Moto X four generations photos exposure Xiao dragon 820 cooling copper pipe

By Edwin Green,2015-05-01 07:42
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Moto X four generations photos exposure Xiao dragon 820 cooling copper pipe

    Moto X four generations photos exposure Xiao

    dragon 820 cooling copper pipe

    Previously have suspected the next generation of Moto X engineering machine photos was exposed, and rumors will adopt all metal fuselage and equipped with 820 processor Xiao dragons.Now, some netizens on tieba leaked the photos of the MOTOROLA phone again, and displayed in the mobile phone inside the cooling copper pipe design, it seems to mean to solve the problem of the processor's fever, MOTOROLA have adopted similar to the samsung GALAXY S7.

    The cooling copper tube design

    MOTOROLA, released by the net friend in the post bar mysterious new photos, seems to be the last time in the photos of the other side of exposure, the most eye-catching is the cooling copper pipe design.After also carry Xiao dragon 820 processor samsung GALAXY S7 phenomenon, in order to solve the processor fever and outgoing may be cooling tubes are used in mobile phones, so may mean that MOTOROLA also could use a similar design to reduce the temperature, fever and Xiao dragon 820 processor may still exist.

    As for the other features of the MOTOROLA phone, according to the net friend said, the machine main integration all metal is designed, and the fuselage MOTOROLA will be the future's thin models, mobile phone as happy lemon X3 for mesh double speakers on the back, and there will be local tyrants gold version.In

    addition, there are black wire drawing panel, the machine is more beautiful than what we are seeing engineering machine.

    Support for fingerprint identification

    MOTOROLA will also for the machine to join the fingerprint recognition, but according to the net friend disclosed that the fingerprint sensor will not be embedded in the MOTOROLA's Logo, but in the front of the phone with square home button integration.At the same time, according to sources on weibo MOTOROLA doesn't want to use third-party fingerprint identification scheme, but is ready to use native Google in the system, so only plan in the future with Android 6.0 is used in the system.

    Some unfortunately, however, it wasn't immediately clear the machine other configuration information, but after the personage inside course of study on weibo once said, including MOTOROLA, SONY, manufacturers such as samsung and LG's new flagship model certainly carry Xiao dragon 820 processor, so if the machine is Moto X factor for four generations of engineering machine, then carry Xiao dragon 820 processor nature is a natural thing to do.

    In the second quarter of next year

    It is worth mentioning that, according to sources on weibo MOTOROLA's future, new will join the USB - C interface, but it must be support Turbo Turbo fast filling machine can deserve to go up, so from the perspective of the positioning of the Moto X series, the machine in the future to join the USB - C interface should be no suspense.In addition, according to the net friend in the post bar, according to the fact it is really one of the next generation of Moto X design scheme, and the machine has a version exists.And this means MOTOROLA are testing various engineering machine, and the official launch will be use which version should be has not yet been determined.

    In previous, some netizens said that, MOTOROLA's next generation of Moto X series will abandon the existing arc back cover design, so expect a beta would have other change in shape.As for the machine's release time, as a result of carrying Xiao dragon 820 processor model, in addition to samsung, will next April before shipment, so the combination of Moto X series release cycles to speculate that the suspected Moto X four generations new fastest also want to will debut in the second quarter of next year.

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