Retail borrow electricity opens the brigade of mobile payment

By Ernest Kelly,2015-05-13 04:41
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Retail borrow electricity opens the brigade of mobile payment

    Retail borrow electricity opens the brigade

    of mobile payment

    The rise of online shopping undoubtedly the store brings a certain impact, both is largely a competition.Since this year, however, mature of mobile payment system to let the situation has changed.Recently, giordano and alipay announced in mobile payment, member of the public service and the system reached a strategic

    cooperation.Consumers in giordano store shopping can directly pay by alipay purse.This is the first fashion brand chain store shopping, mobile

    payment, also announced the symbiotic retail and electricity open cooperation.

    Just to comply with the trend from competition to cooperation

    In the industry point of view, as traditional retail slump, according to the outbreak of the radio dealer, how to find the right platform for retailing, complete transformation in the field of radio dealer and layout as soon as possible, is the purpose of the retail business lies.Data organization, according to the statistics by the end of the third quarter, the domestic retail department stores and specialty stores in the growth rate of 7.4% and 6.5% respectively, the gross profit margin in various forms is respectively 0.6 and 1.7% lower than a year ago.The rent and artificial cost rise sharply, after the rise of electricity, make traditional retail industry began to show weakness.

    Play important roles in the collaboration is Yintai group, its CEO Chen, said in an interview is to pay treasure to purse the cooperation is the cooperation with Tmall, an important step to explore in the Internet strategy."We may not know after five to ten years in the retail grocery become what appearance, but we firmly believe that department store at that time must be different from now."Chen said very firmly.

    Experience: "xiu" after a few can finish shopping!

    Reporter in guangzhou, Beijing road giordano flagship store experience the truth of mobile payment, found that its stores has been placed before the counter "alipay wallets" logo, along with cash, bank card logo, to consumers the freedom to choose.Pay open alipay wallet just choose "sound waves to pay", aim the microphone merchants of acoustic receiver, about 3 seconds "whew" sound after the start, pay to complete, the entire payment process even more quickly than cash change, credit card.And after completion of payment, pay treasure will send trading messages to consumers through 95188, convenient to check the amount of consumption.According to pay treasure to controller introduces, acoustic pay also can be used in the case of no Internet unobstructed!

    Big data era you find innovative marketing point?

    11 after double, double 12 to get busy again soon, in the face of a wave after wave of electric shock, after the store only display function?Giordano CIO Hou Tong think the opportunity of the era of big data belong to everyone, including retail.She felt that two years electronic commerce the impact on the entity shop is some, but also let everyone know the importance of e-commerce as early as possible.

    From now, the public number within the pay treasure to the wallet still seem to be some primary, the future is bound to open more

    interface, allows businesses to the public, can better manage customers on the platform, interaction with customers and realize the socialization of electricity marketing.Through this step, the retail enterprises can quickly reach the marketing data.Yintai group CEO Chen told reporters, in operating data accumulation and mining, can provide customers with more personalized service, it can even help some large retailers into consumer solution provider.

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