For 20 years and a half global billions of riches are gone, they rise

By Kyle Perez,2015-04-23 11:14
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For 20 years and a half global billions of riches are gone, they rise

    For 20 years and a half global billions of riches

    are gone, they rise

    Swiss time on December 15, ubs and PWC jointly issued the "billionaire change".The report found that women in AsiaentrepreneursGreatly promoted the rise of the global increase in female billionaires.At the same time, 20 years ago, leaving only 126 participants in the survey of 289 billionaires, and there are 1221 new billionaires added to the list.The thousands who are mostly from the billionaireconsumptionfinancialAnd the technology industry.

    The top 12 wealthy Forbes magazine cover photo shoot

    Based on 14 of the world's biggest high net worth population is concentrated industry, between 1995 and 2014, more than 1995 billionaires were analyzed, and the situation of the report found that in recent years, the growth of female billionaires began to gradually more than men, and they areThe family business, such as philanthropy's influence is also growing.Report also revealed the loss of high net worth population at the same time, in 289 billionaires in 1995, only 126, or 44% today continues to be a billionaire.

    In may this year, the two institutions have launched the 2015 billionaires report, and the newly launched the billionaire's change in its more compared to the depth of mining.


    The Asian women's fastest growing

    Compared with 1995, 1995 women, is 6.6 times of the year, the number of billionaires and the number of male is 5.2 times of the year.At the same time the rise of Asian women entrepreneurs is one of the most important factor.Over the past 10 years, Asia is the fastest increasing Numbers of female billionaires, from three in 1995 to 1995, 25, is 8.8 times of the

    year.Compared with other regions, European women billionaires from 21 to 57, the United States from 37 to 63, respectively, is 2.7 times and 1.7 times of the year.

    Of all the women billionaires, about one 5 of the Asian women, and generally are younger than other areas.In Europe and the United States, rich women are mostly many generations family elders (Europe, 93% with 81% in America), at the same time, the influence in the enterprise and family they are stronger than their predecessors.

    Asia also has a number of self-made women billionaires.Although more than 80% of women billionaires are from the United States and Europe, but Asia women billionaires, with 50% is the rich generation, the United States only 19%, European 7%.

    The second generation successor misplace their l 'oreal group

    The PWC global wealth director Michael Spellacy said, "two decades, women and the rise of Asia has greatly changed the pattern of the world's billionaires distribution, and the trend of this growth has not been slow. At present this kind of high net worth people to pay more attention to the inheritance of wealth, to successfully achieve this goal, the long-term strategic consideration and plans are vital."

    Spellacy also mentioned that "as the saying goes, the first generation of entrepreneurship, the second generation of success, the third generation of destruction, and our report found that tend to be the second generation lost their parents to create wealth. In order to prevent this kind of situation, business decision must come from the family table transferred to the company meeting room."


    20 years and a half of hundreds of millions of rich disappear

    Report also uncovered a lamentable fact: 20 years, more than half of the people have disappeared from 1995 billionaires list, but to stay and those who have wealth also significantly increased.According to statistics, the list still retain, two-thirds from consumption, and science and technologyThe financial industry, most of them at the technology industry.And the industry,The real estateAnd most of the medical industry rich disappeared from the list.

    In 289 billionaires in 1995, only the remaining 126 to 2014, because of the death, the family or other business reason disappear from the list.Of the remaining 126 created a total of 126The dollar, about to survey all the wealth of rich create wealth by 21%.At the same time, and there are 1221 new billionaires, added to the list of currently has a total of 1347 people.Over the past 20 years, also in the list that 126 people have wealth, rose from an average of $1995 in 2.9 billion to an average of $2014 in 11 billion, is 3.8 times of the year, far more than the same period was 2.5 times global GDP growth.

    FacebookFounder mark zuckerberg

    More than thousand new billionaires, the industry also has a more obvious regional differences.Most surprisingly, America's richest, not from science and technology industry, but the financial industry.Survey of about 30% of America's a generation from the financial sector, 27.3% from the technology industry.But the technology industry of the wealth of the rich have an average of $7.8 billion, almost is 2 times of financial tycoons, the latter has an average of $4.5 billion of wealth.

    In Europe, fromConsumer industriesRich is occupied 49.5%, the average wealth at $5.7 billion.Ranked the second science and technology industry, only accounts for 9.7% of all European rich, average wealth of $3.8 billion.

    Asia also is the most wealthy, consumption industry accounts for about 19.8%, the average wealth of $3.2 billion.The booming real estate is 12.9% Asian billionaire who created an average of 2.7 billion dollars.

    Analysis found that there are three important quality is very important to wealth creation: shrewd business concentration of risk tolerance, obsessive-compulsive disorder and the firm's decisions.


    Focus on wealth inheritance

    Another important finding is that many of the wealthy family inheritance generations is one of the important ways of wealth to family firm's original business.The characteristics of the industry often determines how much a family can keep the original business.Such as a wealthy family in the consumer retail industry, the best strategy is to do big initial wealth preservation of the family business to realize the maximization of the value of the financial industry, a rich family, the best strategy is to keep the original business at the same time adopt composite development strategy.

    Now about two-thirds of the rich are over 60 years old, is facing a critical period of wealth transfer decision-making.More than three-quarters of the rich, there are two or more children, will also have more grandchildren or already have.In order to avoid dilution of wealth, they need to develop a clear system to ensure that wealth to continue for a long time.

    The wealth of the rich family inheritance also faces pressure from the outside.Wealth transfer between tax increases, more and more strict international regulations are family factors to consider, as well as potential economic and financial risks, etc., are prompting rich families begin to pay close attention to more efficient means of tax and legal.Therefore, a clear structure of family management is essential to the protection and inheritance of great wealth.

    From a long-term point of view, even need above family relationship management relations.At the same time, the family's unique culture is an important part of family wealth inheritance, this point and building strong management structure, set up resource rich family office for family inheritance has the same status.

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