Godzilla when the suspense is more than amazing

By Veronica Smith,2015-05-07 06:58
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Godzilla when the suspense is more than amazing

    "Godzilla" : when the suspense is more than


    Ordinary audience has always been my girlfriend is difficult to serve, to play

    too much things piled up visual spectacle, see at the end of the whole people tired to want to do eye exercises (e.g., "Pacific rim"), less scold you tight, is not high, while fun to say to you good big condition (e.g., "godzilla"), but I don't want to take two pieces of comparison, "Pacific rim" is needed to help support the strengths of godzilla.

     "Pacific rim" belongs to the amazing effect of fantasy film, science fiction, fantasy, fantasy this category), so it should be the most accurate positioning of mecha action adventure, and the illusion of godzilla belongs to suspense effect film, film around nature and ecology to monster movie was turned into catastrophe.So,

    surprise and the difference of suspense?There is a very classic situation of self-help, if there is a bomb in a film under the table exploded suddenly without warning that even surprise;But if the way to have a role to tell the audience under the table there was a bomb, may explode at any moment, this is the real suspense.And after the suspense is the moment of surprise, so surprise suspense is the biggest advantage of which is able to pass a fear of the unknown, this is horror films in recent years, with thriller, or most missing part of the science fiction genre, the audience is to cultivate habitual focuses only on apparition or restore is hong scenes."Pacific rim", for fear the crisis of the audience will feel no monster, just think what a big strong destructive damage, then looking forward to the giant mecha leviathan rock, the last eye satisfied will be satisfied.Of course I am not in the criticism of the Pacific rim, ring too is still my the best movies in the cinema last year no one.

     I think the beginning if not explain what each fight in film irresponsible transitions to appear before me also very irresponsible.You remember "Pacific rim" in the middle of the vigorous war how Hong Kong acid bright!!!!!!Really is incisively and vividly the mecha and monster attack way, structure and weapons

    comprehensive, lead to the final so hasty to fatigue appears at the end of war.Can say "godzilla" completely learned a lesson, and put all of the highlights of the ultimate war once comes out.Since godzilla than mecha, it can only rely on melee and atomic breath, maria mutola in addition to fly is to lay eggs, itself has the bottleneck is already in action, at best, just destroy the building, if really playing high in front, you are likely to come on sleep.

    Godzilla both in plot and big scenes are using suspense effect on control, which makes the film gloomy atmosphere all wrapped in the audience.Especially indefinitely delays godzilla and atmosphere on the control of reminiscent of classic jaws.But the great white shark is to compete for a human, the godzilla is clearly not in the power of human to fight, so as the original fantasy film obviously has a set of theoretical system of their own to be the starting point of the story.Talk about the plot setting reasonable not reasonable starting point depends on the theme of the film, the birth of the first godzilla variation from radiation, it represents the Japanese original bullets to Hiroshima bring fear and spirit of the tragic news.And film script writing happened after the Japanese earthquake nuclear leak, naturally a new version of godzilla is the continuation of the risks of nuclear power punctuate the warning signs, because in the nuclear power can't help but make the monster godzilla and activate the villain he's to blame.Godzilla films at the same time based on prize as hunting god of nature, the growth of human ignorance leads to he, as godzilla enemies he breeding godzilla is bound to affect their own survival, so he had to fight for their own survival, but also this war to defend the nature and the harmony of human society.

     But the plot is criticized by many people on human main focused on two kinds of views: 1.Humanity is too small, too put;2. Make a American soldiers throughout the emergence of location, the godzilla war that last a plot (relating to the said) has obvious heroism and theme color.We look at the two kinds of views, this harms the

    contradiction!A human character in the story just showed a personal heroism and is said to be small, how do you say this pass?This is simply because the two station in opposition to the audience for movies are expecting something different, the expectation value contrast is focused on the godzilla on visual scene of excessive expectations and ignorance of godzilla justice position.As for the show, well, this is I think the film's most worthy of improving.

     Human part of the story as a whole is actually two points, first of all, is the most basic clues as to guide the godzilla, and the core concept of the film about the force of nature ecological balance, rationalize, director of choice means to depict scientists family to show the disaster, and the narrative time in elevating in the form of conspiracy theories to create suspense, and location of the last to elicit godzilla.The second point is represented the audience as the objective of the third party in the film, to strengthen the film's telepresence.I wonder if you remember in men in the room when I was a child on the poster in the lens with a shape of godzilla monster movies, the details of the corresponding segments of black and white photography in the beginning, to tell you godzilla is real, the Japanese a godzilla movie because in the real world seen godzilla, just was on the government to hide.

     And the other a telepresence embodiment is to make the actor anyway in a godzilla and he scene, from the first time he appeared, including train, the last parachute and war, all important it must have a male leading role of life and death moment on the scene manager.This set is understandable, because fight, godzilla is

    and he will know without orders, let the audience see two big crisis sex monster how boring, so must let the hero in their battle field decorate some levels or task.I bet if you wrote a novel, or have compiled script will certainly to such way of empathy.

     For the birth of godzilla and the justice of don't understand, at the same time also with the effect of high intensity popcorn look forward to the audience, viewing meet error is expected to have, not to mention the director did a bit too carefully, but in front of these shortcomings, you should be more felt his grip on the atmosphere is really first-class, each time before the monster to destroy the building, will shake a big panorama, or close-up crowd behavior and mental state at that time, his grasp of film from the beginning to the I consistency, the suspense is persistent to the end is very rare in the new director., looking forward to his Star

     Wars film one day.

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