Outlet of the rise of popular with Vipshop,all is the fruit of consumer trends

By Rebecca Gonzales,2015-05-10 10:15
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Outlet of the rise of popular with Vipshop,all is the fruit of consumer trends

    Outlet of the rise of popular with Vipshop: all

    is the fruit of consumer trends

    Weekend, go to the outlet nearby shopping center to go shopping, tired of drinking coffee, looking at the bustling crowd, couldn't help feeling the changes of the retail industry.From the fair trade market, to the department store, now shopping centers, retail industry has come a distinct path of evolution.

    The evolution trend of electricity industry might it not so?From taobao reigns, alone to jingdong, twinning to Vipshop strong rise, representing the three phases: retail online mart, department stores and online shopping center.Offline retail and online retail is past the evolution path of all roads lead to Rome.

    Recently, vice President of see Vipshop Feng Jialu forecast for retail trends over the next five years, have a good feeling.Taobao, jingdong and Vipshop able to develop so powerful,, doomed, are the result of the timing.Now Vipshop rise also is such, which reveals the electricity password evolution and consumption are worth thinking about.

    Reveal electricity evolution: the development of ali, jingdong and Vipshop hidden retail change

    From taobao ali to jingdong to Vipshop, each company's rise has a profound reasons, reflects the trend changes in retailing.

    First, from the simple retailing low price for the king's time to pay attention to quality and brand era of experience.Before the market era, people pursue is "tao", to find a lower price from large quantity of bargain, at that time, people's income is lower, so the main is the pursuit of low prices.But as people income increase, the trend of consumption upgrade has been established, when consumers begin to pursue quality, the pursuit of brand, the pursuit of both prices and quality of comprehensive experience.Jingdong proprietary model is given priority to and Vipshop "featured brand + deep discount + flash" authentic sale mode rise because of the change.

    Second, retail from "demand" to "discover and create demand" in the direction of change.Clothing, for example, consumers more just need before, is a function of demand, retail to meet their needs.But now all changed, and retail needs to take the initiative to find and create demand.Outlet that was able to get the favour of consumer shopping center, because through the selection of branded goods, and then through the experience to create the consumer demand.Vipshop, through search, it adopts the new "online shopping" pattern on the timing, limited sale, discover and create the demand of consumers.

    Third, the retail industry is from the sale of "static" to "dynamic match between supply and demand" pattern change.The so-called static sales, is through the simple display shelves and promotion to sell goods, but

    have been unable to meet the demand of consumers, this way the real direction is according to the different dynamic scene matching trading elements such as price, time, quantity, and for retailers to keep pace with The Times, after the end of the supply chain to realize dynamic matching.It is understood that Vipshop is trying to dynamic matching of supply chain with the consumer demand, is to adapt to the trend of change.

    Consumption trend of "five" : women, scenes, and social,

    fragmentation, and globalization

    The change of retailing, is essentially a consumer demand

    change.Feng Jialu summarized as "four modernizations" : women, scenes, and social and fragmentation, and I add a bit of "globalization".It can be said that the "five good" explains the evolution of the electricity and the rise of Vipshop mystery.

    The so-called feminine, is now consumers are showing a woman leading the trend of China's new more rich, more women have the right to!Even in three or four line areas, where female consumers and first and second line area is becoming more and more convergence, that is female dominated consumption, as well as to the designer's enthusiasm and interest, which makes one, two, three, four lines of "her" distinction has largely disappeared.Tmall rise is because clothing women such a strong category, jingdong over the years have been trying to do is to develop

    the female category, such as clothes caught Vipshop but because "she economy" strong rise, is reflects the trend of the feminine.

    Scenario, refers to the female consumers no longer now because demand and go shopping, but even if things don't need, and go around, when go to if you feel good will place the order, is the from to meet the requirements to create demand.Female consumers are no longer just see the function, but pay more attention to the shape of a scene change, so as to better seize the consumer's psychology.Vipshop a more classic example is about chain bag, and push "chain bag up fifty percent" compared to such a sale, made a similar "every woman should have a chain bag" project, just this difference creates the last hits three times the difference.Vipshop has a prominent advantage is more than 1000 buyers, the buyers of the current fashion trends have very accurate control, can deeply analyze consumer psychology, combining with the analysis of user data and commodity, create personalized shopping scene, this is its although every day in the same commodity selling chain bag, but there are different shopping scene.

    The so-called social, mean women users look like sharing, is actually to show off.This Chinese American consumers difference is very big, so China's net friend often says "chop hand", is not "chop" instead of "sun".Now, ali, jingdong, Vipshop community vigorously in operation,

    social power, saw the trend is, if a woman sun oneself buy bags, other women saw may be quietly to place the order.

    So-called fragmentation, it is said in such a fast pace era, consumers shopping more is in the fragmentation of time shopping for anytime and anywhere.Fragmentation is one of the results of mobile shopping proportion is higher and higher, Vipshop has accounted for 79% of mobile end, the future is really moving all over the world;The second is to strengthen the above scenario, in the case of fragmentation time nervous, people's shopping is impulsive nature.So good at the scene like Vipshop create electricity business, it's easy to let the user into the scenario, when go to impulse buying.Scenario is inevitably brought personalized, because of different users in different time, place, scenario is different shopping needs.

    The so-called globalization, is under the trend of consumption upgrade, consumers become more and more like a global brand goods.Vipshop "9 + N + 1" mode (" 9 "countries have branches in the whole world and buyer team," N "efficient cross-border transport of composite mode," 1 "an integrated self-supporting shopping platform).Global demand for retail companies are large, need to integrate global supply chain resources, can truly give consumers need is high quality and inexpensive goods around the world.

    So, I understand, taobao from rise to growth, jingdong can be in the shadow of the capital chain rupture, twinning Vipshop can become god shares are industry research, there are rules to follow.Everything is with potential, time changed, consumer preferences have changed, and retail needs to keep pace with The Times, with the change, whether entity shop or electricity.

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