Canadian scientists the big bang theory is illusory

By Mary Lewis,2015-04-25 21:20
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Canadian scientists the big bang theory is illusory

    Canadian scientists: the big bang theory is illusory

    As scientists in-depth observation of the structure of the universe and all kinds of astronomical phenomena that many scientists realize that the big bang, there exists the serious defects of the argument, thus put forward new ideas instead, one thinks, the four-dimensional disintegrating black hole which is formed by the star of our universe.

    According to astronomy website reported on July 2, although the standard big bang model, due to the explosion of the universe from a point of infinite density, or the singularity, but cannot explain cause and trigger the outbreak of the singularity of the singularity.Therefore, we can try to say goodbye and the big bang theory.

    CanadaWaterloo, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (generating Institute for Theoretical Physics) astrophysicists have put forward a new point of view, that the universe black hole injection.The theory helps to explain why the universe seems so consistent from all directions, etc. Various kinds of physical phenomenon.

    Perimeter institute for theoretical physics astrophysicist Virginia. Niayesh Afshordi Dr Explained: "all the big bang theory believe that dragon may come from singularity to fly," but they are difficult to explain why such a fierce left by the big bang the universe has a uniform temperature almost completely, because according to the idea of the big bang, the universe does not have enough time to reach equilibrium temperature.

    The universe there are countless galaxies, every little disk in this picture is actually a big galaxies billions of light-years or clusters.

    Niayesh Afshordi Dr Is discussed further, although the big bang theory is to find some phenomenon to support their opinions, such as the expansion of the universe to accelerate, there is dark matter and dark energy support this continuous expansion, but the interpretation of the big bang "too chaos."

    Therefore, Niayesh Afshordi cooperate and other scientists, published in arXiv article discusses, the universe black hole. Niayesh Afshordi and others inGermanyMunich. Ludwig maximilians university physicist Gia Dvalibased on the theory put forward by 2000, concluded that our three-dimensional universe is a floating in the vast four-dimensional universe (brane) on the film.

    The four-dimensional universe has its own four dimensional stars, which part of the stars have similar to our way of the evolution of massive stars in the universe: a supernova, jet outer material space, inner collapse into a black hole.The 4 d black holes injection material can be in 3 d form a three-dimensional film surrounding the event horizon, and slow inflation, so in our three-dimensional universe looks like a blast.

    Niayesh Afshordi said: "astronomers observed this expansion, so the reverse concluded that the universe is produced by the big bang, but that's their illusory vision."

    Niayesh Afshordi reported that the theory put forward by membrane cosmology, belongs to the string theory and m-theory.Membrane cosmology that our universe is set in some higher dimensions of membrane, membrane has a higher dimension in the influence of our universe.

    In 2005,The United StatesTheoretical physicist, Laura. Laura Mersini Houghton and

    Richard. Herman concluded that the distribution of the cosmic background radiation is irregular, the reason is that our universe is other the role of the universe.Practical telescope observations, Planck in 2012, according to the cosmic background radiation pattern is not evenly distributed.In the southern half of the sky background radiation diagram, there is a current physics cannot explain cold spots.

    In 2003, the United States, cosmologists Max Tegmark in scientific American magazine reviews the theories of the universe.Iron mark summary, there are a lot of theory is that our universe is a small universe., by contrast, some of the universe and our are very similar, with similar physical constants, but particles in different permutation method;Some of the universe and our difference is very big, may have different basic physical constants, different laws of physics.

    And the string theory and M theory, the universe and our other difference is that the dimension of space and time are different.Our universe is three-dimensional, and the other is multidimensional such as 4 d, 5 d, therefore the laws of physics and we are very different in the universe.Life, events, and so on are not, of course, we in 3 d space concept.

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