Through the wire there is war, more warmth

By Geraldine Cunningham,2015-05-05 19:13
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Through the wire there is war, more warmth

    Through the wire ": there is war, more


    The citylove, disasterScience fiction, the police andactionAncient

    costumeStruggle of all kinds of films such as emerge in endlessly, make the film market more crowded, but one of themThe warPiece is not see more, even if the mainland in recent years of film history, such as"Jinling thirteen womenChinese war ", "assembly", etclarge, but both movie

    scenes and reflect the spirit of the connotation is a flat.May be affected by huge investment and low return on the market restrictions, many films and filmmakers are not very love shooting war movie.Earlier, can really making this kind of movie fascinating is Hollywood, such as"locker》、《Saving private Ryan"And so on, after the new

    century,RussiaWar movie presents explosion condition, emerged a lot of word of mouth and market double harvest, even 9, the Brest fortress etc. Undoubtedly is one of the good work.

    And on September 13, there will be"Crossing the line of fire"War movies and RussiaChinaSpectators.Fact-based film, mainly about the under the background of modern warfare, a young mother son to the rescue of the accident in war zones, desperate to fight alone, is a narrow escape, but still take the bull by the horns, and the touching story across the bullets of fire.The film'sThe plotAlthough not complex, even slightly, but the spirit of the film conveys is worth for sure.

    The movieCrossing the line of fire"Keep the warlargeIn conventional bullets, artillery and tanks to bomb grand battle scenes, such as stimulate the vivid scene, feels, as it were, from the cruelty of war and shock.But more subtly, in the motherCrossing the line of fireMental world are sci-fi special effects.Such not only can the actors psychology and thinking, intuitive, and the experience of war and the little

    boyadultMother across the front of the plot, intuitive contrast and interaction, the whole film is linked together, give people more profound experience directly.

    Except, of course, the technical level, the advantages of theCrossing the line of fire, of which the most let people relish also burst out of humanity and the amazing energy, which was the war are indelible.Films, in addition to the single mother in Russia take the bull by the horns die on the way to save the child, received numerous warm help man.Kind old lady going into battle, middle-aged militia, mother taking refuge, heroic combat soldiers, and so on command, they have done, emotion psychology are very real and complete enough to let the audience deeply

    The film instead of the usual in abandoned the war movie to a hero's detailed description of the routine and also broke the war drama male-dominated inertia, but every little cooperation and mutual understanding to mix together, make the audience don't consciously realize heroism also felt the thick warmth, which intensified after showed war ruthless people love a good idea.

    "Through the line of fire" is a fusion of war, action and emotion, science fiction and other hot commercial elements of the film, largely to meet the needs of different audiences on different type of movie.It is not

    overly obsessed with special effects, pictures, sound and other sensory stimulation, but the right to battle scenes with humanity, let the audience can better feelings of characters in the story of emotional shock.So the audience can not only in the theater experience shock battle scenes, but also can feel this intriguing spiritual baptism.

    In war, disaster, a mother all the way forward, to have a great force to support her, even if again difficult, dangerous again, she will only become more strong and more fearless, even if the front is a death, and make her so do not need too much reason, too big, because she loved the son of the blood.And so it is with in our life?We may be deterred by a setback, but to give up, but parents never to the child.Perhaps, this is "through wire" wants to convey to the audience.

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