Don't throw!Expired cosmetics that have so much useless!

By Paul Perry,2015-05-02 10:50
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Don't throw!Expired cosmetics that have so much useless!

    Don't throw!Expired cosmetics that have so much useless!

    Overdue cream

    Can care skin, thin it evenly on the leather handbags, wallets, you can have the effect of maintenance.Such as before to wear new shoes, you can use some oily creams instead of shoe polish brush shoes, so can very good protect the leather.Creams actually have an important advantage and is regardless of leather color can be used, you won't because can't find the same color shoeshine and worry.But beware: do not use a whitening effect creams besmear is on brunet leather!Can care hair, creams besmear in the hair end, similar to the role of the conditioner.Can also wipe his feet, and protect the skin.

    Overdue lipstick

    Brush try silverware.Silver ornament Dai Jiu will be black, can be solved with lipstick.Wipe lipstick on a napkin, where the silver ornaments black wiped repeatedly, will soon be back just bought form.

    To repair the leather.When the red leather shoes or leather wear white stubbles, broken skin leak can find corresponding color lipstick coated cover, a little egg white is ok.

    Overdue emulsion

    Can armor, dip in with cotton pad with lotion after package nails, 15 minutes, can make them become very bright, but also useful to the growth of the nails.Can care hair, latex besmear in the hair end, can prevent split ends, and can make the hair become soft.As spats massage oil, the emulsion coating on the bubble good feet, massage to the absorption, can protect the foot skin.

    Overdue perfume

    Can be sprayed in the bathroom, car, room, washing clothes.Can also be sprayed on a cotton pad, left traces on tape.With the perfume of expired brush try dirty lamps and lanterns, which can clean, at the same time, the fever of lamps and lanterns and conducive to the distributing of perfume, so I can make the home has a light fragrance, have the effect of aromatherapy.

Overdue cleanser

Can be used as a cleaner.Because the cleanser has a good effect to clean the skin grease,

so can dip in with the brush cleanser rinse collar, sleeves, that effect is good.Can also be put

    on the white cloth, used to repeatedly cha sneakers, then rinse.Overdue cleanser can also be applied in the area of going to the hair, when shaving cream use also is very good.

    Expired toner

    Alcoholic toning class can make up water wipe dresser, wipe a greasy table, ceramic tile, and smoke lampblack machine, finally with a clean cloth to wipe it again.Moisturizing class lotion can be used to wipe shoes, leather bags, leather sofa.Make up water can also clean the mirror, very clean.

    Overdue shampoo

    Shampoo is to clean the sheep garment is very good choice.Because the shampoo contains hair softener, so can make the sweater soft fragrance.Shampoo and rinse collar dirties is good, because the dirt pollution basic it is dirty hair, so use toothbrush with some to scrub.The same is true with shampoo pillow towel, pillowcase is especially suitable for cleaning.Can also use expired shampoo into the toilet cistern, rushed out of the water not only faint scent, with very good cleaning effect.

    Can be used as a detergent, collar net wool products.Because the shampoo contains hair softener, can make the sweater wool products such as soft fragrance;Can also wash collars, cap, pillow towel, etc and hair close contact with clothing.

    Overdue dry powdery bottom

    With a small bag put crushed dry powder, in the wardrobe or shoe, can go to the moisture.If the spilled oil, water or juice on the carpet, can use this powder bag first press, better processing.

    Overdue bath dew

    With bath dew to wash bath, the effect is very good!

    Overdue nail polish remover

    The main composition of nail polish remover is acetone, is a kind of organic solvent, so there are some good way to use it.Can be used to clean the greasy kitchen table, ceramic tile, range hoods, etc., in the daub after use clean cloth to wipe it again.You can also use cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover, wipes the light switch or socket, effect than detergent.Goods the non-drying label, leave a mark is very difficult to remove, but will soak dry cotton cloth, dipped in a small amount of nail polish remover and rub will soon be able to get rid of.

    Expired powder

    With hand put talcum powder, in the chest or shoes, can go to moisture, can also be in addition to taste.Tiny knot necklace wrapped together, as long as pour a bit of powder, rub a few times can be easily solved.Rub powder evenly coated in the refrigerator door seal contact with the body, can prolong the life of the seal.

    Dry the mascara

    Generally speaking, the mascara is the best use of half a year, but few half an year can finish a;Half a year later, when I was painting eyelash prone to knot, bonding or fly legs, and will damage the eyelash, let us have treasured eyelash becomes more scarce, so can solve like this:

    For mascara: how long did not put the mascara mouth tight, soak in hot water for 10 minutes, remove, mascara, like new, very smooth.

    Add a few drops lotion (toner, toner) the brush head into stir gently.Note: the oil content of water is enough, don't put the emulsion, and be sure to control the amount, can't put much, drop by drop test

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