The birth of a nation

By Diana Barnes,2015-05-03 21:10
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The birth of a nation

    The birth of a nation

    The birth of a nation, a

    twenty years after the

    invention of film works of

    silent film, a film in the

    United States occupies an

    important position in the

    history of the cinema.More

    than 180 mins, mainly tells

    the story of the civil war and

    the conflict between black

    and white south battle, with

    the nature of certain

    historical documentary.

    In stark and Cameron

    family connections for the

    opening, then gradually introducing to the outbreak of the civil war and the description of the process.The film has multiple narrative clues, one is the formation process of the federal state, mainly focusing on account of the war in the north and the south and the historical events, this should belong to the direct portrayal of the war;Between the two is stark and Cameron family relations, to Ben Cameron and ace, mann, phil stark and Margaret Cameron's love for the development of another clue, from the contradiction between a family reflected the state of war, and war still have wiped out gives a person with comfort of love and affection, it is the indirect description of the war.Overall, this is based on binary opposition plot of the story mode, namely the forces of good and evil of conflict and struggle, in the end of good over evil, happy endings, this structure should be in later half of the film reflects is more obvious, headed by lynch and stark

    black armed and headed by Ben Cameron ku Klux Klan comparison between good and evil.

    The film's narrative time span is larger, can be divided into before and after the civil war, the civil war in mainly described the process of establishing the federal government's unified regime in stark mann's brothers to the Cameron family a visit as a starting point the introduction of the background of the political situation at that time the situation, after is the depiction of people before the war scene separation, then it is a long time of the war scenes directly the lens of the narrative, the rhythm is relatively compact, but this time two pairs of lovers are, respectively, from first to alternate admiration of love;Section is to the south after a conflict between blacks and whites and the ku Klux Klan resistance narrative of events, scene mainly concentrated in mond that Cameron's house, the period of the performance of the conflict more recently some more detailed and vivid, the front main battlefield by vision features and atmosphere of rendering, such as military, smoke the foil, trenches, etc), is more of a record objective lens to reflect the war scenes, highlight the scale of the war, the war of fierce, the destruction of the war and sacrifice, which ultimately reflects the brutality of war;And then the performance of the period of the war, is more of middle distance and close-up, distance closer to the scene of the conflict, the people in the audience can see the conflict from the lens face, action, etc. More details, the black soldiers cocky, return to gesture, white people were oppressed anger and uneven all had a good performance in front of cameras, give the viewer a more profound impression.

    About parallel montage in the film using the best is two battle scenes, respectively is the "rescue" a minute and "rescue" ku Klux Klan, these two pieces, Griffith alternate cutting painting technique is used to show both sides of the situation, it certainly makes films increased a lot of tension and this is the common narrative montage can not reach at the time, even if today, a lot of film and television works have also been use the technique of Griffith, brought more valuable to the future generations by the Griffith is "treasure" of art.

    On the lens utilization, mainly fixed camera film, was still not now lens of push, pull, shake and move the camera movement way, mainly through the view of large and small, deep, is to make the picture appear rich, diverse perspective;A few hours of time to watch, cohesion between lens appears more fluent, and sometimes use fading effect which leads to the narrator word or another scene;Among them, the character or scene features, one is to zoom in, the other is a mask around the scene, alone in the middle of the screen, emphasis played a role;In addition, in the process of watching, notice the film footage of a variety of tonal change, have cold tonal slant blue, yellow, warm color attune, slant red warm color to move, on the one hand may be the result image was the cause of the production technology is tonal, on the other hand also guess whether director intentionally.General summary, found that the yellow lens is a kind of indoor scene that warm color moves, the other is a performance of lovers love, the family of the sweet scenes;Partial red warm generally appear in the fire scene, such as the battlefield, express a danger signal;Slant blue cold tonal in Lincoln's office, the women of the war cry, back home after the war, such as the scene conveys a sense of distance and desolate atmosphere.

    At the same time, I noticed in the film Griffith took a very special technique, some pieces of lens to take film without the exposure area of circle to highlight the phenomenon of focus, such as in a large panoramic view, he will slowly shrink film exposure area, finally only a small circular exposure area, and area of the circle is to Griffith wanted to let everyone noticed.I guess this is the earliest instead of focusing technique, and now we have almost never see such a picture, can highlight by focusing someone or something, he can use this way at the time, shows his artistic talents.

    Although it is a silent, not the actor's dialogue and sound, but the film's background music is an important part of the atmosphere and the internal rhythm and the plot of film has good fusion, played an excellent foil atmosphere, and the function of the annotation explanatory.Personal use appreciate music of the film, a comfortable YiHuan, held high conversion between and film content very fit, tension, sadness,

    heroic movie content contains these emotions were music perfect foil, infected with the audience, it can be said that the music of the film is in the same position and narrator words, never less.

    In addition to the appropriate performance effect brought by the music for the film, the actor's performance is also essential to reach the designated position.Starr's housekeeper of timeserving, lynch's greed and lust, the flora Cameron's lively willfulness, ace, kind and tender man, sometimes in actor's performance is reflected in more exaggerated performances.Among the more impressive is that the actors in the film, the look in the eyes of the eyes or performances, flora angry stare big eyes, horrified eyes when ace was trapped, the housekeeper told the good news warmed eyes, all of these add to the shaping of the image of a lot of points.

    Master of art is to be able to find a perfect protection in reason and sensibility, and Griffith such practices and Mr Starr, almost no 2 samples, despite their outstanding achievement in art make people admire, but the ideological cannot let the posterity.Griffith in my eyes is an outstanding artist, but can never become a master of art.

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