Violence block Paul walker last fast and the furious

By Laurie Rose,2015-05-05 18:32
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Violence block Paul walker last fast and the furious

    "Violence block" : Paul walker last fast and the furious

    Paul walker was finally a complete works, is theViolence blocks, a full of cool running, fighting, and racingcrimeactionSlice.The film is from producer luc HollywoodlargeMr Besson is directed by ten years ago the bl3Violence blocks"Add pounds to remake, the director of his old partner, with actors, editing, photography multiple identities generalist Camille DE ramah, relative to the predecessor, the film is in investment, the squad and has a significant effect.Paul walker in the lead, increase resolute action drama racing war, to see one person have a boiling passion, think of Hollywood superstar now once again has two separate, Yin and Yang is lamentable.

    Violence blocks"It tells the story of the evil ofThe United StatesDetroit, in order to ensure the safety of the citizens, especially set up a "red brick, dc", will be the most dangerous criminals to isolate with the door closed, and there is no school, no hospital, no everything as a living space should be welfare facilities and services, there is only the boundless darkness, rampant crime.Paul walker as a undercover agents, often sneak into the sin city, launched a series of bright and dark.

     Film, is a thrilling and fled, Paul walker to drug gangs of 20 kg count destroyed, while the other has to surround him completely, from all directions of breakout war repeatedly challenge of earth's gravity, show a nice Fen super parkour show, whether it is inFloor of a buildingLadder in the pentium, or jump between the buildings, and even never could high jump, squeaky clean to chase of gang ace fall behind, down at your

    feet, easy action, from the expression on his faceThe letterBrave, ying, almost beyond his any works before.

    Of course, the movie again by car famous action star, in theViolence blocksAlso have to show in action, extremely thrilling action course, the most memorable, is he going in the escort vehicle untie handcuffs, opened the car door, jumped up on the roof, the moment will front seat two police officers, in turn, to pull out of the car, the car is out of control in all sorts of line, by Paul walker full quicklycontrol, a simple person and a car, but completely rendered out his defiance has an important role in dangerous.

    Undercover, in fact is a daily licking blood dangerous work on the edge, and in the "red brick, d.c.," do undercover, is almost double the risk increases, the strength of the confrontation with the enemy and time, also has a double increase.In dealing with the last big case and Paul walker, also has a super partner, that is David bell, speaking of the David bell, is actually the whole parkourmovement, the founder of the starred in the film the French original bl3 is the first and the second, and the killing of express delivery, the warrior for enterprises, etc., has a variety of touch with him.

    Today, parkour has become a popular fashion movement around the world, but all this, all from David bell childhood hobby.Was born inThe FrenchHe was a child, he always likes to run up on the roof of the

    school.Bell's father is a soldier, and to start a lot, bell, until he create parkour this movement, and brought the sport into the entertainment industry, on the world, and he also has become the darling of the action, the limits of all kinds of dazzling action design emerge in endlessly, hard spirit of constantly challenge themselves, as in those daysJackie chan.In the film he jumped from a building roof to another building window performance, is the Bronx chan's version of violence.

    Violence blocks"Can calculate ispairBlockbusters, Paul walker with David bell, and passion in her own body, for we reproduce the rare competitive spirit and desire for life to this time.And the ultimate story, the film is due to a timing missiles pointing in the direction of the entire city of Detroit, and become so close, it is a life and time of the competition, this action is luxuriant, clips,The plotCompact, presents a

    crime for us the end of heaven.But at the end of the plot is reversed, it is no longer much above, affect the look and feel.But blunt Paul walker in the big screen the most complete fast and furious, "violence block" is worth a price.

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