 2012, according to the Huffington post, shimmy is the second-smallest school, after Alaska bible college.In its heyday in the 1960 s, it had 400 students.By 2011, the number of students is 126, and

    then in 2012, has dropped by 112, by 2013 the number continues to drop.Now, a school, there are 74 people.

    "You see, is the trend."She said, the head of the communications department.

    They have been trying to change this situation, she said, on the Internet to establish a better image, "launched alumni as a volunteer to help recruit students. Finally, in the spring of the enrollment finally the emergence of a rose."

    Now, in their website, they claim to be a "very small" and "focus" and "demanding", geographically near "endless never contaminated land".They make themselves sounds like a monastery.

    They also said: "we think he is a genius, graduated from early, at home self-study, transfer students, veterans, science fiction writer, language communication, artist, philosopher, run counter to the secular and don't adapt to the society."

    The outside in the open room, the students dispersed to sit on the ground.Among them was a man named Jibran Ludwig telling me about the legend of he came to this school.

    Late one night two years ago, Jibran is only 15 years old, he sat in the state of New York Amtrak station, read Plato's republic, and then the dissatisfaction with the translation.He thinks that one of the translation appeared mistakes, he has no plans to see bottom go to, want to go to with Plato meant more fitting text.The day is the election day.The lady sitting opposite him in his hand there is a iPhone.Then he walked up to her to ask the result of the election.

    , step by step, when he walked into her hand in Plato's book, her face suddenly."Oh," a moment later she said, "I thought you might be my students, so I didn't recognize you very embarrassed."She explained that her name is Susan Henking, President of the university of shimmy, "Plato is we usually read."

    "If the President of a university will think I have is the school student," Jibran suddenly thought, "maybe that's where I should go."

    After that night, university of shimmy Jibran became only the university.And now, two years later, he succeeded.They in the absence of GED certification and school diploma admit him, it is undoubtedly for not too high in his lucky.

    He lives in Missouri of a village named "dance of the rabbit", and his education is through the door to door get someone else to teach

    yourself.He said, some people will agree that some people will refuse to because they have administrative meeting, they are too busy.

    "I came here for the first day of the" Jibran told me, "I'm just sitting here, be able to understand I am surrounded by people, talking about the interesting things, then I found in his own comfortable like at home."

    Here I also met the Kara, before she goes to school in here or homeless, lived in the car for a child."I'm so lucky, when I was in middle school, I found the shimmy leaflets in the mail," email after she told me, "my high school is a preserved it. Because I often read in inappropriate time son be scold, all day reading a book you can earn credits idea for me is how attractive! The school is the only one I applied for school."

    No one I dialogue students worry about the the ranking.However, faculty and staff are worried.This is a serious thing for them.They will face a wage cuts.A like this ranking is likely to let them die completely.

    "Today I received a notice of the Google again," she said, "all the media scramble to become the beginning of the subject."

    "List released that day, the people in the school is what mood?"I asked her.

    "Fear," she said, "there is a little like emotions, in the leadership."

    "This is a small place," the headmaster of the school, Susan Henking told me, "if we lose it, then will lose a faction. Moreover, we are very fragile. So I'm very sad."She paused and said, "I should ignore those Numbers? Obviously should not. I don't like the ranking, the ranking should be my place as the principal should reflect value most, and thus also denied I represent ability of minority group in the university to study. My god, I really hate the rankings."

    Every people here agree that this is not fair, let such a strange, mini and crazy as academic college fall in front of the data.

    She said, starting in 2008, they each year to cut 8 to 10 students, because there are many: health, family, economy.Because one student got a job as a professional musician to drop out of school.Even Ben Miller, the ranking list of editors, to shimmy university top also feel sad.

    "I believe that their situation is mainly originated from small samples."He wrote in the mail.He then repeated twice in the following email point out the problem.

    Say so many, I really smell a bit here racial issues.A man named Katya Schexnaydre students tell me, if you are not white, big book you read here will look very strange, because many of them are inherited racist.And when you are in the classroom only a colored skin person,

    "you feel like you're represents a culture. When you are not an expert in the field, you will not want to what class published views."I can understand why some people find this a little unhappy, and therefore turned to learn.(and then imagine shimmy as an all-white school is an absolute error, in the day I was there, I saw many students colored skin.)

    Shimmy was never a for my school.Those Socrates' dialogue will definitely make me dizzy and tired.I want to go to a place more pragmatic.In addition, if you have several community can join also is right choice.So, along with the advancement of the day, I feel I'm standing in the desert for the other side of the students here, driving the school on the unfortunate list first.

    But at this moment, as I am about to leave school -- one thing let I changed my mind.

    I and Albert Fernandez talk, he is professor of history and the humanities culture.He took me into a classroom, the holy place, and told me he was very angry with the ranking.

    "We are doing in the shimmy, is difficult. In a small, only six to eight people posing as your point of view to be challenged in the classroom is difficult. If a school graduation rates lower stems from it as a treatment

    for teaching of strict control, it should also be taken into consideration. However, the author did not mention it."He said.

    Slip a trace of anger on his face, but is probably thinking of shimmy was his proud of pit.He said a lot of the "best of" list of previous school graduation requirement is very low."If you want to take education seriously in this matter, you can't learn in such a system, their goal is just to make it easier to you can easily pass examination."

    Later when I got home, I spent several hours to watch the various successful university graduation video.The video is really interesting, such as Arizona state university.These ceremonies are usually held in the football field, of the university of all the graduates dressed bachelor's clothing, caps, like purple grain lined up on the playground.Ceremony with the climax of the light show and fireworks, and pop music played in acoustics: "it could be anything! Anything is possible!"

    Arizona state university, is now the Washington monthly bulletin of the best university rankings on the 28th, at the playboy party school list in the fourth.

    Like this school, Albert said: "all day do is get a good score, get a degree and then become perfectly functioning part of the U.S. economy."He paused, "I will not despise those who see the university as

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