Boracay island, the blue of body and mind baptism

By Tina Arnold,2015-05-10 12:17
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Boracay island, the blue of body and mind baptism

    Boracay island, the blue of body and mind


     Boracay island, the famous resort, can't a familiar name, has been selected as the world's most beautiful beaches and world-class tropical beach.The most you see white sand beaches and boracay will visit it, Bai Tianshui Elizabeth Barbara ohm, visitors are three two lazy lie on the beach sunbathing;The Haitian a line in the evening, at night here again boiling up, recreational beach is 24 hours.Here, you can fully absorb the positive energy, no matter how depressed, the mood to boracay stay for a few days, guarantee the resurrection can be full of blood.

    Sunshine, green grass, quiet old street, quiet for a walk, as if to return to childhood, the time that first love green.

The Philippines pupils cross your path.

The Philippines local ice cream, 20 pesos a little cup, like domestic

    primary parked at the gate of stalls, a noon, surrounded by the children love to eat snacks.

    Noon lunch most chose the family restaurant: hot and sour soup, rice and the sizzling beef.To freshen up a bottle of local red bull in the Philippines, two girl 320 pesos, equivalent to RMB 40 yuan, cheap enough to cry.

    After lunch, a lot of people are tired, some choice back to the hotel to rest, some choose to do water sport, I chose to follow cameraman outbreak 5 hours, the five hours, I found the different boracay, changed before travel habits.Don't always play card shopping attractions experience no experience activity, to slow down, look around things make people humble, recorded with a camera, was definitely worth the aftertaste.

The noisy seafood market, know to come here the day after

tomorrow the game must be very nervous, not as advanced as today to

slowly around.

Chicken vendors see I use the camera to him, look a little nervous, a

shy smile.

Small stall in the sunshine of the languid is lazy pussy cat.

Love the skeleton dreamcatcher, about 3000 pesos

    With one hand holding the fence door.

     In boracay, you can choose where spending three days on the beach, also can spend three days in the sea, even in the old street shopping on three days, look at the people around you and scene, captures the heartstrings scenery, perhaps more than ten years one day turn to again, smiled, memories of yourself.

    Out of the hotel along the path go straight on, unknowingly went to the other side of the beach, the beaches here no white beach sand is exquisite, the beach has a lot of abandoned vessels, no tourists here in the sun, are generally play water in the paraglider, or rest, or the wing.Unconsciously the evening comes, the charming sunshine on the

    old ships, from time to time to a puppy jump with running through, the children playing chase it's voice echoed in the rare quiet beach in boracay, here must be the place where we selected as the most suitable for photography, and press the shutter.

    Little girl playing in abandoned ship.

    The little girl looked at me in a climb to the ship, as long as I a tickle

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