The volcano aquifer is a gold mine that contains a lot of gold and silver metal

By Samantha Smith,2015-05-10 01:47
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The volcano aquifer is a gold mine that contains a lot of gold and silver metal

    The volcano aquifer is a "gold mine" that contains a lot of gold and silver metal [ Abstract ],At present, most geologists a new study shows that active volcanic aquifers contain large amounts of gold and silver and other precious metals, the future need to develop a new method to collect these resources.

    The latest research shows that the volcano aquifer is acidic water with high temperature, can melt the surrounding rock of the precious metals such as gold and silver, this will

    be an untapped gold mine"

    According to media reports, this is perhaps the most dangerous gold rush in human history. ""! At present, found a large untapped resources of gold and silver scientists in the volcano hot water pool.

    Taupo volcano with magma plume can produce acidic water heated pool and Spa very high temperature, dissolved the surrounding rock, it will cause the pool is rich in gold and silver and other precious metals. 18 geologists discovered 2.9 kilometers deep volcano pool contains large amounts of metal material.

    They assessed that single channel Tijing drilling Luotuoka tile geothermal power station (located in the Waikato region of New Zealand) aquifers under $2 million 700 thousand per year, to collect value of gold. At the same time, the single channel Tijing drilling Luotuoka watt geothermal power station and nearby Mount open aquifer geothermal power station under the can be collected annually 8 tons of silver, worth about $3 million 600 thousand. However, they stressed that the current need to extract the precious metal is the development of new technology.

    This latest research report published in the recent publication of the "geothermal magazine", the Stewart University of Utah geologist Simmons (Stuart Simmons) and research colleagues pointed out that the

    volcano aquifer contains tens of thousands of ounces of gold, hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver, and a lot of precious metals.

    In order to remove the precious metals from the volcano aquifers, extraction of these metals to develop new technology needs, without destroying the generation of geothermal energy. These precious metals can be recovered after the interval, when the extraction of precious metals for a period of time, will produce a new precious metal deposition.

    Lake Taupo is located in the center of the North Island of New Zealand, is a huge volcano vents, has been active in recent 300 thousand years. In the recent geological record, produced two of the most violent eruption of the volcano, were 26500 years ago and before 1800. It is part of the Taupo volcano volcano with V type nozzle.

    Recent geological studies show that the thickness of crust in the region below about 16 km, 10 km below the surface is about 160 km long magma layer. The researchers pointed out that the formation of a large number of chlorides in underground aquifers, the temperature reached 400 degrees celsius.

    Volcano aquifers ultra high temperature and water chemical reaction will lead to gold and silver from the surrounding rocks and lava from

entering the water, in some areas of hot spring water surface boiling

blisters, there will be a higher content of gold and silver and other

precious metals.

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