The Perception how mysterious

By Jessica Perez,2015-04-23 23:26
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The Perception how mysterious

    The Perception how mysterious - samsung interface

    design to the next generation of it

    According to engadget reported visual Perception design company design the iron man in New York central midfielder transparent screen mobile phone.Not only that, the company has not many technology companies provide a cool user interface design, these companies includesamsungMicrosoftAnd ford.Perception design let

    people can not help but sigh, film sublimation in the science and technology, and science and technology also get inspiration in the movie.

    Perception is a high-end animation company founded in 2001, by Danny Gonzalez and Jeremy Lasky was created.It was originally for advertising companies and related businesses provide visual design.In cooperation with amazing animation companies in the United States a few years later, the Perception studio received the first big project: "iron man 2".At first they thought just need in "iron man 2" Stark Expo exhibition in making a large screen, but the real contact Marvel when just know, also need to actor Tony Stark provides a transparent displays throughout the whole movieA smart phone

    "Iron man 2" is just the beginning of the rise of Perception, they then provides a more amazing animation company design.Such as "the captain America: winter soldier," the Perception for the Nick Fury designed a car windscreen operation interface.

    The Perception in the outstanding performance in the movie attracted a large number of technology companies, including samsung.Samsung invited the Perception for the next generation of user interface design.Samsung last the application of the design of the Perception in the TouchWiz user interface.They also work with Microsoft augmented reality equipment HoloLens user interface is designed.

    Although the company most of the design are shrouded in secrecy, but there are still many works with the Perception has been well known.Such as ford in 2017 GT car dashboard interface, and the recent inspections streams interface.At present, the Perception andIBM, Intel, Mercedes and BMW have cooperation.

    Enterprise of science and technology and science fiction movies of the intimate relationship, has been a lot of science and technology enterprise want to the science fiction scene in the movie into a reality.And the Perception has been tried to use technology in the physical to bring more ideas for movies.

    Film company hope to inspire new design ideas, technology companies are doing the same thing.They also emphasize the uniqueness of the design.Apple has always been emphasized aesthetic design, to compete with rivals Microsoft and samsung to realized.So who want to borrow the Perception to help with the apple.Look at samsung's TouchWiz user interface design the difference between the design of a few years ago and now, will feel the influence the Perception of the design.

    Perception in animation and two kinds of industry of science and technology of cross-border services marks the world design taste has become increasingly mature.Now, many people are willing to use more cool electronic products, mobile application has become more beautiful, the old design will be replaced by the design of more creative.

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