Review of Microsoft in 2015, its success and failure

By Beth Arnold,2015-04-26 13:55
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Review of Microsoft in 2015, its success and failure

    Review of Microsoft in 2015, its success and failure

    In the past 2015 years, Microsoft has brought us a Windows 10, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, HoloLens holographic lenses and Office 2016 products and services, in general, they make Microsoft made a very big update, but there are many places for consumers to be disappointed.PCWorld recently to Microsoft this past year of success and failure for a review, want to know the Microsoft's biggest success and biggest mistake, respectively is?And see it together.


     1. Windows 10

    10 is the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, will it as a success, because it's installed capacity to reach 120 million in three months, this is partly lies in its characteristics of the whole platform cover.Of course, there are part of the changes brought by Windows 10 is unwelcome, such as mandatory update.Still, we call it the best since Windows 7 operating system.

2. The Surface Pro 4 and Surface of the Book

    In October, Microsoft launched the latest product Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro series, and brings us, the first notebook products Surface Book, both products use the Intel's latest Skylake architecture processor, the former performance compared to previous generation products had the very big promotion, the display and keyboard connected by hinge, after separation can be transformed into an independent Surface tablet.

     3. Continuum

    Continuum is Microsoft's Windows operating system 10 have a unique function, it can automatically identify ten Windows system is what platforms.In hybrid laptop (such as Surface Pro 3) to run the system, Continuum to unplug the keyboard, the mouse to adjust the system interface before and after.In the mobile terminal, Continuum function can be achieved very big change.If you are in the intelligent mobile terminal access to the keyboard and mouse peripherals, then this feature will turn your phone into a computer.

     4. HoloLens

    Beijing time on January 22, 2015 in the morning, Microsoft has officially released the HoloLens holographic lenses.Microsoft's first attempt in the field of augmented reality is an undeniable success, although the HoloLens has not formally entered the market.It is worth mentioning that Microsoft did not intend to present to the user a completely different world, but will be the effect of some computer generated superimposed upon the real world.Users can still walk freely, talking to people at random, completely don't have to worry about hit the wall.


1. The Edge browser

    So far, we can't say out to replace Microsoft Internet explorer what Edge can bring users.The built-in browser Windows 10 system lack of features, cross-platform use cannot compare with Chrome and other rivals.

2. Windows Mobile and hardware

    In 2015, many Windows Phone in the apple iPhone and Android mobile phones under

    the attack of live very miserably, Windows 10 after launch, the characteristics of the whole platform covers the soft powder offers grounds for hope, but from the point of the present situation, the company in 950 and 950 xl though improved, but still not the iPhone 6 s and samsung S7 flagship opponent.

3. Microsoft Band 2

    In this year Microsoft introduced the second generation of health tracking equipment Band 2, function and design aspects are improved, but did not leave deep impression to consumers, it goes with Apple Watch and a large number of appearance, Android Wear, too small.

     4. OneDrive

    In 2014, Microsoft had promised, Office 365 users will gain infinite OneDrive storage space, but until now haven't been able to achieve., Microsoft had introduced a preview site, as long as registered can get 15 gb of free space, don't know if it is Microsoft is taking the first step to live up to its promise?

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