When the economic recession the operator do

By Ellen James,2015-05-06 19:46
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When the economic recession the operator do

    When the economic recession the operator do?

    In the 1990 s, Japan experienced a long-term economic recession.People call it "lost decade", but this is known as the reputation of "Oriental drucker" management master fang male Tian mountain, think it is called "big harvest 10 years" is more appropriate.Because Japanese companies in a state of "autoclave", after the great reform of the chronic invalid system, usher in the new FeiYueQi.

    Japanese companies by means of the economic recession, completed the great reform.Enterprise operators seems to believe that their own ability, for the Chinese operators have any significance?We see Tian mountain Mr Fang male writing thisThe operator should doHow to say. As the operator, first for his own business while working with firm "belief".For this, the operator should return to business nature, re-examine through their own experience of management concept, to construct the cornerstone of their own minds.

    A person of faith and their own business operation management concept, is an important cornerstone of dominate his decisions and actions.There is no clear ideas will not be able to become a business owner.And beliefs should be my original ideas formed in business experience, received from others to ideas are worthless.Operator layer has a lot of ideas, only through mutual play to operate correctly.

    Here business view, is to let everybody know their ideas and expounds a

    kind of thought, at the end of the day is for everyone to play the role of a reflector.At first glance, this abstract thinking seems to be unrealistic, but is very important for the operator.Hope everybody can make full use of the "reflection board", refine their ideas.

    - credibility?The quality?The cost of

    We are thinking about business, it is necessary from two point of view. First from outside the business, that is, enterprises should play what role for society as a whole.Second is to play this role, enterprise should be how to do it.

    Social requirement for the enterprise, in a word, it is cheaper to provide more high quality goods and service, in order to improve customer satisfaction.The quality of the goods is not only to better and more stable, not difficult.Companies to hold down costs is not only a long-term efforts to enhance competitiveness in the industry at home and abroad, and in order to achieve a monopoly.

    Accommodation, food, travel, financial services are intangible goods, its quality is difficult to assess.Because these goods are mostly rely on personnel, so enterprises need special efforts.

    Recently, all kinds of food and car accident recall, staff loss of illegal activities such as make the enterprise social reputation, seriously affect the business events increased significantly.Regardless of the enterprise in terms of quality and cost much effort, these events can make results fall

    short, and lead to enterprise in after a long time to recover. So consider, from the external business, social reputation will take precedence over "provide affordable goods".

    - business and manpower

    Looked from the internal management, it can be divided into two aspects to consider.

    First is the "business", that is, to improve product quality, reduce cost, and make the enterprise sustainable development.Enterprise want to keep and improve customer satisfaction, and the need to undertake a variety of activities.

    The second is the "human", namely to improve the staff's sense of trust, fun work, improve the staff's working ability, also is to create "good society" in enterprise.These two aspects is operating, development business is by no means.

    Business and human aspects are complementary to each other.On the one hand, if the company's performance growth due to good and inexpensive, employees will enhance confidence, high morale;On the other hand, if the enterprise has successfully cultivate talent, has only increased, business will be success.These two aspects can be either a virtuous circle, also can form a vicious circle.

    In the face of business in the face of the customer, manpower internal employees.In the enterprise not only contains the two, also contains

    with shareholders, financial institutions, outsourcing companies, such as local residents the relationship of interests.Maintenance enterprises and trust relationships between these objects, achieve the goal of win-win, is the two aspects of the business and human vital to form a virtuous cycle. Enterprises should take more low price to provide high quality products, won the customer's satisfaction, to trust each other, happily make talents growth environment, improve the business interest relationship of trust.These may be considered as the complementary factor is a direction of virtuous cycle management.

    - profit is not only the result

    This view, the so-called business is to make the customer and employee satisfaction, as a result the enterprise can make profits.

    Economics assumes that everyone has the instinct of the pursuit of profit, on the basis of creating theory.The idea directly used in the field of management, someone will think the so-called business is the pursuit of profit.The idea of small individual operator may apply, but in today's capital and management separation, has enormous influence on the enterprise scale and the social era, will operate as a tool of the pursuit of profit, can be said to be vile indeed.

    If companies will profit as the purpose of the business, is not the object of enterprise services for customers, for enterprises to increase profits, after all, can only is to extract objects.If a company do and think like this,

consumers will not response.

    Corporate profits as well as the business purpose, also can treat employees to improve the means of profit, so the operator layer cannot be won the trust of staff.The profit centered idea itself there is a big contradiction, so it is difficult to apply in today's business management. If the enterprise seriously understanding customers, try our best to service for customers, profits will naturally rise;If operators sincerely trust staff, with he expected staff wish to grow, business will be developed.Corporate profits as a result or as a purpose, a direct impact on the first line employees.Therefore, this problem is very important. - the reconstruction of the profits

    Exist, however, will be the tendency of profits as a business purpose, because according to the business situation, sometimes enterprises must consider a problem for the center with profits.When the poor management of enterprises on the brink of reconstruction, in order to stay in business, had to temporarily for the purpose of profit.But only to face a crisis of the special period, once the business return to normal, enterprise should still put the customer and employee satisfaction as the first, with profits for results.

    In addition, there is no denying that the business enterprise inside the system is often the root of the cause for the purpose of profit. With the running of large scale, developed in the enterprise business

    department organization, profits calculated for the unit with the percentage points, to become the object of the meeting to discuss and evaluation criteria of employees.Regardless of the operator layer, the first line of the cadres and the general staff is easy to produce illusion "all for the profits.

    Enterprises should curb excessive profits percentage points, more to explore how to improve customer satisfaction, how to deepen the trust staff, improve their enthusiasm, to strengthen the cultivation of them.In reality, however, companies often speak only profit and related "number", leading to a strong sense of profits and a lot of side effects. , of course, the profit for the enterprise business activities of the new product development to provide the needed capital, and can also be used as a reserve for a rainy day, is the necessary means of business to maintain at the same time.On this purpose, however, if management can produce a lot of harm.Ensure that the necessary profits is the operator layer and senior cadres consider problems, from the enterprise as a whole, should consider the problem of satisfy the customer as the center.

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