Smart home market gaining more than 10 years broke out in 2013

By Steve Mason,2015-04-23 20:23
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Smart home market gaining more than 10 years broke out in 2013

    Smart home market gaining more than 10

    years broke out in 2013

    Intelligent household belongs to traditional industry, has a history of more than ten years, but did not change nature.In recent years, with the Internet and mobile Internet, and is likely to become the new tipping point for intelligent household industry return spring.

    A few days ago, held in Beijing 3 w coffee hardware innovation crossover BBS delve into "the Internet into intelligent household", in the industry believe that just need to be the best breakthrough point, Internet models do intelligent household "user experience" is the key of get through industry chain upstream and downstream.Internet

    companies with hardware vendor selection "suitable", when you don't always want subversion, win-win cooperation is the trend.

    The event's organizers TongXin city is China's first IC components electric company, has launched a focus on China's innovation and development of hardware WeChat community - hard egg, is concerned about China hardware every force of innovative development, to provide dedicated hardware team in the field of innovation project features and product communication platform, help team find partners, to speed up the hard and soft hardware innovation fusion, ensure supply of supply chain.WeChat ID: hardeggs recommend the industry attention.

    Follow, intelligent household gaining more than 10 years in 2013

    Intelligent household dormant for more than ten years, finally broke out in 2013, been a favourite of entrepreneurs and investors.Investigate its reason, Zhu Jizhi TongXin city vice President believes that price and user habits are hardware and software of the two.Hardware, not present emerging industry of hardware technology, but the steep fall in the cost, the former belongs to the Grosvenor LTD handsome smart home to return to the public price;Software, mobile Internet, the popularity of smart phones greatly reduce the hardware cost, cultivate the user via smartphones and tablet computers to control the habits of household, these are capital market value basis in the field of smart home.

    In the Internet TV division products and operations director hong-wei li think users have more demand for digital content, the technical innovation of smart TV, become a breakthrough point in the development of smart home.

    Capital markets need to find a topic to impact on every year, in the Internet and mobile Internet bubble, is about to burst, the great wave of software and hardware combination.Smart home more ground, market segment, combined with years of accumulated technology and market, entrepreneurs from nearby small start, therefore, intelligent household follow fire up.Phantom teng technology CEO Wang Hao also said jokingly.

    Just need to be Internet models do intelligent household the best place to start

    Wang Hao demonstrates the phantom teng smart home solutions, depicts the just need next comes in.Summer, crowded stuffy subway, with smartphone control of air conditioning in the home, at home there is air conditioning to enjoy.This is both practical and fun.But in China, just need to is a false proposition, like apple mobile phone hot is not solve the user just need, but handsome, satisfy the user's experience.

    Will Li Jianhui think chi vice President, intelligent TV and intelligent speech technology, are provides a friendly interactive platform, smart home on this platform providing content and services to the public is one of the ways in which the industry into the intelligent household, try and entrepreneurs concern.And platform construction, it is for the specification of the industry.

    Close to the user, through upstream and downstream industry chain

    Zhu Jizhi capable of hardware and software combination way of the whole industry chain, he said, after and the impact of the Internet companies, the traditional hardware companies realize that the most deadly lessons can't be put in the middle of the link are outsourced, make product design and end user lose relevance.

    Close to the users to be able to get through upstream and downstream industry chain, to achieve production and sell, meet the common needs of hardware company and Internet company.Zhu Jizhi with apple and Google examples to support this view.Many people admired Google considers itself, make a lot of cool, have sense of science and technology of products, but some products to be too futuristic, not gained popularity.And apple every being production products above, how cool is not just the pursuit of product, also again

    and again to improve, constantly, in after the success of the existing products to compare, to realize the mass production.

    Product updates related to supply chain upstream and downstream, cycle issues, related to cost, profit, how can do business.Provide reverse Xilinx intelligent household upstream chip solutions, general manager of our company have fun doing it proposed the same view, upstream of the chip company should be to improve the user experience with the downstream terminal manufacturers.Chip vendors can create hardware platform for the supply, the initiative to look for the production of end products manufacturers, to give to the hardware design, supply, testing, etc the resources and support, mutual test user experience, accelerate product rapid iteration.Now this model has been proved to be feasible.

    Suitable, Internet companies with hardware vendor selection

    How the Internet company choice of suppliers, ensure the quality of products;And hardware companies use the mentality of how to embrace the Internet, meet the high demands put forward by the mobile Internet, to seize the new growth opportunities and become a combination of hardware and software problems.

    Zhu Jizhi think hardware aspect, China has a unique advantage, the Internet enterprise can choose the space is very large.Hardware industry

    chain in China is a mature industry in particular, is the world's most mature.The biggest advantage is lowered the threshold of the entrepreneurs do hardware innovation, even the pilot production of small single have more choice;And powerful OEM (processing) and ODM (original design manufacturer) of emerging company can fully meet the product manufacturing, and even can help entrepreneurs to do product development and design.

    In the intelligent selection and TCL, skyworth TV such a mature product manufacturers cooperation, controls the good quality and price balance, by their quality control.

    Smart TV grab intelligent household stateroom, cooperation is the trend

    Smart TV occupy stateroom, of the family is a social and entertainment center, is an important module in the intelligent household.

    Across the entrance from the PC to the Mobile terminal screen, and then to TV side, development trend, there are two key words: intelligent, connected to the Internet.Smart TV makers, including set-top box manufacturers, chip makers, and related production are trying to realize industry upgrading, trying to make more intelligent TV and the Internet.

    The Internet industry for the industry think will overturn smart TV industry, hong-wei li think smart TV, the Internet in hand not mutually, and more about cooperation."The Internet change the TV, for the traditional TV makers, not Wolf, is not sheep, I think actually is a dog, very capable and loyal partner."Hong-wei li like Internet on smart home industry.

    Smart TV compatible with the cooperation of the Internet, and open for the trend.Carry such as open android samsung will success in mobile Internet, will be much more than a closed system of apple.At present, the software and hardware of the TV industry have their own different standards, the future will develop toward compatibility mode.

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