How terrible the earth temperature

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How terrible the earth temperature

    How terrible the earth temperature?

    On December 12, 2015, at the UN climate change conference in Paris, negotiators from 196 countries through the historic "agreement of Paris", it is considered to be the international community after the Kyoto protocol in 1997 in the global response to climate change one of the most important international agreements.According to the Paris agreement, the parties promise, before the industrialization level, to control the average global temperature rise below 2 c, and put forward to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.U.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon said: "when one day, in the future people look back at the moment, they would say global cooperation to ensure the safety of our

    under climate change, Paris is a very significant turning point." If according to the current economic situation, inside the earth to rise this century by 4 ?, at that time, the human home scene will be how?

    On November 6, 2012, the UN weather agency released the latest survey, the world's carbon dioxide emissions in 2012, reaching a record high, up to 39.1 billion tons.According to the current trend of carbon emissions, global temperatures are likely to rise in this century 4 ?, this will let

    global heat, drought will happen in some areas, while others will happen serious floods, let rise in sea level 50-100 cm, let the earth ecosystem suffered severe damage.About the dangers of global warming, any country no one can survive, but developing countries are the biggest victims.

    In June 2013, the world bank issued a report to reduce the heat, the report by a large number of model deduction, warned the world that if global temperatures rise in this century in 4 ?, this will bring disastrous

    effect.The United Nations environment programme (unep) published on November 19, 2013, according to the latest report unless global coordination take more effective action to curb climate warming, otherwise, the fastest global temperature increase of 3.5 in 2070-44 ?,

    Africa alone will cost at least $350 billion a year to adapt to the funds. Britain as early as October 30, 2006, the global climate report released that 24 ? temperatures would make the world a 15% - 40% of species

    extinction.The report also argues that ignoring climate change will eventually destroy the economic development, later in the century and the next century, economic and social activities for our actions are in danger of serious damage in the coming decades, the size of its destruction and war in the history of the world's most significant compared to the recession.

    Through the tireless efforts of scientists, the greenhouse effect of hazards have been made public.At the end of 2013, American scientists announced a new research conclusion: rising ocean acidity can add to global warming.This conclusion means that global temperatures 4 ?

    time prediction may earlier than in the past.This is because the carbon dioxide emissions increase in global temperatures rise, rising temperatures cause melting increased the water volume, higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and water volume increase both promoted the rise in global temperatures, it forms a terrible circuits.

    In global temperature rise under the condition of 4 ?, in almost all

    parts of the world will be significant changes in climate, drought and flood disasters are more frequent, more dangerous and more widely.Central and southern Africa, for example, the probability of drought will rise sharply, precipitation could be decreased by 30%, while the chance of flooding in the northeast will rise.Southeast Asia hot time

    will increase to 300 days a year, and strong tropical storm accompanied by heavy rain will rise significantly.

    Global temperatures will make total grain output has fallen dramatically.Crops such as wheat and rice photosynthesis best temperature range between 20 to 32 ?, researchers have access to the

    1980 s the temperature change and the study found that the correlation of crop growing season average temperature of 14 ? every, rice and

    wheat production will fall 8%.According to the world bank report, if global warming 3-4 ?, sub-saharan Africa all crop output will decline about 15% - 15%.

    Global temperature rise caused by rising sea levels will also covered some of the cultivated land, arable land decrease also let grain output decline, and is likely to trigger a large area of the famine.According to the forecast, the century 40 s, if the sea level rise 30 centimeters, the Mekong delta will be annual output 2.6 million tons of rice, have fallen to about 11% of the annual production of 2011.Decrease of farmland due to temperature and yield per unit area to reduce double factors, sub-saharan Africa in the 30 s and 40 s temperature 2 ?, may make the

    current of corn, millet, and sorghum production output fell about 40% - 80%;If higher 3 ? in this century 60 s, makes the current of corn, millet, and sorghum production output fell by more than 90%.

    Like agriculture, animal husbandry is also very sensitive to temperature

    change.Temperature lead to from the herb to woody vegetation evolution, the disappearance of the pasture to animal husbandry atrophy, this not only leads to meat food supply shortages affect human health, and also make a lot of herdsmen displaced, not even won't crowded into cities to make a living, the urban population capacity to bring huge pressure.

    Global temperatures affect the fishery production.Water temperature, Marine fish migrate to higher latitudes ocean, this leads to low latitudes coastal state Marine fishery production.The world bank report says, if the global temperature of 4 ? by the end of the century, Vietnam's ocean

    fishing to fall 16%, the southern Philippines sea fishing will decline by 50%.Marine food production reduction will also pose a threat to human health.

    Global temperatures are facing the increased risk of some coastal cities, these risks include tropical storm frequency of speeding up, the sea water due to sea level rise back might damage the city's infrastructure, covered some of the city, destroying some health facilities, make citizens rising incidence.Research suggests that if do not take appropriate action, the Thai capital Bangkok is expected because of extreme precipitation events and rising sea levels and suffering from floods.In the 30 s of this century, global temperatures will rise by 1.5 ?, the sea level to rise

    from current levels 15 cm, Bangkok will have 40% of the area affected by

the disaster, if global temperatures 4 ? in this century 80 s, 88

    centimeters to sea level rise, Bangkok, about 70% of the affected area. Although study constantly warning people must act quickly, effectively reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming continues to worsen, but there are still many countries government attaches great importance to the not enough, because it is relatively distant thing for government, take measures to reduce the carbon emissions will hinder the growth of GDP.For individuals, people pay more attention to the surrounding environment, such as heavy metal pollution of soil, water source of the toxic pollution, air pollution, etc., because of the global temperature rise is slow for a generation, rising temperatures feel every year, is the lack of the attention of the folk and drive.

    But, if people are insensitive to the greenhouse effect has been, nature of our punishment must be borne by future generations.Therefore, the governments and people must attach great importance to the problem of global warming, to the common home of mankind is responsible for the earth and our posterity, decisive and effective measures to reduce carbon emissions, strive for in this century to a rise in global temperature does not exceed 2 ?.

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