A separation film review analysis

By Marjorie Olson,2015-04-22 05:29
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A separation film review analysis

    "A separation" film review analysis

    To live in a fictional reality,

    To light our daily reality.

    - Robert mackey

    In Iran in the film "a separation",

    director, harty, method lets the two main

    characters at the face to face with the lens,

    their appeal reason for divorce in the

    quarrel.At that time, the audience was

    forced to occupy the judge point of

    view.That is to say, director initially let

    audience ready to get involved in a "civil

    dispute" psychological preparation, and

    asked the audience to "dispute" as the judge

    to make their own thinking and judgment.

    The dispute began in: Westminster decided to take my daughter mei immigrants, it was in her husband's refusal, because he insisted on staying his father to take care of dementia.Another dispute also cause: Leonard, have to hiring a nanny to take care of the father, but due to the negligence and doubt between them pushing, abortion, has already beleaguered nader has to be vindicated in court again, face to face with various difficulties and test.

    As a result, a dispute began to households from inside the family outside, the spread between different classes, cultural differences, but also changed the original relations within the family.An accident, like a whirlpool suddenly appeared, let

    different personality and life concept of characters in a peaceful daily life suddenly violent collisions.

    To some extent, the film "a separation" is almost a realism: a perfect sample on side of ordinary people, live action, natural lighting, using plain bystander perspective (a large number of shoulder-fired lens) close to the quietly record events, at the same time insight into each character's real dilemma and complex delicate relationship between people and sublimation of a large number of elements and the situation of daily life for a "dramatic" story.

    Unlike most Iranian film of dramatic narrative, the director, ha, ha, in this film shows in the context of daily life, weaving the special narrative to shape characters.Each character in the film is bright and unique.

    Actor's stubbornness, adhere to the principle, on the choice of immigration and take care of his father he never hesitated, shouldn't leave he would let her daughter to come back again.However, in the follow-up of a series of events, but nader struggled for many times, he wants to win the lawsuit to avoid jail in order to take care of their family, but also hope the daughter keep sincere personality image;He didn't want to use money to finally solve the problem, but don't want to because of his stubborn lost daughter.So, we see a difficult under heavy pressure to loyal to his family responsibility, hard to try to compromise, to others a little cold and brutal middle-class male image, real and complex.

    Actress, in contrast, Westminster appear flexible access, easy to communicate, also good at using money to solve the problem of small) (such as moving the piano.She faces the basic dilemma is: she yearned for a better life, hope the daughter has a better growth environment, however, due to the husband's stubborn she must be at the cost of divorce.She must before the expiration of the visa for her husband and daughter or her daughter a person immigration together with her, or she give up immigration, and sudden dispute "abortion" is for her provides an opportunity to win finally.

    For daughter, mei, immigrate to still stay in Iran together with his father and mother, or other choice, she must make a difficult decision.After going through a series of disputes in mei's eyes, their parents are really do the wrong things: father with violence and doubt, lies hurt, and her family, and my mother hurt, faith and family with money.

    Mei last choice, not just a choice among parents, but also is two kinds of way of life (foreign and domestic) choice, but to the whole event is given its own moral judgment.In movie last long, nader and Westminster in court corridor waiting for mei's decision, meaningfully end in the movie, as if to say: the child, rather than the judge, is the end, the most important decision.

    Even the supporting nanny, and her husband's image is also impressive., is a devout Muslim, beliefs dominate her behavior.Because in the bottom and her husband in a pile of debt, she had to cheating on her husband with pregnant to when the money in a temporary job., the trouble is, she must be in her most in need of money under the test of stick to his good faith, "there are doubts about money is guilty".

    And her husband, Mr Ahmadinejad is a shoemaker, unemployment in the social bottom plagued by poverty and oppression, temper, for the judicial system and upper class natural distrust.He endured the pain of lost children on the one hand, longing for justice and dignity (spiritual desire), on the other hand, need money to ease the pressure to survive.

    Method of these characters, owe their success is that the director harty fully respect each character in the story (rather than symbolic, props them), set up the unique situation for them (pressure and trouble), and let everyone in their own unique values and personality to make choices.As master writer Robert mackey said, "no matter what he speak, no matter how they behave, we the only way to understand the deep character, is to see they are under pressure to make a choice."# # p# page title e#

    Good characters and a good story idea is often the two sides of the same coin.Method harty prowess is that he put so many distinctive characters (seemingly) easily into a daily story, without the assistance from any extraordinary or grand ideas to complete the building of the story.Or, the director created a plump and tortuous story, each and every one in the conflict situation is worth pondering and sympathy.Also, the conflict is not a big battle between good and evil or good and evil or right and wrong, but in the daily life trivial, or humble struggle between good protectors (normal, self).

    "Designed to test the writer's maturity and insight, to test his knowledge of social, natural, and the heart. The story requires a vivid imagination and strong analytical thinking."McGee said in the story.

    There is no doubt that the film shows the method harty about his unique insight into the life world.He saw the internal life cannot eliminate the contradictions and tension, and the deep depression and frustration in daily life, including traditional and modern conflict, religious beliefs in different influence of different classes and people distrust between classes, sustain life lies and the tension between the longing for sincere...And he created to express the insight into the most sincere form of story.

    Harty said, son to take care of the father of dementia alone (it is said that the director had similar experience), to give him a shower in the bathroom to rub back, suddenly fell on his father's shoulders crying, this is the core of the film image, which he was deeply touched by the loneliness and frustration, pushing him as the image of a moving story.

    We can imagine, harty around the image constantly ask yourself: why is he alone will take care of his father?Why is he so sad?What happened to his family?He faced how to choose?He will be how to solve the difficulties?In his life in this particular situation will make any special actions or impulse?His life would be worse?He insisted that things will change?How he would affect or affected by the people around?These are his direct impact on people and how people?......

    Story is slowly in shape of the sincere questions.These questions are often hidden in a director's unique life experience and the way of thinking, also let experience gradually sublimation, let daily life condenses into a brand new story form, demonstrating shine."The story of creative genius - life itself into a more powerful, more clear, more rich experience. It for our daily time inner qualities, to rebuild it into an make life more rich."Mackey said.

    In image fast-food era, we are already accustomed to the porous eye most false story, therefore they are used to replace the essence, to replace real with artificial, replacing heart dialogue with visual stimuli.Capital excessive intervention to make image become more and more costly affectation, more and more wretched the violence, the film turned out to be the capital of the no appeal tool of short-term profit.

    When the Oscar award for best foreign language film award "a separation" (cost $300000), we seem to see a good story even though in this day and age is still able to "stand out", like mackey alchemy of "story" is still resonate in widely, but all of these can't change the capital and the film of the basic game, this crazy machine still need to use a lot of bad stories to feeding, and shape our culture.

    "Cultural away from honesty and a strong story development no."McKee writes, "constantly exposed to flashy, empty and false story society must will go down. We need sincere irony, drama and comedy and tragedy, with bright and beautiful pure white light to illuminate the dark corner of human nature and society."

    In this sense, it is "a separation" to "pure white light bright and beautiful" deeply impressed the audience in different countries, different culture.Method "with" honest and powerful stories ", let a fictional conflicts with the depth of the heart light, lit up the everyday reality.

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