Restore your eyes vision method

By Denise Roberts,2015-04-22 23:13
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Restore your eyes vision method

    Restore your eyes vision method

     Can you treat myopia?Don't do laser surgery, what can we do?

     1, the distance to stare at:

     Find a grass or trees: 10 meters outside the green due to the short wavelength, before the retina imaging, prompting eyes adjust relaxation, the ciliary muscle relaxation, relieve eye fatigue.Don't squint, and don't blink of an eye, eliminate distractions, focused, concentrate on the gaze of 25 seconds, the outline of the identification of grass or leaves.Then the left palm 30 cm, slightly above the eyes front, one by one, from start to finish see palmprint, about 5 seconds.Finish see palmprint gaze of grass or leaves again after 25 seconds, and then see palmprint.Ten minutes repeatedly 20 times, three times a day do, eyesight bad to

increase the number of training.

     2, crystal fuck

     Suddenly: hands chin, let eye according to the order of the up, down, left and right rotation 10 times, then counterclockwise, clockwise rotation 10 times.

     Find a picture of 3 meters outside the scene (such as: calligraphy and painting on the wall, etc.), at the same time raised his left hand straight away from eyes slightly high (about 30 cm), see the palm hand lines, to see far things, quickly moving between the two eyes as far as possible, from 20 times.

     3, massage fuck

     Take a seated or recumbent position, the natural closed eyes, and then in turn massage acupuncture points around the eyes.Request find accurate, gentle, with local have acid bilges feeling.

    Knead day should point: with both hands thumb knead gently press day should point (eyebrows, eyes on the outer Angle below.)

     Squeezed by the ching Ming hole: with one hand thumb gently rubbing ching Ming hole (nose close to the roots of two eyes angular) down according to the first, and then packed up

     And four white hole: the central part with your index finger rubbing cheeks of 4 white hole (edge of the eye socket is directly next cross).

     His temples, round eyes, with your thumb on the temple (eyebrows and a horizontal refers to the middle of the canthus outside backwards), and then use bend flexion of the index finger side blow gently eyes within a circle, in the second quarter from the outside - > - > - > in the outside, make the eye socket save bamboo fish around the waist, te 23, apple of the eye ratio, after the ball, st 1 acupuncture point massage.For pseudomyopia, or for the prevention of myopia degree is good to deepen.

     Protect eyesight of 4 kinds of ways to exercise

     A, a moment method

     Choose a quiet place, or sitting or standing, body relax, eliminate distractions, two eyes open, head and neck, alone the ball.Eyes staring directly first, slowly to the left, then turn to stare at upper part, to the right, finally back to gaze directly, so, first clockwise turn 9 circle.Under the eyes by staring again, turn to the right, to the top, to the left, back to below, in this way, then turn counterclockwise circle of 6.A total of 4 times.Each rotation, the eye should be to limit as much as possible.This method can exercise your eye muscles in an instant, improve the nutrition, make eye flexible, twinkle.

     Second, the breath method

     Choose the air is fresh, sit or stand, body relax, binary smooth inspect

    ahead, slowly will suction foot, eyes wide open, then pause for a moment, then gas exhaled slowly, eyes tight shut slowly, then do nine times in a row.

     Three, iron eye

     This method had better sit do, body relax, close your eyes, and then quickly friction between two palms, heating, hot with both hands to cover your eyes and hands suddenly after heat dispersion, eyes also lifted a zheng, so 3 ~ 5 times, eyes can promote blood circulation, promote metabolism.

     Four, eye,

     Washbasin disinfected first, into the warm water, adjust the water temperature, put the face into the water, open your eyes in the water, make the eye up and down around the mobile nine times, and then clockwise and counterclockwise nine times.At first, the water into the eyes, eyes sad, but as the rotation of the eyeball eyes will slowly feel very comfortable.When doing this action, if feel difficulty breathing, might as well from the washbasin lift up your face, take a deep breath.This method, it can wash away the eyes of the harmful material and dust, also effective for mild cataract, and can improve the degree of refractive errors, hyperopia, astigmatism myopia.

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