Tomorrow's edge the longest day

By Gregory Dunn,2015-05-12 06:43
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Tomorrow's edge the longest day

    "Tomorrow's edge" : the longest day

    For military enthusiasts, on June 6, is very memorable, "the longest Day of the" seventy years ago this D - Day, allied forces in Normandy, success has opened up against the nazisGermanyThe second front, which greatly accelerates the process of the second world war;For fans, on June 6, it isScience fictionactionlargeTomorrow the edge"The day of

    release, the day after seventy, Tom cruise on the big screen to kill all the way, at the same time of harvest high box office, in a few major electricityFilm criticsPoints on the web site also has achieved a good reputation.

    Supposedly"Tomorrow the edge"Anything to do with d-day, but saw the movie and you will understand, in fact, in the film director and o Shang Shu repeatedly salute to Normandy - film adaptationJapanNovel \ comic cycle to kill, the background is the human world fighting monsters

    in the future, leading role "ah-ha!" gained the ability of coming back to life, at the same time found himself every resurrection is a repeat of the previous event, like he was stuck in a time of die in the loop, as the story begins...Say this time cycle set of science fiction, film in the history of early have "groundhog day" "twelve point zero one" and so on bead jade in the former, theTomorrow the edge"Not unusual.But the science set no more than a gimmick, film inside or department is strictly a fast-paced action - director doug had been directed "the bourne identity" Mr. &mrs. Smith action films, such as the edge tomorrow also maintained that he always popular style.

    In the book "the cycle of killing," human against the monster at the end of the base is the Japanese archipelago, because it has the world's most advanced industrial robots, human's resistance army in the machine shell become mecha fighting monsters, also said in the past;To the brink of "tomorrow", the mecha from daiwa fall intoThe United StatesShuaiShu, Internet has also been in Western Europe, and it is

    through airborne in the leading role in battleThe FrenchBeach landing, and then attack European hinterland - obviously, this echoes the Normandy invasion, and piled up at heathrow airport before the war of the arms and great soldiers gathered undoubtedly coincides with the American civil war: the glory seventy years ago, o Shang Shu is constantly in the probe landing operations, lost in the endless cycle of time, as a result, the Normandy invasion of civil war in the film are repeated again and again, and the Japanese between staying of the spirit of the original since then has been perfect replacement American chauvinism.

    Hollywood science fiction many are filled with big American, and often withhistoryPride dark think - the United States history is not long,

    seemingly "future-oriented" science fiction movie actually took many condenses the history of the United States the function of the collective unconscious.Such as star trek "stargate" and so on the film and television works, is a history of American colonial expansion soil foundation are repeated again and again;In the edge of tomorrow, we see an almost covered with mecha coat of world war ii - of course mainly American "starring" second front in Europe.In fact, the edge tomorrow also invented a backdrop of world war ii, from time to timelinesWill hand over to treat two sentences, the progress of the Russian army in Eurasia battlefield, the sense that gives a person is the earth strikes back is dominated by the United States, China, Russia three of (this seems to conform to the present world trend).But in the U.S. are not directly, but became the joint resistance army (UDF) of leadership, this basic is consistent with the history of world war ii - the Soviet red army in the east, the leadership of the allied forces from Normandy, two lines of attack eventually destroyed the nazis.

    Because inadvertently given by the extraterrestrial monster's ability to restart time, o Shang Shu appeared constantly repeat d-day through death, until at last he found the solution, a wise with Germany, France, eventually won the war victory -- in science fiction action behind the veil of entertainment, "the edge of tomorrow" apparently hiding a face American chauvinism.Hollywood has a powerful cultural capacity,

    cultural resources all over the world for its use, but by its output after processing and molding products, will be the banner of young American chauvinism.

    As for the so-called time cycle, of course, physically impossible to persuade - quantum mechanics theory can't be won in classical physics world, but for the role, erase memory become the most important emotional edge tool, development is almost the first fifty times, but the edge tomorrow be tasted in the emotional drama, the ending part of the jedi fight back is the lack of suspense, the audience's emotional input and have not been fully mobilize all concerns the fate of the characters, which makes the film show high low open viewing experience, very pity.

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