Horst, dusty fashion and elegant

By Theresa Ross,2015-05-13 01:11
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Horst, dusty fashion and elegant

     Horst, dusty fashion and elegant

    Horst was born in Germany, in 1943 moved to the United States, was one of the pioneers of fashion photography.The Victoria and Albert museum with a called "horst: photographer legend and style" photography exhibition, salute to a generation of master.

     Horst name Mr Paul Albert Bohrmann, was born in Germany in the early 20th century.This he going to do in the future an architect, a youth in Paris the mistake with the VOGUE, chief photographer yining into George Horace - Xu En (George Hoyningen - huneue)

    Barefoot beauty New York in 1941

     The meeting changed horst life path.Soon he became assistant of the Xu En and intimate lover, even as a model in the lens of the latter.George Horace yining into - Xu En most classic works - a photo show a youth back to the camera overlooking the beach - including the robust model is by horst guest.In addition, Xu En also professor horst many knowledge about photography, and introduce him to the fashion magazine world of important characters.

Hooded lisa, New York, 1940

In 1932, horst formally signed with the French fashion magazine,

    started his career heyday.French VOGUE published his first turned photographer early test work, followed by the United States version of VOGUE also sent a shot invitation to him.In the late Xu En and VOGUE editor after falling out and stormed out, horst replace his position, as a new fashion aesthetic definer that era.

     Because he didn't used to the restriction of traditional concept and subject to the constraints, horst will advocate the Bauhaus experiments geometry, the bizarre and surrealism art deco sharp fuses in together, formed a unique avant-garde, at an astonishing drama, elegant entertainment makes everyone feel deeply shocked.Horst will be the goddess of women became of his lens, they are a bit like a statue, with Greece Olympia of silence.And 40 s of the 20th century, many photographers are to imitate his way of photography.However, endemic