The detective conan 201115 minutes of

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The detective conan 201115 minutes of

    The detective conan 2011:15 minutes of

    silence: the kid was a Bug

    read for 15 years."Detective conanTheater version of also with a frequency, a

    year passed 15 years.The children of many previously obsessed with conan series, are now growingadultStep into society.I'm afraid those hardcore fans, also still waiting for you in the movie theater a year, waiting for the sentence "the truth is only one" refreshing.Unfortunately, the desire is good, the reality is always cruel.Keep waiting for you, for it is the castle peak just chang (the original authors) edge and theater version of each step.01 the aura of the kingdom of heaven is the

    countdown, 02 Baker Street undead become almost impossible to go beyond the peak of the barrier.JK rowling's "harry potter" but 7 department;tolkienThe Lord of the rings and prequel is only four;Nowadays martial George Martin's epic novel "song of ice and fire", according to the plan of creation also only the size of the seven volumes.The dragon can be seen in "first" not see "tail", has always beenJapanAnimation unique customs, nobody knows what time is the ending.Have you noticed even if the original author died, "crayon small new" still in thermal domino.It is time to over, all the rest leave to recall.

    The 15th anniversary of memorial"Detective conan 2011:15 minutes of silence", completely follow the theatrical version is more and more weak, having consistent direction.The original key elements "reasoning", natural throughout, but most of the time were all kinds of puzzlingThe plotDiluted by branch.Heavily diluted detective, actually became penetrationactionBlasting of the playloveThe soap opera.No matter how to define to it, anyway, this cargo is not conan, at least not expect the audience heart.Conan the "eternal" grade one, already let us what about me;Now Dr Dai li o strong comparable Morgan freeman, with a variety of artifacts captured will become conanbatman.And it is in any danger close cases, can escape unscathed.The kid is not mortal, he is a Bug.Detective movie, attachment on a body"thrillerThe suspense", again how incredible drama, powerful and unconstrained style, can end in a person's attitude to the audience a reasonable explanation. This is the charm of art comes from life and higher than life. If the speaking from blindly, will "surrealism"The letterCame to hand, reasoning that the

    interest and the sense of vanished.This is the Achilles' heel works, detective conan will keep hurt once a year.

     Careful reasoning movie audience is not hard to find, the theatrical version on the details, it is hard to stand up to scrutiny.We can accept the Bug of conan, but the other characters if a stroke is also quite helpless.One of the most easy to find fault is winter horse in a coma after eight years, according to conventional medicine, not muscle atrophy was almost dying.In fact, she is not only fast recovery, run at ease, careful viewers will find, also practiced a chest.Such "fake", seems a little too much.Not to mention the first suspected artificially intelligent train.With ourChinaPhrase, "this is really a miracle", "as for youThe letterNot letter, anyway I is believed. "in fact, conan with not only the physical quality and ability of ordinary people, but also in his world outlook, the outlook on life and values with the flood of super hero. Finally he sacrificed his ego righteously, I seem to see the superman,spider-manThe shadow of, green lantern and others.However, as the main melody of super hero is always small, focusing on the world, is in the universe, and conan still mix in Japan.Leather ^ life has not been successful, comrades still need to work!

     the theatrical version into a lot of action, car chase, demolition, a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role not, but the taste is changed a little.Before love soap opera, which is the origin;On the surface, closer with similar raiders of the lost this how would adventure.Should say raiders of the lost at the time of the first and second two, mystery still have quite a share.Into two three, four,

    and maintain the action.It with detective conan, also be heeded.In addition, the style of detective conan seems to be more years more pure and fresh, only one person died.Is not to say a few people to death, to play with bloody true;Is the overall tone in the here, see again, don't just play house?Read detective conan is not, of course, in order to "to" puzzle games to play, it is huge fans see behind young feelings, looking for childhood memories that had already passed.But as a non conan powder, I just want to say, "conan the children, stop the crime, still

     concentrate on my love!"

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