Stanford university teacher requirements a word clarify doctoral thesis

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Stanford university teacher requirements a word clarify doctoral thesis

    Stanford university teacher requirements: a

    word clarify doctoral thesis

    Back in my study career, feel the chance to Stanford is a kind of luck, and had the opportunity to study with international famous scholars like Mr Elizabeth taggart is more lucky.

    Those who make linguistics both at home and abroad, the professor Elizabeth will be familiar.She has published many academic works, light at the university of Cambridge was published, the three of them "grammaticalization" popular in the world, also in Chinese academic circles has had a profound effect.Professor Elizabeth also has special management talents, as the member of the American college of science and the humanities dual, also served as a lot of academic administrative duties, such as the linguistics department at Stanford university and vice provost, President of the linguistic society of America, and secretary general, international history toefl examination proposition language association, chairman of the committee, etc.She was born in the UK, rigorous style, with the characteristic of the British people careful logical thinking characteristics.

    I am heard that has just arrived at Stanford, professor Elizabeth is notoriously strict with the students.Although I am interested in her field of study, but when I was in school, east Asian languages department to cross department elected her mentor didn't count in the heart, don't know if she will agree, more not sure can meet her requirement.In the spring of 1997 that one semester, I chose the grammaticalization of Elizabeth class, the final result is good.In addition, I also in the language of another well-known professor, he put my term paper for next year teaching reading.For me, this is a very high honor, Elizabeth knew the matter.Because of the foundation, Elizabeth is very willing to accept me to do her disciple.

    When I express to choose Elizabeth do tutor for the first time, she want to talk me into her office and told me seriously: "Chinese scholars and western scholars write papers of difference is very big, if you want to write a thesis can be published in the west, we must get rid of the habit of thinking in Chinese writing before, adopt western methods of writing."

    At the beginning of the thesis topic, professor Elizabeth to me to ask for a very demanding: "in one sentence the core content of the thesis and the academic value of clear, otherwise can't opening."When I listen to a head all big, how can thought a doctoral thesis in one sentence what's going on!This bottom can be difficult to bad, I go back to

    contemplate after several weeks, try for more than five or six times, Elizabeth is not satisfied, finally reluctantly after this.These challenges benefits a lot, it let me have answers, and then the thesis writing is very smooth, efficiency is particularly high.As a result, my doctoral dissertation written less than six months after graduation to the western press, in less than two years in the Netherlands, John benzene jieming publishing company published in English, this is a major specialized book of publishing house published linguistics in the world.

    At that time I don't quite understand professor Elizabeth intention of this requirement, later, in retrospect, this requires that the benefits of the two aspects: on the one hand from the students, once you have a clear goal in mind, can be engaged in the research, write papers will naturally have a focus.From the tutor this aspect can judge whether students put questions to clear, especially the students can know how the value of the selected topic, locked the grasp well, is the quality of the guarantee;In addition, the tutor will also can test and exercise the student with concise and accurate language expression ability of their own minds.

    University or research institute of China made a lot of Dr Linguistics, their paper many are a chapter a problem, there is no link between each other, the paper also does not have a theme, more don't have a clear

    clue of argument.It is difficult to have the opportunity to publish in the west.

    At Stanford, let me benefit most teachers is professor Elizabeth.In addition to outside the classroom, I also had three semesters with her lesson "independent learning", the teaching way is "a student a teacher", choose a book, meet once every week, write a book report, discuss their thoughts.

    At Stanford, doctoral dissertation, before opening to pass four comprehensive examination, Elizabeth is in charge of my theory course and examination, first she gave me a list of a reading list, and learned a few months later, she let me answer questions.The exam under the most pressure, but income also is the largest.I go back to Stanford in 2011, Elizabeth has retired for several years, but luckily, the school and please come back to her about her latest research results - "structured", my system audit this class.Her findings last at Cambridge university press.

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