Fosun start friendship

By Ida Wagner,2015-05-13 05:05
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Fosun start friendship

    Fosun start friendship?Battlefield maneuver alert! If after the December 8, 2015, what news most can move the heart of a-share investors?99% of people would no doubt choose registration system reform.Look at blog yesterday hit the headlines, the blogger article content will be clear at a glance.But and capital market, we never lack of the subject of gossip.Today, the new hot spot in the a-share market finally appears, that is lost after galaxy manager Mr Guo. Generally listed enterprise boss was away, just a company suspension notice, Mr Guo's lost today make sure the listed companies in the small range of suspension.Like Xu Xiang, graduated from the philosophy department of Mr Guo has long been regarded as as legend, was even is known as "Chinese warren buffett".Do poineering work up to now, he created the "galaxy" legend, according to data, "galaxy" direct and indirect holding company has more than 100, the investment scope involving biopharmaceuticals, real estate, information industry, commerce and trade circulation, finance, steel, securities, banking, automotive and other fields.

    Through gene sequencing and biomedical engineering to make the first bucket of gold, guo guangchang talents have been gradually developed in the field of capital investment, asset

    merger and reorganization as its specialty.Dazzling restructuring, capital injection, raising, become your least-hassle route to rapid expansion in the galaxies.By morning the stock of the suspension today, we will know after the energy of the galaxies: Shanghai yuyuan, cultivation co, fosun medicine, hainan mining, the Shanghai five steel after galaxy holdings company all over the park, the participation of the ternary shares, Hansen pharmaceutical, pine and shares, tongfang core, bailian shares, ternary shares, the red flag chain have also suspended.In addition, the participation of several other listed companies: JHJ industry, dean diagnosis, del stock, * ST build machine, wide field, bayi and medicine auxiliary, derrick medical, zhongshan utilities, full build shares fell, jincheng medicine.Fosun control of stock, stock, laofeng ceases to say more.

    Mr Wang is one of the most important aspects of the fast-growing guo capital empire, also become the bane of fosun chairman today.Shanghai friendship group, the former general manager Mr Wang case in August the, clear statement fosun group involved in the details, and points out the name of Mr Guo. "Mr Wang had used position, seek interests for fosun group."Fosun group immediately in the official statement said: "never in cooperation with the friendship group for any

    improper benefit, Mr Wang to the interests of the company does not exist in the transmission.But it is often the result of the paper can't fire.

    Have to say, in China after the 80 s of the area's sin had to 00 years later in the second wave of wealth, there is a lot of problems.Build rich process, the water is too deep.For capital operation as a big channel in guo guangchang, often walk along the river bank, which have not wet shoes?

    And the legends of the capital market, the incident is not the end.Mr Guo at the core of complex galaxy capital operation node, the future will also what details to confession?We have to wait and see.

    "Currency war"

    In addition to after the news of a galaxy, laofeng observation on the battle of the focus shifted to the yuan's exchange rate today.In the RMB exchange rate has experienced an

    unprecedented five days after falling, onshore middle price dropped to 6.4358, cut 507 basis points, five days has made international strong renminbi exchange rate the market short of expectations.

    Laofeng thinks, short of RMB in the international market expectations have never so strong as it is today.In addition to

the central bank alone support "the renminbi stable

    expectations" and "yuan there is no value space", a few foreign media one-sided propaganda devaluation expectations, or is the fundamental type - "the report said China's 10 years of illegal capital outflows of $1.4 trillion, or admit that the status quo of the depreciation threat to global market stability.In short the war has just begun.

    Laofeng here offer you two breakthrough, it is combined with the federal reserve to raise interest rates expected, a drop in the RMB exchange rate will inevitably lead to the bank at the beginning of 2016 to double again, to balance the market liquidity;Second, the RMB exchange rate to fall will eventually bounce back stronger prompted textile trade, export trade sector.The reason is simple, slow down gradually thickening such profits abundance., and at the same time, the falling exchange rate will result in the petrochemical, the increase of air transport industry losses.

    Finally, today's disk is still under protection, the future can see military industry, finance, insurance, brokerage and other large blue-chip how in 3430 point blank.

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