The baby fell behind immediately picked up is wrong

By Curtis Bell,2015-04-22 12:53
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The baby fell behind immediately picked up is wrong

    The baby fell behind immediately picked up

    is wrong

    They extended their presence to the baby as the growth of the age, playing in some position when the attention is not easy to fall.Baby to fall behind, many parents will be worried immediately held a baby, it is not right.In didn't understand the baby under the condition of the injury will pick the baby picked up is likely to increase the baby's condition.

    The baby fell behind immediately picked up is wrong

    My parents will know: in the following environment about the baby fall easily

    1. There is no protection of children's bed

    2. When mom and dad for baby diapers careless one hand picked up

    3. There is no protection of the balcony, the window or on the armrest of corridor slide down the slide

    4. The baby sit pulley walkers but no parents in care

    5. Chase scenes on sofa or bed

    6. The process of ice skating or cycling

    7. To climb high

    The baby fell behind what is the right thing to do?

    Remind you that when children fell on the ground, don't try so hard, quickly picked up to avoid aggravating the injury.Parents to keep in mind the baby fall posture at the same time, so need to go to the hospital when described to the doctor.If a child fell immediately after a loud cry, crying, call to have a reaction, may not matter too much;If it broke after short-term loss of consciousness, the face white, crying, soft body, call names to talk reaction is not obvious and then need to go to hospital

    immediately.In addition, the child falls down, the parents should first check if there is any injury, including skin, limbs, bones, joints, and head.If subcutaneous hematoma, can use towel cold, promoting blood vessels constrict, in order to reduce bleeding.If skin has cut, with a clean gauze to cover, must first stop the bleeding and keep the wound not to continue the contaminated, immediately to the hospital.If a joint activity limited or bone appear problem, must maintain the original pose to hospital, don't deal with on its own.

    Tips: check after a judgment, the baby no matter, mother also have to pay attention to the baby to observe a period of time, to see if they have any vomiting, mental state is good, even without any symptoms, parents should also be closely observed 3 days.Prevent intracranial have sex pathological change, if you have any abnormal during the baby should be timely.

    Serious when hospital also has a skill (ji-cui zheng Pediatric hospital affiliated to fudan university in Shanghai surgery doctor)

    1. Don't be picked up, go back up the baby.If there is a spinal injury, this kind of handling method may cause high paraplegia.Accurate method is 120 call an ambulance.Waiting for 120 before the ambulance arrived, can carry on the corresponding preliminary treatment: find a board or a door, into the baby's body, all the parents in the same side, lift

    the baby gently smooth and flat.If special circumstances, 120 ambulance won't come over, parents also can carry on the baby to hospital as early as possible, for the child's pain and damage to a minimum.

    2. If a fracture is suspected, attention should be paid to the brake.If is systemic, then the whole body brake;If it is local, local brake.Broken leg, arm, etc., with small wooden and hard book together, it is can alleviate pain, 2 it is will not make the fracture.

    Tips: 1: in the process of send the baby to the hospital, don't because baby crying for him to eat or drink.Because the child a trauma, to the hospital after some need emergency surgery, and need a fast 6 hours before surgery, the water for four hours, especially in the case of general anesthesia surgery, more strict with these, if on the way to the child to eat or into the water, often delayed the rescue.As for the children abdominal injury, even if you don't need surgery, most is also need to fasting, temporarily to observe.

    Tips2: the baby head of a higher percentage of body, self protection consciousness is poorer, falling head first, so the most likely to lead to closed head injury.In addition, the baby fall injury, are also susceptible to the back of his neck injury, so in not clear whether there is a neck injury, need to pay attention to protect the neck, which put the head in a neutral position, reduce the activities of the neck, conditions can use

    neck collar, also can put a towel on both sides of the neck roll or rice bags, etc.

    Want to know to prevent the baby fall injury

    1. The baby's bed must have guardrails, and pay special attention to the width of the rail, with width does not exceed the baby's head circumference (34 cm) as well.Best baby below the bed covered with a layer of soft pad.

    2. When the baby diapers or clothes, people don't leave baby, keep a hand to protect the baby.

    3. Remove the risk factors in the home, such as roll up the carpet, the exposed wires, wide balcony railings spacing, corridor and so on.

    4. The baby when using a pulley walkers, parents pay special attention, in case of unexpected.If there are conditions can use other fixed walkers instead.

    5. The children often to check whether the safety activities, such as whether level off the ground, and so on.

    6. When skating, cycling to prepare protective gear such as helmets, knee pads, etc.

    7. Don't let the baby climb some higher place without protective measures.

    Baby growing up hashing is inevitable, mom and dad should learn some knowledge, nursing emergency rescue to eliminate some of the pitfalls.Such as baby to drop this matter too, in the idea of a lot of people, a child fell down just get up right away, but in the baby, seriously injured instead of doing this is bad!Raising children is actually our self learning, a process of self-improvement!

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