CES 2016 TV technology outlook, HDR instead of 4 k into focus

By Debbie Stephens,2015-04-26 12:58
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CES 2016 TV technology outlook, HDR instead of 4 k into focus

    CES 2016 TV technology outlook: HDR instead of 4 k into focus

    Phoenix technologies - Beijing time on December 16, the science and technology information website CNET wrote today, looking forward to the debut in 2016Las Vegas,The international consumer electronics show (hereinafter referred to as the "CES") of a new generation of TV technology.The article points out that by the time the CES exhibition opened in January, 4 k will become an outdated TV products, known as the "high dynamic range image" (HDR) for the next generation of TV technology will become a new focus of audience attention.

    The following is a full article:

    At the annual international consumer electronics show, new TV technology trend to attract people's attention all over the world every time.3 d technology has been the focus of the much-anticipated, later became the OLED technology, next is 4 k and high-definition leads the way.We believe, in January 2016, at the scene of the CES exhibition 100 - inch screen frequency of the most popular words will be "HDR", namely the high dynamic range image (high dynamic range).

    TV industry professionals will HDR as a more important than the 3 d or 4 k TV technology.The benefits of HDR more obvious than 4 k, more attractive than 3 d.

    With 4 k basically television has become the mainstream, and the price is cheaper and cheaper, profit margins are very small, so people all desire TV technology progress to eagerly anticipated by his new products - a higher product prices and ambition.Because of this, TV makers are now very bullish on the prospects of HDR technology, believe that the technology can let the consumer in a bigger, better to spend more money on TV products.

    HDR will become the focus of the CES exhibition television technology

    In the first place, television HDR and HDR photos is not the same thing."HDR" option on the mobile phone or camera, combining a large amount of exposure to different photo processing, make up the drawback of the sensor is limited.We are here to talk about the high

    dynamic range image is used to describe the content of the new, improved the general vocabulary, is the TV series and movies and can play such a new TV set.To HDR we hear now is the most accurate description of "not only more pixels, and even better pixels."

    Common 4 k resolution is increased in number, and the HDR is significantly expanded those pixels can display contrast and color range.Bright parts of the image becomes more bright, so the image look more "depth".Color quality will be improved, such as blue, green, red color will become more prominent.

    As you need to use the new TV to watch the 3 d or 4 k resolution film, you will need to use the new TV to watch the HDR image.We expect most TV manufacturers association launched in 2016 to deal with HDR content of the TV.But how will they do it?In 2015, according to our price is the most populist HDR TV - samsung UNJS8500 - evaluation results, it did not bring much improvement.On the other hand, the expensive samsung UNJS9500 also can provide very good effect of HDR image.

    HDR price is neither cheap nor convenient to perform on TV and in addition to 4 k resolution, a series of extra power is needed.In terms of content, it needs to establish cooperation with related interests, such as Hollywood film and television company, Netflix and amazon Instant Video content such as the distributor or manufacturer, and TV producers, etc.

    So, HDR content over a period of time may be scarce.For example, in the foreseeable future, it must be more than 3 d and 4 k content is not common.HDR image effect is very good, you can see on the CES exhibition many impressive product demonstration.However, these products to show how to perfectly blend in the living room, is still an open question.