WeChat status is difficult to shake Simplified design concept to the outside world

By Joseph Washington,2015-04-23 15:29
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WeChat status is difficult to shake Simplified design concept to the outside world

    WeChat status is difficult to shake Simplified

    design concept to the outside


    WeChat communication software called WeChat abroad, mainly because of the design is good, so valuations were constantly being improved, the designers xiao-long zhang has become the industry leader.

    However recently xiao-long zhang even spread false news, leaving the company caused the media attention, but it turned out that for misrepresentation, xiao-long zhang did not from alibaba, this misinformation also hasn't affected tencent shares.Xiao-long zhang WeChat because design are known in the industry, he worked for tencent internal speech, we can see his design concept, and the reason for the popularity.Xiao-long zhang, said in a speech in the design of WeChat when rival 360 message positioning is very clear, grasp the user needs, and propaganda said can help users save message, but then xiao-long zhang don't think the road is right, because the user save here, finally get to buy luxury goods, so to design a let users are willing to spend money.

    Average consumer will feel free, however, is the most attractive, therefore, xiao-long zhang only between free and with high value, balance.WeChat in January 2011, in view of the iPhone 1.0 beta users, and through QQ import existing contact data, although at that time only real-time communication, share photos and change, such as a simple headshot function in the same year of April is 4 million ~ 5 million registered users.In May 2011, WeChat launched version 2.0, the new voice intercom function, allows the user group of significant growth for the first time.In August 2011, WeChat join near to see new friend strange dating function, up to 15 million users.In October, WeChat and push

    version 3.0, add the "shake" and the function of "bottle".WeChat user has more than 50 million by the end of 2011, hit the 2012 mark, in March 2012, the same year April WeChat launched version 4.0, such as new similar Path and Intagram album features, as well as the friends to share photo album with a series of small functions.In September, WeChat registered users, 200 million.

    WeChat media thinks that can say at the end of 2011 the key point in time, will in early adopters and innovators in the user on the market, how to encourage a pragmatist and conservative, left which is tencent's strengths.After that and continuous catalytic network effect, so the software gradually achieve status is difficult to shake.In 2011 and also the name of WeChat to WeChat, out of the overseas layout, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia's application on the app store, WeChat downloaded into the top 20 social media, and then continue to rise, to the peak in 2013 declined slightly.WeChat grasp the style of the original design is concise, overseas markets in southeast Asia, to test marketing in local promotional activities, advertising and marketing, as well as the layout of the successful breakthrough was WhatsApp in southeast Asia, such as the 2.0 version of the voice intercom function, let WeChat not only popular in China, in southeast Asia downloads is heating up.

    According to reports from commercial value, the design concept of xiao-long zhang is simple, a child "less is more" concept, he thought the technical problems in tencent is not a problem, can send the related functions to develop outstanding colleagues may be a day or two, but how to do a minimalist experience, is the hardest.Like a shake of the interface, and without any menu or button, there is no other entrance, is the embodiment of the minimalist design, after shaking in the picture if you want to continue to operate, just check it with your fingers, then the innovation design competition also imitate follow suit, also add some tiny innovation such as the function of the profession.

    Xiao-long zhang, however, said the WeChat has the function of the communication software to do the most simplified, opponents can't beyond, can add up, can't do more simplified, this is WeChat successes.

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