California unmanned vehicle new rules or general transition plan will become the world

By Jeff Collins,2015-04-24 16:09
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California unmanned vehicle new rules or general transition plan will become the world

    California unmanned vehicle new rules or general

    transition plan will become the world

    California's motor vehicle administration on Wednesday introduced a draft regulation, requires that all no one car seat must always ride in a licensed driver, in response to the unmanned vehicle failure that may occur.

    The regulation has significant milestone: this is no one dealer in the prelude, average consumer is expected to buy unmanned vehicle drive on the road under the condition of the regulation, not just test.After California allowed some qualified company's unmanned vehicle road test, a total of five states to enter the stage.

    Google for this development is not effusive, the unmanned vehicle project director Chris Urmson (Chris Urmson) blame California will draft new rules limit the company project development.Google's independent research and development of unmanned vehicle did not configure the steering wheel and brake tappet, after the draft rules will become illegal in California."It's still the old status quo, unable to make the new technology to give full play to their potential, and eliminated those users want to go out but could not drive the car."

    So does not intend to rely on the unmanned vehicle driver's license, he may want to make a decision.If no one request must have a licensee in driving a car, and Tesla now with the function of automatic driving car, in fact is not much difference, if so, the new rules of California can not completely, because now Tesla drivers at some point let go on the road, will not be fined.

    Robot car on the road that is to say, the future could be like this: the driver sitting in the driver, just hands can do something else, such as playing mobile phones, chatting WeChat.

    Given no car at the moment it is impossible to ensure the safety of the absolute, and on the road there are many traditional vehicles, vehicle administration can understand this rule, so California unmanned vehicles driving on the way to complicated, there may be emergency actually occur.

    This means that no one car development process may be 3.5 stages.Prior to the development of unmanned vehicle industry be divided into four stages:

    The first stage is driver assistance, driver assistance systems provide the necessary information collected for drivers when driving, at the right time, to give a clear, accurate warning, related technologies are: lane departure warning (LDW), frontal collision warning (FCW) and blind spot warning system.

    The second stage is semi-automatic driving, the driver after warned, still can't make corresponding measures, semi-automatic system in automobile automatic make corresponding reaction.Related technologies are: automatic emergency brake (AEB), emergency lane assist (ELA).

    The third stage is highly automated driving.The system can monitor under the condition of the driver, let the car long time or short time automatic control, it is at this stage is primary.

    Stage 4: fully automatic driving, in the case of no driver monitoring, car can be fully realized automatic driving, means that the driver can engage in other activities in the car, such as the Internet office, entertainment, or rest.

    California's new rules mean that no one car 3.5 stages: some unmanned, drivers do not need to monitor, but need to respond in special circumstances.

    Google's view is that the first stage to the third stage is not absolutely safe, because the driver if relying too much on the auxiliary system, may cause the driving of rusty.So Google expect more directly into the fourth stage, namely 100% dependent on unmanned vehicle autopilot system.Whether allow California, also look at the next Google and mediation.

    As there is no car, related of the imperfection of the traffic rules management system has been compromised.Baidu unmanned vehicle has started testing in Beijing, but the relevant departments for unmanned vehicle, there is no written rules, does this seem to be some irresponsible for citizens, people are entitled to at least know what kind of car is no car, and then to respond to this.Believe that the next traffic and traffic management department will strengthen the management of unmanned vehicle.Allow certain specified company on the road test, and then allow unmanned vehicle under the licensed driver assistance on the road, and then gradually let go of the unmanned absolutely, is likely to become the choice of China and even global transportation and vehicle management department, this way seems slightly conservative, but relatively safe.

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